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Ancient Tarot Secrets is going to be a site dedicated to keeping the “purest” form of ancient tarot card reading in tact.  The “tarot” go back very far in history.  Even the meaning of the tarot “suits” have interesting origins.

This site is not high on my priority list as of now, but in the future I plan to show you exactly how to use the tarot to divine the future.  Not only does it work wonders – but it is fun!  My grandmother started me reading tarot cards when I was very young… and since those times, I have seen others “try” to read the tarot, but some of the art is lost.

I plan to change that…

I promise to let you know as soon as it is ready – you won’t be disappointed (but it will take awhile…)



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  2. Energy is on this site

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    i feel close to this

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