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From: Rose Ariadne

Dear Friend And Seeker,

I know that you are special, and have a connection to a hidden energy that can bring countless miracles into your life. It's a Magick energy bigger than all of us - and it is waiting deep inside of you...

I want to prove that it can change your life...

...by taking you through some simple (but extremely effective) exercises. They are designed to increase your connection to Magick - so that you can feel the power resting inside you - a power that can bring Love, Wealth, Protection, and fulfill your wildest dreams.

In my long-awaited book, "The Mystical World Of Ancient Witchcraft: An Easy Insider Guide To The Life-Changing Power Of Your Magick Energy", you will discover:

Exactly what the power (the Magick energy) is inside of you, and how you can tap into it to cast spells for almost any of your desires…
The importance of your sacred space… and exactly how to create your external sacred space so that you are fully protected when you do your Magick work (and you’ll also find out how to get your sacred space to actually allow your Magick energy to “build up” so that when you release it in your spell it is even more powerful)
How to tell people close to you that you are a Witch (if you feel you must) without them looking down on your beliefs.
How to “pick” your Deities (and how they will usually pick you!), and why they will put additional energy into every single spell you ever cast.
The importance of your Witch name (and why it may be important to have 2 of them)
How to make your own book of shadows step-by-step (and why it can add the energy of “you” to make all of your Magick work more effective)
The truth about rituals in Witchcraft (and why a certain emotion can ruin all that you do – and why some people are never aware it is even there, stopping every spell you do before you even start)
A little secret about the tools of Witchcraft that too many people don’t realize (this misconception often turns some people away from the Craft forever – don’t let it happen to you!)
The Witches’ symbol (what it means in various forms, and why it can help in your spell work)
The “quick and easy” Witchcraft Altar setup using materials you can find in your own home (and how to avoid a mistake so many people make with their Altar, by not building enough “emotion” into it)
When (and where) to cast certain spells so that they have the best chance of success (hint: each day of the week has a different energy associated with it, and ignoring this can “freeze” any spell you cast)
How to meditate so that it will be easier for you to connect with Magick energy anytime you need (I’ll also give you a special meditation walkthrough)
The importance of daily devotions, and how to do a simple one I call “Playing With Magick Energy” that will further increase you ability to tap into the natural power you were born with
Some more basic spells dealing with Love, Money, and Protection (I certify these spells as very “safe”, and walk you step by step through each one…)
How to enhance the effect of every spell using Signs, Colors, and Symbols (I’ll show you how to identify the right ones to use for you, and in what situations)
Intermediate (and safe) spells for learning the truth, spell reversal, prosperity, protection, and luck
And much more! (Way too much to list here, I didn’t even get to the Divination section for seeing the future, and runes, powders, potions, etc…)

And You Can Have It All, Instantly...

You see, my book is in a very unique format. You will be able to "download" it instantly to your computer - so you can begin (or continue) your journey into the world of Magick right away.

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