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Dear Friends,

I am truly sorry I wasn’t able to make this special story available to you last week.  I have been very busy with Ash – preparing yet another website for you – and I promise that you are going to love it.

It is important for people to have their questions answered – so that all can gain knowledge of the answers.  So that everyone can share, and move forward on the Magick path together.

I’ll give you more details soon…

Now, I’d like to share a couple of “real life” stories with you.  The first may give you little “goose bumps”, and illustrates how important (and powerful) Magick protection can be.

In the second story, you will see how one of my students flushed a “cancerous” ball of negativity out of her life… and it had been there for a LONG time.  It’s something we all must pay attention to…

Let’s start with the first one…

After The Heart Breaking Loss Of Her Husband,
Magick Saved The Life Of Her Son

One of my first student’s, Lynn, lost her husband recently.  Tim was a police officer.  They have two kids.

Some of us have had to deal with very sad things in life.  But most of us have never dealt with the gut-wrenching pain that comes with losing someone so close to us – especially when there are kids that suffer too  (I know that some of you have though, and I feel your pain, and my heart goes out to you)

Here is Lynn’s email to me – as she sent it.  No editing.  This is her email exactly as I received it:


Wow, that was so informative, you are the greatest. And Ash, well that guy’s web page skills are genius. I love the Internet but I have to admit my kids are probably the only reason I learned how to use a computer. 

Anyway as always, thank you and I am so grateful that our journey’s and destiny crossed. You are making a difference in ways I didn’t realize I was even lacking.

I have shared my pain in losing my hubby with you and you listened. One of the things that hurt was how it seemed like my kids and I felt so isolated, like Tim’s death only mattered to us.

UPDATE: I was in our little town that we have lived in for many years yesterday  – going to the bank.

Guess what, I locked myself out of the car.  The day had not gone well up to that point, but I was determined to salvage it. Every day is precious.

At that moment the mayor walked across the street and asked if I would go to the police station with him for a few minutes.  I was seriously confused wondering what the heck I had done, other than work on his campaign when he ran for mayor. (that might be viewed as criminal in the eyes of some of the narrow minded people in that town)

Anyway, to one of my points, I walked in and a lot of Tim’s and my buddy’s on the police force were there. They hugged me and handed me a piece of paper without saying anything. I started reading it and cried like a 123 lb. baby.  It was the final official permit for a memorial the town wanted to build at the railroad crossing in Tim’s honor.

Their initial plan was to not say anything and surprise the kids and I, but I disappeared and they didn’t know where to find me.

So plan B: hey I see her in town lets grab her off the street and tell her. I was so indescribably blown away…I was wrong about nobody else caring, and their memorial plan that was just waiting for my approval. The memorial gesture and there intent was so huge to me, like maybe it isn’t just the kids and I that loved and miss him.

They also agreed to my one request that they plant a tree by the memorial stone and then also plant one for each of the years he lived, loved and tragically lost his life.  I wanted the plants  in various places in the little town we loved so much.

I stayed and chatted for about an hour and cried more tears, happy tears though, that all the people who’s lives my sweety touched and helped – wanted to symbolize the loss of a good man with earnest integrity and memorialize his beautiful existence. 

Because Tim didn’t just say “how are you” because it was polite, he sincerely wanted to know that all was well and to find out if the person could use a helping hand.

People loved him because even if it was 4 in the morning, and it was zero degrees, and cats and dogs were falling from the sky, Tim always had a smile for them. Sometimes when he was alive I would just sit there looking at his beautiful features, thinking about how he never turned anyone in need down. Tim’s belief that you give to people (the kindness, respect, and sincerity) that you would like to come back to you. And there were many of those times I wondered what I did to deserve to be loved by such an angel of a man.

So the memorial deal really boosted my belief in people again, they even slim jimmed me into my car. I know the Gods and Goddess were listening and knew I needed some faith restored.

Then I ran into a good friend while in town and a few more and a few more, you know where it goes from there. We all loaded up and went to hang at Holly’s to catch up. After all the hugging and the “scolding” for disappearing and not letting them know where I ran to for the past 9 months, I promised them that I’d stop by more often.

When I got home, I grabbed a quick mother/son meeting of the minds thing with Jeff ,my son.

I feel such pride in him, being raised on the cornerstone of integrity. He wanted to thank me and tell me he could never repay me for giving him my perfect trust, love, and having enough faith in him to get him his dream car.

 Of course I hugged him and told him how proud I was of the man he had become and told him that was the payback. Then he wanted to know if we could set a couple specific days every month to spend lunch together… then he was off to his buddy’s to go fishing.
It felt so enormously good to meet with Jeff upon his request so he could tell me thanks.

,,,and a memorial site was going up to honor Tim. I didn’t think it  could get any better than the way I felt at that moment.  I thanked the Goddess profusely…

As I watched my son walk away towards his shiny new car, what I felt was pride and overwhelming love. But before an hour would pass, things would change…

After running some errands, I finally got back and kicked off my shoes and the phone rang.

The caller I.D said “Via Christi trauma center.” I picked it up and just put my face in my hands and cried uncontrollably. My son was the passenger in a little mazda that lost control, went off the road and rolled 4 times. All I could do was want to kick my butt for not listening close enough. My son was covered in both he and Ryan’s blood and vice versa.

What he said next gave me goose bumps.  He told me that Ryan was driving a little too fast showing off and Jeff asked him to slow down…

Then, Jeff asked me what I had done – because somebody or something gave him a clear message, and kept him from being killed.

I asked him what he meant.  Here was his response, in his words:

He said, “Mom, I had just told Ryan to slow down and asked him what, if anything, he learned 4 months earlier when he rolled his truck. Then, all of the sudden, I got this really intense panic feeling telling me fix my seat belt.  I can’t describe the feeling that came over me, like a “voice” almost forcing me to fix my seat belt.  It saved my life, Mom I swear somebody is watching out for me.” 

See what I man about goose bumps?  Jeff always wears a seat belt but he has a tendency to put the shoulder strap under his arm or behind him. He said he received this intense message with only a few seconds to fix his shoulder strap, and hang on while the car furiously slid then kept rolling until everything went black.

Rose, by following your work and doing your protection spells, divination spells etc… I wouldn’t have had the knowledge and skill to take my faith back and cast a protection spell on my children.

If you didn’t teach me to cast it, it wouldn’t have been cast at all, which means you partly are responsible for saving my sons life. And there are no amount of words to express what that means to me.

Rose, I was in a really bad place when I stumbled onto your site.  It was like, “O.K. one more site, if it feels like another money hungry phony then it’s a sign.” There a lot of phony sites on the Internet, yours was different though, it felt right and natural, and that was the sign I was looking for.

Your course inspired me to dig out the old alter and bring back parts of my soul I forgot existed. I was beginning to believe I was cursed and undeserving of good things, after all it seemed like the things I loved the most were taken from me in one way or another.

Fate brought me right where I needed to be, crossing your path and feeling like I could identify with something I have not had since my Grandmother. So with all the love in my heart I hope that you can touch another life as you have touched mine by sharing my story.

May you walk bathed in Blessed light,        




I am humbled by her experience.

You see, so many people get “caught up” in the things Magick can “get”.  The Love, the Money, the Good Luck…

Those are all good things, and Magick can bring them all to you.

But, even more important, is how Magick can preserve life itself.  It can steer you, and those you Love, away from harm.

Had Lynn not cast that specific protection spell, her son may have been taken from her. 

She chose to believe in the power of Magick – she put her faith and emotion into it, found a teacher to guide her, and eventually saved her sons life!

She lost a wonderful man, and that emptiness in her heart will always be there – but her story proves that no matter how bad things get… the sun will rise… and it is a glorious site – and life is still beautiful… and time heals…

The second story I’d like to share with you is from another of my students – Lisa.

Lisa had a VERY bad relationship with her boyfriend for a long time.  It was borderline abusive – and full of negative energy.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know it’s “bad” for you – you can almost “feel” the negativity – but you just can’t bring yourself to get out of it?

Lisa used one of the spells in the Home Academy to be rid of this negative situation forever… here is her story, in her words:


How To Release The Negative Energy Of A Bad Relationship, Forever…

“Dear Rose,
I cast my first spell this past Monday. I will tell you a little more..
After studying the special section on Love Magick in your course I decided to put the *Love* spells into 3 categories.  This is something that I had not thought to do before your course.  Something in me clicked.
On Monday, during a waning moon, I cast your “gentle breakup spell”.    I added items that your spell required.  I already had most of the things I needed, and it was easy to find the rest.
I added a *loaded* candle with the appropriate herbs and Cut and Clear oil and powder.  I burned Cut and Clear incense, and when the spell was over, I blessed my garden trowel.  I opened the circle and buried the 2 white roses, using the garden trowel, I sprinkled the remaining Cut and Clear items….finally, I tossed on Witches black salt.  I covered everything, blessed it, and truly felt released once and for all…. 

I can’t describe the feeling of happiness and absolute FREEDOM I felt after casting the spell.
I have been trying to rid myself of this cursed relationship, since I was the one who *accidentally* bound myself to this man.  Now, thanks to  you, I used the items, plus your wonderful spell and I am finally released….
I have learned so much from you about the “bad part” of binding people… even when we are not intending harm, pushing our love intentions on another ends up having us be the bound ones…..
I am Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Now, I will begin with the next waxing moon to Open/receive and allow true love….
Then on the full moon I will do a spell to Draw Him Nearer… but this time… no one specific… yikes.
I can’t wait to tell you more….
Blessed light to you.



It is so comforting to know, that even when we “mess up” a little – Magick, the power within us, is always there waiting to pull us out of the worst circumstances.

It’s also waiting to make our deepest dreams come into reality.

There are many lessons to learn from Lisa’s story… the first of which is that casting a spell to bind someone to your, for the purposes of Love, can bring harmful consequences… especially if the laws of “Fate” did not intend for you to be with that “type” of person.

Please take these stories to heart; it is important to learn from the experiences of others.

Magick is strong in all of us – life is precious, and fleeting – and it’s so important to spend what little time we have on our beautiful world, connecting with our hidden energy.  Our Magick.

I’ll be preparing another Witchcraft Newsletter, Interview, and Quiz for you soon.  And of course, I’ll be announcing another website soon (I can’t wait!).

Until then, the Friday Evening Rant will be up – on Friday of course…

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge

P.S.  If you have a friend or family member that could benefit from these lessons,
please send the lessons to them.  You can either email the lessons to them, or just
tell them by using this special webpage:

P.P.S. If you want my limited edition life’s work, go here for ordering information – I don’t believe anything like this has ever been done :

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You know what sends shivers up my spine?

It’s when the phone rings and I instantly “know” who is on the other end before I even pick it up.

Have you ever had that happen? You are just lounging around in your house, reading a book, or watching TV – not expecting any phone calls or visitors… and all of the sudden the ring of the phone cuts through the silence, and the name of the person instantly pops into your head – almost like your own caller ID, right in your brain.

Most of you have had it happen at least once. For me, it happens a lot.

In fact, the more “in touch” I am with Magick energy on a given day, the more it happens.

Bingo! Magick energy is the key here. When this happens to you – when the answer to something just pops into your head out of nowhere – that was Magick energy at work. And you weren’t even consciously trying to do anything…

For one reason or another, you were particularly “open” to energy – and it delivered.

Most people can’t control it. If they sat there looking at the ringing phone – trying to “force” the answer into their head by thinking REAL hard – it just won’t come.

It’s when your relaxed, and not thinking of anything – when your mind is loose and carefree – that these answers just come to you.

There is a point to all of this rambling, and it boils down to this…

If you really want to learn to control Magick energy through Witchcraft (or any other practice) – you have to learn not to be “cerebral” about things.

What I mean is – when you are doing spell work, you don’t want to be in your head thinking and “trying” really hard…

That’s the last thing you want to do. If you get the “thinkers” syndrome, you’ll never be able to build the kind of energies you need to get even the most simple protection spell to work…

What you want to do – and what you absolutely must do is to “feel” what you are trying to do within your heart. You want to build a sincere and strong emotion for what you are trying to achieve with your spell.

And you just can’t do that if you are “overthinking” everything.

Don’t worry, if it’s something you really want, you can’t help but feel emotional about it. And there will be no stopping your spell…

‘Till next time… lead with you heart, and not always your head.


Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch in Charge”

P.S. Hopefully everytime the phone rings from now on, you’ll remember to use your heart and your emotion when doing spells – and not be stuck in your head!

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Before I start, I want you to quickly read the last sentence of my last blog post.

Ok, just in case you are too lazy (like I would be), I’ll help you out. It says…

“Keep on believing.”

In case you didn’t notice (or didn’t get a chance to read my last blog post), I spoke about belief quite a bit.

Obviously I brought it up because it is the main ingredient behind real, life-changing Magick. It is the key to unlocking your control of the world’s hidden energies…

But I brought up the subject of belief for another reason too.

Think back to when you were a child. To the carefree moments, where you would dream and fantasize of different worlds, places, and Magickal things.

Anything was possible. You believed it, and that is why you dreamed it. Most people get “hardened” by life, as they get older.

The cold reality is always there as you grow older, tugging at your coattails…forcing you to accept it. It tells you that there isn’t a Magickal world that you can go some day…that there isn’t fairies, or divination, or people with hidden powers.

It tells you that the world is exactly as it appears through the human eyes, and that science can explain anything.

I have news for you. So-called “reality” is a trick. One big sham.

But “reality” exists for a reason. You see, not everybody was meant to be “special”. Not everybody can be great, and the belief in reality – the giving up of childhood dreams – prevents people from achieving the life they dreamed of when they were children.

That is the ONLY thing stopping them, is their lack of belief.

If you truly believe, now, as you did when you were a child…mark my word: nothing can stop you from getting to see all of the wonder and beauty, and Magick that exists behind the curtain of reality.

There is something much greater happening than meets the eye…and you have the power to connect with wonders beyond your imagination – through Magick. If you only believe.

Don’t let reality close in on you, and keep fighting to keep your belief strong. Trust me, you can do anything as long as you have it.

To the believers…


Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch in Charge”

P.S. Ok ok, I know I’ve been rambling on and on about it – and I promise to give you some really juicy stuff that you can use in your Magick in the next post…I just know how important belief is, and had to get the full message out. I really do care about you, and I know that if you believe in yourself, and believe in your power – you really can get all that you want in life and beyond…

It’s up to you.

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Dear Friends,

Finally, we are ready with the newest interview clip on “Can Magick Bring Peace And Happiness Into Your Life?”

I wanted to have this all finished and up for you on Wednesday – but it just wasn’t meant to be, and I’m sure it has happened for a reason.

Make sure to listen to the interview here:

…and as always, this newsletter will be dedicated to the same topic.

I Think The Answer To This Question Is Obvious To Everybody

If you have ever really truly been connected to your Magick energy, you know how it can change your life… how the world takes on a certain clarity – like the sun shining through the clouds after a freshly fallen rain.

In truth, peace and happiness of the soul is the biggest part of Witchcraft and Magick.  You are connected with the “root” from which all life stems – the “life force” of the universe.

A Story About Ash Rowan

Ashe’s story illustrates how you will feel peace and happiness around you, before you even begin your spell casting.  You see, it’s not the Money, or the Love Magick brings that makes you happy… happiness comes long before that – the moment you touch your Magick energy for the first time.

I’ve known Ash for almost 2 years now – he lives in the same town I do. 

You see, 2 years ago he was “stuck” in a job he absolutely despised… he worked as a computer programmer for a large corporation.  It was the kind of place where you become one of the pawns in a large chess game – you become one of the “sheep”. 

Of course, not all big companies are like that – but that’s how Ash felt.  He was desperately unhappy – and extremely lonely.

To him, the place where he spent 9 hours a day, was cold and lifeless.  He wanted more out of life… and to make matters worse, he didn’t have “faith” or “belief” in something bigger than us. 

So, without belief in a greater good, stuck in a cold blooded 6X6 cubicle, his life falling apart around him (there were many other problems he was facing at the time)…

…He Was On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown!

He felt that his world was closing in around him… until a special friend (who I know well) told him to contact me.

I listened intently to his story, his problems, his lack of faith in himself and the world.  I said nothing… I just listened.  I knew he just needed to get it all out.

I invited him to meet me for lunch at a local “greasy spoon” restaurant.  That’s when I told him about what I believe in – and of course, I was careful not to try and “convince” him of anything.  I simply gave him the information about what Magick is, and how it helped me with my own life.

To put it very simply, he listened to every word – and I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes.  After I had finished with my story (and Magick), the barrage started…

Question after question, asking about spells and rituals and the deities… we ended up having a great time and became close friends.  The question and answer session we did was interesting, and I realized he was more in touch with his spirit and deep soul than I thought.

To make a long story short…

Ash Had A Natural Affinity With Magick

I gave him some “Magick exercises” to start off with.  He easily learned what Magick was – and how to tap into it’s energies. 

Almost immediately he began to feel a certain “peace” and comfort come into his life.  It’s truly amazing how a simple connection with Magick energy can change your outlook on life – and it usually happens quickly.

That’s when Ash started working through spells that eventually changed his life.  From a run down bachelor, struggling through every day in quiet desperation – to a happily married man with a nice house and his first child on the way…

…oh, and a job he truly loves – working with me!  You see, Ash does have a talent with computers, and he is responsible for putting up my websites, doing interviews, and even answering a few questions from time to time.

Magick transformed him, and made his life exactly what he wanted it to be.  It didn’t’ happen “overnight”, but it happened quicker than you might imagine.  Things started changing for him within weeks.

And in the end, the answer is…

“Yes, Magick Brings Peace And  Happiness”!

And it will “work” for anybody who tries… it is the “base feeling” for Witchcraft and Magick.

In the next issue, I will be sharing a heart warming story with you about how Magick, quite possibly, saved the life of a child…. and of course, the Friday Evening Rant will be up on the blog tomorrow…

Until then…

Bright Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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In my lifetime, I have done thousands of rituals and spells. I have been in touch with Magick energy for a long time…but I was never able to control it until that moment in my Grandmother’s attic.

You will hear a lot of different theories on how Magick works. And it doesn’t matter what type of “Magick” is being discussed.

You’ve heard of ESP, psychics, Shaman healers, Witches, etc…

The truth is, we all draw on the same hidden energies in the universe. From psychics, tarot readers, healers, and Wiccans. But if there is one thing I have learned – more important than all of the “theory”, it is this…

You must believe in what you are doing. You must not only believe in your intentions, but you must believe that what you desire will come to pass.

Because if you have even an inkling of doubt when you sit down in front of that altar to do a spell – the outcome of anything you are trying to do will not be what you want.

And, from the moment I saw the vision in the meditation in my Grandma’s attic – and from the moment she looked into my eyes and uttered those 4 words…I finally truly believed wholeheartedly in the hidden powers of our universe. I finally had confirmation in my own mind, that what I suspected all along was true.

Magick energy exists, and we all have the ability to control it.

Above everything else you have ever heard about how Magick works – belief is the fuel that powers every single spell…every single psychic reading…

And every single thing you do.

I could ramble on about this need for belief in your Magick – and your dreams – all night long. It is that important.

And there are very specific ways I am going to boost your belief levels in my next blog posts – so that there will be no doubt in your mind that you CAN do Magick. That you can make the life you have always wanted, with the help of Magick.

For now, my eyes are growing heavy – and it is time to rest my head.

Until next week – keep on believing…


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