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Dear Friends,

I am overjoyed to tell you that the day I have been working towards for over 27 years is finally here!  I’ll keep this short, and I’ll let the website give you all of the details:

There are 50 of them available for now…

I really hope you like what I have put together for you – and even if you decide it’s not for you, there is plenty to learn on the website itself,

It’s not for everybody, but if you can see the value in letting me “hold your hand” through all of the Magick techniques, spells, and rituals that I have to show you – you should at least give it a look.

I know there may be questions, so feel free to comment (by clicking the blue comment link below), and I will chime in with some answers for you…

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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I just wanted to let you know that I have included a .zip file that will be easier for some of you to download.

There are a few people who mentioned they were unable to download the book in the .pdf format, so just sign up for the book again and you will see the “.zip” download right below the .pdf.  That should work for those of you that had problems…

Let me know if there are any other problems…


Ash Rowan (Rose’s “Computer Nerd”)

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Dear Friends,

I am pleased to inform you that my book “The Mystical World Of Ancient Witchcraft” is ready for you!  I want you to have a copy for FREE, as a “thank you” for your loyalty and trust in me.

I love giving you special information to help you on your Magick path, and I hope you are taking advantage of everything that I have been giving you.

The book is in a special format so that you can download it to your computer instantly!  This is so you can get started right away…

Here is where you can go to get it:

This is just a quick post to let you know it’s ready…

Oh, one more thing.  Another big day is almost here!  Tomorrow (Monday, March 27th) is when my life’s work (at LONG last) is complete!

I am so excited to finally let my Witchcraft knowledge out into the world, and I’d love for you to take a look at it.  (No, it’s not a downloadable book…it’s actually a bunch of “physical” manuals, DVD’s, and CD’s all packaged up nicely)

Have a look…

Tonight, I am going to make a toast to the beautiful moon with my glass of wine.  27 years of work, finally complete.

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S. The book will only remain FREE for a few days, and I really want you to have a copy.  So hurry on over there:

P.P.S. Did you know there have been over 300 comments from around the world on my blog?  Many of them are hidden now, so I wanted to give you the links to a few posts that have had a lot of activity.  Just scroll to the bottom of any of these pages to see what people have been saying…

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…and how I stumbled across them one lazy summer’s day…

Click here to download this issue and send it to your friends!

Have you ever had a grandparent, or somebody else in your life that thought you were “special” in some way – and let you know about it?

And they didn’t necessarily have to tell you with words, but just gave you secret glances as if you were both connected in some way – to a hidden power between you…

I was my grandmother’s favorite grandchild – and I know that sounds kind of funny, but in my heart I know it’s true.  She loved all of her grandchildren, but she always gave me just a little more attention than the rest.

She’d give me that “knowing look” once in awhile that sent shivers up and down my spine – as if we were both a part of some secret that nobody else knew about.  I felt very close to her.

I remember like it was yesterday: when I was 12 years old, she gave me that same glance, and motioned for me to follow her into her Attic in a small corner of the house she lived in.

She always spent a lot of time in there – reading, writing, studying… I had only been inside when I was very young.  Until now.

I was about to have my first “lesson”, and I didn’t even know it.

As a walked into the attic – it was the smell I first noticed.  Do you remember the smell of your grandparent’s house?  A wonderful smell of wisdom (I’m convinced if wisdom had a smell, this would be it) and adventurous days long sine gone – and this smell filling the house appeared to have been coming from the attic – because it was very strong…almost musty, but not quite. 

It was as if I stepped into another world…

…there were hanging “things” all twisted with feathers and ribbons and cords and charms all around the room… rows and rows of very old books… bottles and bags, and a big open book on her desk with very cryptic writing in it.  The light filtered in through one small window, and some colored charms reflected the rays of sunlight, giving the whole room a mystical feel.

We sat together, and I took my first journey through meditation.

This was the first time I ever (knowingly) connected with Magick energy. 

We closed our eyes, and I remember her hands were pressed lightly against my forehead… and I had an experience that is very difficult to describe.

I felt connected to a force… an energy that is bigger than all of us.  It was exhilarating, calming, and beautiful all at the same time.

I don’t know how long we sat meditating, but when it was over, she was looking into my eyes.  Her lips slowly parted as she whispered, “You know.  You believe.”

My Grandmother was a Witch.

And I’m not talking about a New Age Witch, with traditions borne out of the 1950’s.  She was a Witch steeped in ancient Magick tradition.  She explained that her techniques, spells and rituals come from traditions centuries old.  From European Gypsies, Druids, and Witches – to Shamanism, Indian, and Egyptian Magicks.

When looking through her attic from that day on, you could plainly see the variety of Magick paths that she drew from.  She was a student of the oldest forms of Magick…and I eventually did some research on my own, and found out exactly how she got her hands on some of this knowledge – but that’s a story for another day…

The following years brought many lessons in Witchcraft from my Grandmother.  Every time I would visit (which was often) she would show me a new way to connect with Magick energies.  And then came the spells, rituals, and other ways to focus these energies to accomplish certain things.

I kept detailed records in a Book of Shadows she handed down to me… and after she crossed over, I spent a day in her attic in quiet meditation – remembering her, and all the lessons she taught me.  Lessons in Witchcraft and the Magick arts that changed my life.

That’s when I saw it. 

An old, but simply beautiful chest in the corner – covered with dust. 

It had different Magick runes engraved on the outside, and when I clicked the latch and opened it up – I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were literally thousands of old manuscripts, loose pieces of parchment, and books so old they were starting to crumble.  I felt like I was in a movie, and had just discovered a chest full of treasure… but in this case it was a treasure of ancient Magick knowledge and practices of very old traditions.

Somehow, I feel my Grandmother meant for me to find it, and carry on these Magick traditions…

Much of it was written in strange tongues and different languages – and even more of it was written in different runes and Magick based scripts.  Luckily, my Grandmother (and others) had spent painstaking hours translating all of it to English so that I could read and understand almost all of it…

The things I discovered in that trunk – the spells, rituals, and powerful traditions are the most effective methods of connecting with, and controlling Magick energy that I have ever come across.  There are things that will give you goose bumps.

I vowed, at that moment, to make sure this knowledge was not lost.

I began what I consider my life’s work.

I took every piece of Magick knowledge contained “in my head” over 27 years of experience – and every spell, ritual, technique, and Magick tradition recorded on every piece of paper, manuscript, and document I found in my Grandmother’s attic…


What I have to show you below is not for everybody… some people simply don’t have any extra money to spend, and some people just aren’t serious about Witchcraft.  But if you are serious about using Magick to start bringing life-changing miracles into your life (like Love, Friendship, Protection, and ending Money Worries for good), and you understand the value of having a teacher hold your hand through both Basic and Advanced Magick techniques (from the ancient Shamans through Modern day Magick), this simple to understand, never-before-offered resource will change your life.

And if it isn’t for you, don’t worry.  I will continue to give you some free information, interviews,  newsletters, as well as a copy of my book.  I believe that a certain amount of learning should always be free.  But the truth is, I feel there are many things regarding Witchcraft that must be seen, and carefully taught – and not just given to a public that could include anybody. 

You never know who may use Magick to cause harm… People need to understand ethics, they need to understand how to tap into Magick energy in a way that brings miracles, and will not be used to cause harm.  And there are many Advanced techniques that you simply need to see in order to “get”.  This is why I have presented all of the ancient knowledge that I received from my Grandmother (and others) in a very special format… so that your Magick will work for you – so that you can make your life (and the lives of people you Love) better in just a short time…


And I combined everything into an easy-to-understand, step-by-step “Box Of Magick Miracles” .  I know that title may sound a little over the top, but this information is capable of creating Miracles in your life (just like it has for me).

For years  I have translated, combined, refined, and made sure everything is easy to understand (and perform) for anybody interested in changing their life with Magick. 

But simply “reading” the information in a book form just isn’t enough.  Not only can some Magick techniques cause “problems” if certain basics aren’t mastered, but there is a risk of misunderstanding when reading about how to perform certain Magick in books…

I know that unless you are able to actually “see” how things are done, there is a risk of not “getting it”… which can cause frustration, wasted time, loss of belief, and can cause some people to give up on the powers were all born with.

I wanted to go beyond just a book, and I wanted to make sure that anybody (even complete beginners) can easily tap into their Magick energy to create miracles with Magick.  So they can actually see it being done – so that they’d understand all of the secrets to really making it work….
So I filmed full demonstrations of every Witchcraft technique, spell, and ritual in a simple “tutorial” style so that you can easily follow along and make sure you tap into the Magick reservoir within you to the fullest.  So that you can use Magick to accomplish the things you dream about.

Here Is Only Some Of What The Box Of Magick Miracles Will Show You…

• How to cast beginner love spells, step-by-step (This section includes simple but very powerful love spells, including a special candle spell that has never failed me) – See Unit 4, Page 6

• Full step-by-step video demonstrations of beginner spells you can easily follow along with (love, money, protection, and more) – See DVD 3, Chapter 4 – 7

• The 3 things that “fuel” Magick, causing it to get the results you want (most people don’t even know about at least 1 of them, and it’s the biggest reason why spells fail) – See Unit 1, Page 29

• How to cast some beginner protection spells, step-by-step (each of these simple but powerful spells will use an “iron veil” to protect you and your loved ones from physical, mental, and emotional harm) – See unit 4, Page 12

• How to cast some beginner money spells, step-by-step (includes a secret “money growth” spell to get rid of your money worries forever) – See Unit 4, Page 9

• How to create 2 types of “sacred space” for casting spells (using both of these at the same time can double the effectiveness of any spell you cast) – See Unit 1, Page 37

• 51 extremely potent intermediate love spells (I walk you through each step of bringing love into your life using these unique kind of Love Magick) – See Unit 4, Page 23

WARNING: Some of these love spells can bring you the love of a specific person – for educational purposes only! (or extremely desperate circumstances – keep your ethics in mind!)

• 5 shockingly effective intermediate love spell demonstrations (you’ll discover the secret to focusing the power of these potent spells to target only people you will be interested in) – See DVD 3, Chapter 11 – 15• A warning about Witchcraft ethics when casting advanced and controversial spells – See DVD 1, Chapter 3

• 31 step-by-step, high-powered, advanced money spells (if you have money worries, I will guide you through each advanced money spell to clear your path to Wealth and Success) – See Unit 5, Page 23

• Secrets of candle, poppet, and mirror Magick – See DVD 3, Chapter 20

• Huge list of over 99 highly unique intermediate spells (each spell is categorized and ranked according to difficulty, with my step-by-step instructions) – See Unit 5, Page 1

Spell categories include: Money, Protection, Banishing, Love , Divination, Luck, Purification, Truth, Beauty, Weight, Binding, Weather, and much more (too much to list here)

• Step-by-step video demonstrations of 10 high-powered spells from the spell index (includes spells from these categories: Protection, Healing, Romance, Binding, Stopping Problems, Banishing, and more!) – See DVD 4, Chapter 2 – 10

• A step-by-step “7-minute ritual” most people don’t do (it will multiply your belief increasing both power and success of your spells)See Unit 2, Page 22

• How to create your own spells that do anything you want – step-by-step (I’ll give you my own proven formula you can use to create any spell, and make sure it works perfectly!)See Unit 4, Page 1

• How to write your own spells that really work (this table demonstration will reveal the secret of using a proven formula to create spells for every purpose!)  – See DVD 3, Chapter 1

• How to see into the future, step-by-step, using Divination and why it really works (discover 10 easy ways you can see the future of your life and avoid anything negative that you see) – See Unit 4, Page 18

• 3 powerful video demonstrations on “How to invite spirits, ancestors, watchtowers, and deities into your spells” (the secrets revealed here actually show you how to get more power from them for faster spell results) – See DVD 4, Chapter 21 – 24

• Highly advanced love spell “walkthroughs” (I’ll walk you step-by-step through each of these Love Magick techniques and spells) – See Unit 5, Page 88

Warning: some of these spells are highly controversial.  If you must use them in desperate circumastances, please remember your ethics when casting on a specific person (which I believe you should never do)!  Some of these are for educational purposes only!

• The easy 3 minute meditation that will give you the 6 “golden keys” to cast a successful spell – See Unit 3, Page 20

• The responsibilities you have as you begin to use your Magick powers (you will also find out how to stop “Magick backfire” from ever happening) – See Unit 1, Page 23

• “How you can use Witchcraft tools to increase your Magick power” (includes full demonstration of creating a powerful Magick tool in just 9 minutes)See DVD 3, Chapter 17

• How to “channel” hidden information about your life and others from the sprit world (I’ll walk you through a very powerful way of doing this, so that you can even get information about the future) – See Unit 5, Page 96

• “The Magick of Channeling” video demonstration (you will find out exactly how to get secret information about your life from the spirit world)See DVD 4, Chapter 16

• A little trick you can do using candles to magnify your spell results, and make the results happen faster (you’ll discover exactly why the flame itself speeds up the process) – See Unit 4, Page 55

• Special step-by-step spell walkthrough for protecting your home and everyone in it! (Uses a powerful blend of candle and mirror Magick for maximum protection) – See Unit 4, Page 57

• 2 quick daily rituals that will increase your connection with your Magick energy (doing these will remove limitations on your Magick) – See Unit 3, Page 30

• Full list of Magick Crystals, Herbs, Plants, and Oils, and why they must be used in certain spells (you’ll also find out exactly what each one does for the results of your spells)See Unit 4, Page 60

• 30 advanced and extremely powerful protection spells (this advanced protection Magick will make sure you, and people you love are protected in any situation)
- See Unit 5, Page 72

• 5 advanced protection spell demonstrations (I’ll show you how to easily cast these powerful spells for maximum protection of your home, yourself, and your family)See DVD 4, Chapter 14

• How to practice Magick for “Scrying” (the easy method I show you will allow you to see future events unfold in a reflective surface in your house) – See Unit 5, Page 100

• The secret of calling spirits, elements, watchtowers, and deities to protect and help you with your spells (you’ll see how to give these helpers specific instructions to make your Magick even more powerful) – See Unit 5, Page 102

• 5 advanced “Money Magick” spell demonstrations (find out exactly how to do Money Magick spells to open your path to wealth, and get rid of money problems for good!)See DVD 4, Chapter 12

Here Is Everything It Contains…

1. A 399 page manual containing step-by-step information that will take you from the very beginnings of your path in Witchcraft, up through advanced levels and spell work.  Every spell and ancient Magick technique has been recorded, and I basically hold you by the hand through everything…

2. 7 DVDs filled with full demonstrations of everything included in the manual (as well as some older techniques that are not easily put into a manual) – you’ll see how easy it is to connect with the powers you have within you, and use them for your desires – and to help others.

3. A 48 page manual covering Advanced Love Magick spells and techniques… some of the information is a little controversial – but I also go into ethical uses of these powerful rituals.  (Love spells are extremely popular, and apparently this has always been so, as there are so many ancient traditions and spells surrounding  Love)… all of these and more are laid out for you in the manual and the accompanying DVD…

4. 1 DVD on Advanced Love Magick demonstrating the spells and rituals in the manual – and it includes some surprise rituals (and “love” crafts) that do not appear in the manual.

5. A 42 page manual (a “hidden” bonus) of a controversial segment of Magick practice that I am still wondering whether I should include or not (which is why I am not going to tell you exactly what it covers yet…).  I have to do some thinking whether I want to release this manual and it’s accompanying DVD… if I do end up including it, it will be for educational purposes only, and most of the techniques should never be used.  I think it is important for everyone to know what is possible, and what to avoid.

6. The “hidden” bonus DVD that will demonstrate all of the information in the manual (and more).  Again, it may be a mistake to release this section of Magick practice – and I need to do some serious thinking on how I am going to approach this…

7. 1 CD of interviews with 3 Witches who practice old (and new) Magick traditions – including me.  We answer some of the toughest questions about Witchcraft and Magick that I have ever heard.  From “does Magick really work, and how?” to exactly how it can bring Love, Money, Protection, and other things into your life. 

We also cover some difficult questions about if it is “Evil”, and how to tell your family… I guarantee there are at least 3 questions that will make you sweat a little bit (I know I did)… and there is also information in these interviews that you can use right now to increase your connection to Magick energy for more intense spell results.

In Addition, 50 Of You Will Receive Something That Nobody Else Will Ever Get

There was an interview done last year with Tatania Aleria (a local Witch that I am good friends with, and she has been practicing even longer than myself).  She revealed something in one of her answers that is one of the most profound ideas I have ever heard regarding Witchcraft.

I fact, I have never heard anyone mention it before, and I guarantee that it will instantly help any person involved with Witchcraft put more energy into every spell (this additional energy will increase the results you get with your Magick).  I wish I had thought of it first, but I didn’t and I give full credit to Tatania.

Not only will you get her amazing insight above, but you will receive the entire interview!  She answers 14 of some very tough (and detailed questions) asked by a panel of practicing Witches throughout the world – and you get to hear her detail the exact spells and techniques she uses for Love, Protection, Wealth (and more) – so that you can do exactly what she does.

Here’s Why I’ve Decided To Release Her Interview To Only 50 People

As you can imagine, each Box of Magick Miracles is created at considerable expense.  9 DVD’s, 3 manuals, 1 CD, and all of the other costs involved… but I felt it was worth it to everybody – the information is completely unique to anything I have ever seen anyone else do.  It is just so darn important that I did this – even if the only people to see it are my children and close family.

Trust me, the time and energy it took me to create this for you was well worth it – even if you never see it. 

I wanted to leave my mark on this world, and I wanted to share these amazing secrets with you (while I’m still young enough to handle any questions or additional help you may need)

That’s why I have agreed to create only 50 of them in the “first run”.  These 50 Boxes of Magick Miracles are “Limited Editions” because I wanted to do something for the first 50 people that receive it – and that’s why I am throwing in this exclusive interview with Tatania Aleria…

Think of it as a sincere “thank you” for being one of the first to trust in the Miracles I have to show you.

Listen: This is the first time I have ever publicly mentioned the release of my Box of Magick Miracles, and the 50 limited editions I am going to release.  But somebody found out about it beforehand, and has started mentioning it “word of mouth” to other people in the Witchcraft community…

Because the information leaked out, already 31 people have reserved their Boxes, which means there are only 19 left at the time I am writing this! (I guess I’m going to have to make more, fast)

…and the newsletter you are reading now just went out to over 4,000 people – and more will see it every day.  So I don’t think the 19 will last very long.

That’s why – if you want to get the Limited Edition, you need to hurry and reserve yours now (before everyone else grabs them).

All you need to do is take 2 seconds to enter your first name and email address into the priority notification form.

Go here :

And fill out the 2 second form now.  This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, because I mean it when I say – the Tatiana Aleria interview will never be given to another soul – it’s my promise to the first 50 people…

So go there now, before you put it out of your mind : and make sure you reserve one of the remaining 19 copies.

Not only do you not want to miss out on the bonus Tatania Aleria interview, but you don’t have to wait for the next batch to be created…

Everything will be ready for you Monday, March 27th at 12 o’clock noon PST.

And tomorrow (Sunday March 26th) I’ll be giving you the free copy of my book that I promised you…

But for now, I’m out of time.

Bright Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  Oops, I almost forgot – 3 more comments I have received from hundreds…

”Hi Rose, I find your particular tastes very interesting. You seem to share USEFUL information with people…I am one of those woman who fully believe in the power of healing through the use of stones. I was also impressed how you recommended to cleanse your stone, even some of the more “knowledgeable”  women usually keep this out of text, for lack of knowledge or for some other non-sense reason…From one woman who seems to know something to another. Greatest wishes and blessed be. Jolee C.”
“Dear Rose Ariadne, Thank you so much for the information.  I really appreciate it and it gave me a lot of insight and I think that it will help a lot of people like it helped me. Thank you again. Lots of Love-Rashell, BLESSED BE”
“Rose, Thank you so much for sharing this with me I’m very excited and cant wait to see the knowledge that you have gained throughout your years of study. Thank you again and I really appreciate it. – R. Hermiz”

P.P.S.  Remember to sign up to the priority notification list to make sure you get one of the last 29 “Limited Edition” Boxes of Magick Miracles here : (you only need to put in your first name and email address…)

P.P.P.S.  Make sure to leave your comments by using the “comments” link right underneath this blog post…P.P.S.  If you have friends or family that you care about – that could benefit from any of this information, please feel free to forward this newsletter on to them.  Or you can just use this link to inform them about my blog…

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Click here to download this issue and send it to your friends!

Click here to download Rose’s “Q&A With Rose Ariadne” newsletter and special quiz!

Dear Friends,

Sometimes things just don’t go as smoothly as planned (both in life, and in Magick)…

I know I promised that my book would be ready for you this week (and that my life’s work would finally be complete) – but sometimes things come up that we just can’t control.  (but I can “control” giving you more goodies, which I have below….just keep on reading)

Sometimes life just “happens”.

Something up in the cosmos decided that the final piece of my life’s work (the most important piece) would be delayed through the weekend.  And it’s something I honestly cannot control…

And because this important piece is delayed, it also effects the book (yes, my life’s work, and my book are intertwined).

I hope nobody is too disappointed, but I want everything to be perfect… it’s taken a long time, and I’ve come too far to let my knowledge get out “half finished”.

So, because of this slight delay…

I have decided to do the first “Q&A With Rose Ariadne Newsletter”! 

You thought I had forgotten about all of the questions I have been receiving didn’t you?

Nope – I’ve collected each and every question from all of you, and I am going to “take on” and answer the first 3 of them right now!  (I was going to answer more of them, but my answers for these are so LONG – I apologize – because they are very important issues, and I want to make sure everyone understands)

This is the first time I have done a newsletter this way, so make sure to let me know what you like, and don’t like so I can make it better…

Here are the questions, with my answers below…




This first question is from Jeff….

“Is there a money spell that can bring money immediately, as soon as the spell is cast?”

Hello Jeff, that is a great question.  I believe that every Witch has had that one on her/his mind at one time or another.

The answer is not straightforward, and it really does depend (on a lot of things).  I’ll do my best to keep it simple…

Money Magick can be very tricky.  Anytime someone does a spell to bring them something – you must be very careful.  The spell may be coming from a place of greed, and you have to make sure to keep negative emotions and energy out of the spell. (this could ruin the spell completely)

That being said, there is good news and bad news related to your question, Jeff.

The good news is – yes, Magick can bring “money” into your life almost immediately (some form of money or wealth, it may not be dollar bills…).  As a matter of fact, I have specific examples of that in my life’s work, but they are too long to go into here.

Not only can the money come into your life quickly, but it can also be a very specific amount depending on your needs, emotional state, and intent when you cast the spell.

Now for the bad news… (and it’s not really bad, it just may not be exactly what you want to hear).  The money probably will NOT come into your life immediately… and it may not come in the way that you think…

You see, Jeff, the desire you have when you cast any spell is only 1 of the many different energies that are released into the spell at the time of the casting.  Your belief, emotion,  your subconscious mind, as well as a little judgment by the divine as to what will happen after you cast the spell – are all a part of it.

Usually what will happen if you cast the spell with the proper amount of belief and emotion behind your desire – is that the “money” will be sent into your life when you least expect it, and at your most urgent time of need.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the most important things is to “let the spell go” right after you have set your Magick energy loose.  Forget you even cast the spell, let the Magick work to it’s fullest by completely releasing it from your mind…

Don’t wonder when it’s going to happen… or how it’s going to happen… just know that it will, and don’t think about it anymore.  Just go on with your life the best you can.

One morning, you will open your eyes, and it will dawn on you… the spell worked!  And you hadn’t even realized it until that moment… you actually GOT the money that you needed – the money that you desired.  But it may not have been in the way you expected…

Just make sure your Magick doesn’t come out of a place of greed – it probably won’t do you a whole lot of good to cast a spell to make a million dollars appear out of nowhere.  The spell would not be coming out of the right “emotional compartment” in your subconscious to be very effective.

Hope that helps Jeff…



“Rose can you help me.

I just started getting into black magic and that stuff… do you have a really great love spell… which can bring my ex-boyfriend back to me? He doesn’t want me back, he’s really stubborn. He doesn’t have a girlfriend now… and he hasn’t had one since I left him. That was almost 3 years ago. I don’t know what’s wrong with him… Sometimes he’s so depressed… but he doesn’t want a girl or even me to calm him down… how can I make it so he falls in love with me? I really love him.” – Anonymous

Hello Anonymous! ;)

First let me say that I am not a person who ever tells anyone what to do – I can only give you advice based on my system of beliefs – and what I think is right and wrong.

Let me touch on a little morality issue here before I give you a little age old advice.

As many of us know, one of the first laws or rules in most of the Witchcraft paths (and nearly all nature based Magick belief systems) is… “An it harm none”.  Basically, the idea is – no matter what you do with your Magick (or in life in general), never do harm to another…

And as if that wasn’t enough to deter people from doing harm, the powers that be devised a little thing called “karma”… it’s kind of like a law in physics that I learned so long ago in high school…

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. 

So, if I put my hands on a wall and push, the same amount of pressure I put on the wall, is put on my hand.

It’s the same with Magick.  If do a ritual, or cast a spell, to bring something good into someone’s life (coming from a place of love in my heart), the energy I send out to perform the miracle (whether it is good luck for my mom, or a healing for my sister, etc…) will also come back to me.  It won’t necessarily be the same type of energy, usually you will just notice that really good things start happening to you… and the more good you do, the more little miracles start “popping up” in your life.

And if the energy you send out is negative in any way (which is where I think your question is leading… more on that in a second) – this energy will “bounce back” to you, and you will notice bad luck will begin to find you.

You see, our wonderful universe has a way of keeping things in balance…both in the physical world, and in the world of Magick.

Sorry I got off on that tangent… now that I’ve laid the groundwork, I can answer your question – or at least give you some advice.

If you cast a love spell on your boyfriend, you will be affecting his “free will” to do as he chooses in life.  The Magick will influence his “decision” to fall in love with you, or move on.

As a human being, the free will to do as we choose is one of the most sacred things we have in life.  And by casting a love spell on a specific person you are taking something sacred away from them.  Their freedom of choice.  And this is a very negative Magickal action.

And that means, you will suffer negative karma coming right back to you, in ways you never expected.

Do love spells cast on specific people work?  Oh yes they do, definately, (I have seen it many times as a young Witch growing up) – but the karma that has always come back to the person has been almost unbearable to watch.

If I were you, I would NEVER cast a love spell on a specific person.  If you do this, and your boyfriend falls in love with you… the karma is going to come at you full force.  Here are the possibilities (and what I have seen happen…)

Things may be great for a week or two, but his spirit will grow restless…he will begin to get irritable and frustrated, and he won’t know why.  As time goes on, he may even get verbally (or eventually) physically abusive towards you.

I’m not saying that he will do these things, but I have seen it happen before when specific person love Magick is involved. 

Your life will be turned upside down, Anonymous… and I hope you don’t think that you can “handle” anything that karma throws back at you.  You have no idea how it will negatively effect your life.  The law of Karma will make SURE that the “prize” is not worth the negativity that floods into your life.

Here’s what I would do instead…

Go through my 7 day mini course (it’s a 2 second free sign up on the blog) and find your place of peace.  Find your sacred space, and go through the exercises.

Look inside of yourself at what you really need in life right now.  Cast a self love spell (I love self love spells, and guarantee you will feel wonderful!).  If you still feel you want love in your life, then you can cast a general love spell – not on your boyfriend specifically – but in a general way.  As you are casting, think about the qualities you want in the person you eventually fall in love with… not a specific name, not a specific person…

And release the energies of the spell into the cosmos with the goal of opening the doors of true love in your life.  Then, true love will find you, Anonymous.  I have no doubt…

And who knows, it may be that the universe intends for your boyfriend and you to be together forever… but you didn’t effect his “free will” with Magick. 

But my guess is, the Magick will bring someone very special into your life when you least expect it – and he’ll be everything you ever dreamed of… and your boyfriend will move on in his life, and find happiness, and get over his depression…

All I am asking is for you to let the Universe, and the Divine decide what is in store for you and your boyfriend…don’t try to control it, because you will suffer bad karma.



“Is it possible that there can be bonds between something like Wind or Water – and people?  Whenever I get mad or scared the wind picks up and when I am happy the wind makes me feel light as a feather and runs lightly through my hair.  I hope that doesn’t sound strange, I just thought I’d ask…” – Anonymous

Well another Anonymous!  I didn’t know that was such a popular name! ;)

Here is the short and simple answer…


There is very strong bond between every single one of us and the Wind, the Water, the Earth, and everything natural that is on this earth…

It’s a funny thing though.  We all get wrapped up in our own little worlds, and it is so easy to loose sight of the “big picture” of our big, beautiful world.

There is obviously a strong bond between the wind and you, Anonymous, but I don’t think it’s in the way that you are thinking…

First understand there are things in the world, and the universe, far bigger than each and every one of us – and bigger than the little worlds we create for ourselves.

I think (actually I am quite sure) that the opposite is happening…. when the wind is soft and light, it’s calm and gentle energy makes you feel happy – and even wonderful!  And the connection is strong…

On the other hand, when the wind kicks up and gets stronger – your mood changes and you may become angry (sometimes without a reason).

It is important for you to explore ways you can use Magick to use the additional energy that the Wind brings to you, and focus it on the things you want out of life.

I really hope that you find ways to use the wind’s powerful energies to help yourself, and others…


That’s all I have time for today, and I’m sorry if I rambled and went on tangents, but these questions are all so important, and they each deserve a complete answer… now consider the advice I give, and make your own decisions…

I plan on doing another “Q&A with Rose Ariadne” newsletter over the weekend and sending it to all of you either on Sunday or Monday…

I also have some more interviews scheduled, so I will send you more interview clips (and corresponding newsletters and quizzes) along with them in the coming weeks.

The plans for my book release (which you will all get a complimentary copy of), and my life’s work (Secret #2 on the blog) is still scheduled for early next week, and I will send you more information on them before the release!

Today, may you find your place of peace, and stay there awhile…

Love And Light!

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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