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Dear Friends,

It looks like I’m making a habit of providing the “unexpected” with these interview clips.  I promised an interview clip of me talking about age, and how it relates to Magick…

…but again, I decided to include a couple of other clips as well!  I don’t want to “overwhelm” anyone by giving too much at once – it is important to digest the information, and put it into practice before moving on to the next. 

But I felt these additional interview clips are closely related.  So, on top of the clip of me discussing age and Magick, I have included two more clips concerning Magick “bounce back” and finding a teacher (and maybe even a Coven).

And as always, this newsletter will serve to supplement the interview topics with more information, and sometimes even my quirky life experiences.  Let’s just jump right into this issue (which I think you’ll really enjoy).

Is There Anybody Who Can’t Do Magick?

In the latest interview clip on, I discuss the question, “is anyone too old to practice Magick?”.  But I want to add to my answer here, and talk about factors other than age. 

So let’s ask the question, “Is there anybody who just can’t do it?”.

The simple answer is : we all have a connection to Magick energy (even though most people in the world don’t even realize it) – but just because they don’t realize it (or believe in it), doesn’t mean they don’t have a connection (even if it is small) to Magick.

You see, we are all born of this earth.  The beauty of this world is in ALL OF US (even if there are people you can’t stand, or simply just don’t like)… underneath it all, the fabric of the universe (I like to call this the “cosmos”) connects us all with a hidden energy…

We are all filled to the brim with wonderful “powers” that most of us don’t understand entirely.  We are all brothers and sisters…children of the earth.  (this may sound a little “cheesy”, but it is true… just as I feel a connection to all of you, you all can feel a connection to others if you look deep enough)

No matter how old, how young, how “lost”, how angry, or how much of a non-believer in spirituality someone is… they can still tap into Magick energy if they change their thinking.

First, you have to develop faith in “something” – whether it’s a Magick or Witchcraft path – or whether it’s immersion into a different religious philosophy – you have to have “belief” that there is something bigger than you… whether it’s the God and Goddess, or whether you believe that there is a mystical force that drives the universe – that we are all a part of…

If someone refuses to believe in anything – their connection to Magick energy will be hidden from them for as long as they live…  you have to have that spark of belief in something bigger.

Second, you must have the desire to discover your true connection to this hidden energy – to the earth.

These are the only 2 things you need.  It doesn’t matter what nationality you are, or sexual orientation you have, or even if you were a complete atheist for 50 years.  There is always hope, and nothing ever changes the fact that you have the same connection to Magick that I (or anyone else) does.

I can boil it all down to this…

“If anyone truly opens their eyes, they shall see the wonders within them…”

It’s right under everybody’s nose – anytime you want it.

Ok, so now that I’ve answered that – you know that Magick does not discriminate.  Anybody can do it… we were all born to be able to do it!

Let me dive right into the next topic…

Is There Really Such Thing As “3 Times Bad”?

There are many different beliefs between the various Magick and Witchcraft paths.  Some believe that everything you do (whether you send out good energy in your spells, or bad energy) will come back to you times three.

For example, let’s say your friend asks you to do a ritual for her to bring her good luck…

When you do the ritual, you are sending nothing but Magick energy with good intentions out into the universe… for the purpose of helping your friend.

Not only will the energy you send out bring your friend good luck, but you will also receive 3 times as much good luck back to you!

The flipside of the coin is if you ever do a spell to effect someone’s “free will” by binding them, or trying to “force” them to love you… you will receive 3 times the negative energy back at you.

I hope that makes sense, it can get a little confusing.

Especially when the fact remains – some Witchcraft paths believe it is actually “3 times good” and “9 times bad”! 

And some believe that it’s just an equal amount of good and bad that comes back…

And some believe it’s just Karma….send out good and you’ll receive good…same with bad…

So what’s the real answer to this?

In my strong opinion, it is impossible to “quantify” this.  And no matter if you believe it’s 3 times, or 9 times, or that it’s all just Karma… the FACT is – if you send out “good” into the world (whether you are a giver to charities) or you cast protection spells on your loved ones… the hidden energy of the Universe will reward you – when you least expect it (and in ways you’ve never dreamed).

And if you do negative things to people… and hurt them with words (or Magick), the cosmos will bring negativity back onto your life… and many times the “punishment” (fi you want to call it that) can be worse than the negativity you sent out in the first place.

This “karma” is very, very real.  I very strongly believe that we are here to help others, to learn lessons from helping others in any way we can.  And the more good we do, the better our own lives (and hearts) become.

Sometimes I feel like these beliefs of mine make me out to be a “goodie too shoes Witch” – always spreading cheer and love, and always being way too positive… almost to the point of not being realistic.

Life is not always a “bowl of cherries” (or a “box of chocolates” as Forest Gump would say ;) – it is true.  But I think it is important for all of us to use our knowledge and powers for the greater good.  To make this world (and all of our lives) better.

Make the “karma laws” work for you, not against you.  And wondrous miracles will be yours.  I have no doubt… ;)

“On Teachers And Covens…”

There are a lot of people interested in the Craft that really want someone (or a group of people) to help them find their way.

Of course, I’ll always be here to help you and be your teacher…

But just in case you were looking into other teachers (and possibly even Covens) I want to give you some advice…

There are a lot of teachers out there (and Covens) who are charging $50 an hour (or more) to teach you Magick…

Be very careful to ever pay somebody an hourly rate to teach you how to tap into your Magick…  unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest people in the world, that are desperate to make a profit at the expense of ethics and good morals.

The last thing I’d ever want to happen, is for you to pay your hard earned money to someone who is just trying to take it from you – and not give you anything of value in return.

Of course, I encourage you to buy as many different books on the Craft as you can get your hands on – there are books and courses out there from so many different teachers.  It is important to never stop learning, and exploring the powers within you.  It is OK to spend money to learn…but be careful of the HOURLY fee for one on one teaching and instruction. 

There are also many Witchcraft Covens out there that are charging various initiation fees, and other fees… if you ever look into joining a Coven, and you are going to be charged money – either walk away, or make sure that you are getting “something” for the money you spend (either in the form of tools, or maybe the money goes into a pot to be used for group meals and get togethers).

Just be wary of any situation involving money that makes you feel uncomfortable – with someone you don’t yet trust.

Oh darn, I am going to go on another tangent…just bear with me – there is another part of this I’d like to warn you about.

Internet Spell Casting services…

Be very careful here!  I have seen Internet spell casting services that charge $29 – $199 dollars to cast a single spell for people. (Everything from Love, to Money, to Good luck, etc…)

First of all, NOBODY (and I mean NOBODY) can do more powerful Magick for you – than YOU.  Remember two of the things that fuel all of your Magick… belief and emotion…

Nobody else will feel strong emotions for your situation that you do…

Nobody else can have the same belief about the miracle you are working for as you do…

And of course, especially since the people at the spell casting service have never even seen you – and have now idea who you are.

I’m not saying that people from far off distances can’t work Magick for you, to help you… all that I am saying is the chances are very low that the Magick will effect your life, and you will have far greater success with Magick and spells if you tap into your own Magick energy, cast your own spells, and create your own Miracles.  The power is within YOU.  No matter what, always remember that.

That’s it for this issue…

In a couple of days I’ll be giving you a copy of my book (finally), along with some very detailed information about my life’s work…

I can’t wait for you to see it! 

Until then…

Bright Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  Make sure to leave your comments by using the “comments” link right underneath this blog post…on the blog of course!

Rose Ariadne’s Blog
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Posted by Rose | Comments (4)

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Dear Friends,

After much thought I decided to include some topics in this issues interview clip that I was never planning on releasing.

I know I told you I was going to give you a clip of me discussing a topic that is near and dear to my heart (communicating with the spirits of loved ones), but you’ve all been so good to me, I just wanted to give you a little bit more.

Actually, it’s a lot more.  You see, I have included a talk about the tools of Witchcraft, and where the “power” of tools actually comes from.  And then I included one of my favorite topics – and I absolutely LOVE talking about it…

How Magick really works.  This is a fascinating topic, and it can be looked at from 2 main perspectives, both of which are exciting and very interesting.  Things are changing in our world, and even science seems to slowly be coming around to at least acknowledge the existence of hidden energy… but I don’t want to spoil the interview for you right now.

What I’ve decided to do is discuss some additional information regarding these 3 topics in this newsletter – so that it flows right along with the interview clip. 

Let’s get started…

The Summer’s Day Filled With “Tennis Court Tears”

I’m going to talk about connecting and communicating with spirits by giving you a personal example.  It is something that continues to touch my life until this day…

Most of you know about my relationship I had with my Grandmother before she crossed over (and the relationship I still have with her).  She is the reason I have studied and practice different forms of Magick and Witchcraft almost my entire life.

But it was my Grandfather who fulfilled so many other things in my life – we were very close.

I remember visiting his house as I was growing up as a young girl.  The long car rides up the coast seemed like they took forever (he lived about 5 or 6 hours away, which seemed like an eternity back then).  I couldn’t wait to get to his house, to see his sparkling eyes and loving grin filled with harmless mischief…

If truly there ever was a soul filled to the brim with nothing but positive energy, my Grandfather was it.   He drank every last drop of life, and made sure that everybody around him enjoyed it too.

Our “thing” together was to escape the house (while my mother and grandmother were making dinner) and sneak off for a game of Tennis.  (I still love playing to this day). 

He showed me how to play, and we would always practice together.  I don’t know if it is possible for a person to be happier than I was in those moments.  Just my tennis racquet, the ball, and my loving grandfather.  Always with the twinkle in his eye, and the clever, witty comment just waiting to leave his tongue.

Then, when we were done, his eyes would pop open with adventure, and he’d give me that sly grin and whisper, “Let’s go get a little ice cream before dinner!”

How could I resist?  We’d go straight to the local ice cream shop and each get a double cone of our favorite flavor.  (Mine was always double chocolate malted crunch, and his was pecan praline)

When we’d finally make it home, we were always late for dinner, each sporting an ice cream filled grin.  First they’d get angry, but then they’d begin to laugh, because they knew deep down how special these moments were…

That was the essence of my grandfather.

One year, for my birthday, I was up visiting him and I opened a package.  As I pulled off the last bit of wrapping paper, out slid a brand new tennis racquet.  I couldn’t believe it – I was so excited!

Until then, I had been using an old wooden racquet from the 1930’s (I’m guessing, but trust me, it was old) – and now my grandfather had gotten me the best gift I could ever hope for.  Though, it wasn’t really the racquet that I loved…

It was the fact that he had engraved my name on the handle followed by “Love, Grandpa”.  It was what that racquet symbolized to me that mattered most.  The months and years of friendship and love we shared, both on and off the tennis court (and “in” and “out” of the ice cream parlor).

The years went by, until we had our last tennis game. 

I honestly can’t remember specifically when our last tennis game was – but I know it was the same wonderful time we always had.  He crossed over after a long full life, years ago. 

Oh did I grieve…

You can imagine the sadness that goes along with someone like that crossing over.  But I kept using the racquet he gave me… remembering those special times every time I held it… every time I looked at his loving inscription from so long ago.

One day a few years ago, I was playing tennis with a friend.  I had long ago stopped grieving for my Grandpa’s passing, but still thought of him fondly (especially when on the court with my racquet).

The ball was coming, I swung my racquet, felt it make contact with the ball, and then…

I heard a sickening SNAP… and felt the tension in the racquet go limp.

I looked down at it, and to my shock, the metal around the top of the racquet had split in two…

I couldn’t contain myself, and I felt tears well up into my eyes almost immediately.  I left the court in a rush with tears streaming down my face, with images of my Grandfather’s memory playing like a slide show in my head.

As I drove home, trying to see the road through the tears, I could “feel” him trying to calm me.  Maybe the racquet broke because he felt it was time for me to move on through the next stage of grieving – because maybe I had never actually finished dealing with my sadness…

Or maybe it was simply the metal of the racquet had weakened over the years.

But I believe it was his way of connecting with me again – his way of getting me past the last stage of grief that I had to go through.

For the next week, all I did was think about all the good times I had spent with him.  I even drove up north to visit his old house – the house I spent so many wonderful times in… I was searching for closure, and I wanted desperately to be close to him again – to say one last thing…

When I was on my trip, I was sleeping in the same bed I had slept in when I was a little girl.  I had a dream – and I saw him.  It was so clear – one of those dreams that wake you up in the middle of the night, and you just swear the dream was REAL and had occurred the previous day…

In my dream he was sitting on a log in the forest on a crystal clear day, with the sun shining down and glinting off of his forehead.

“Well helloooo there…”, he said.

I simply said, “I miss you.”

And he replied, “I know.  It’s ok now.”

And then I awoke… and even though I still miss him terribly, the grieving ended that day. 

My “tennis court tears” are gone.

Many “scientific types” will say it was just a dream, there was no connection with my grandfather through any of this…

But I know better, and I have learned certain channeling techniques to connect with spirits since then.  And I know, it was my grandfather’s way of allowing me to finish the grieving process – and move on.

I’ll tell you all about how to Channel and connect with your loved ones in my soon to be released book (and the Secret Surprise #2).

Now for the next section on Witchcraft Tools…

Are Witchcraft Tools Absolutely Necessary?

I cover this topic in detail during the new interview clip, so I won’t spend too much time on it in this issue.

What I will say is this: I have done very effective Magick spells without using a single tool, other than my finger.

I will also say that tools can add a lot of energy to any spell or ritual you do.  And there are some more advanced spells that would be very hard to pull off without at least some tools.

There are many reasons why tools CAN help.  Again, I discuss it extensively in my interview, but I’ll gloss over a couple reasons why now…

Do you know the feeling you get when you walk into a room with a beautiful altar, burning candles, and awe-inspiring hand crafted Witchcraft tools?

The feeling is one of wonder and beauty.  And… it does wonders for your BELIEF… even though it is a self conscious thing (many times) – when you are working with tools, altars, candles, etc. your belief in your Magick actually increases than if you tried the same spell without them.

And as I discuss in Day #1 of my 7 Day Magick Mini Course (which is available by filling out the form in the right hand column of this page) belief is one of the main “fuels” behind every spell.

The second reason for Witchcraft tools helping you when doing Magick, is that every object has certain energies associated with it.  There is a “core” energy inside of everything.  When you add your own Magick energy to the already existing energies in a tool – this can effect the power of the Magick you are able to send out in your spells and rituals….

For a long conversation on this very topic, please listen to my interview clip on the blog…

Finally, the last topic for this newsletter issue…

How Does Magick Really Work?

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been asked this question.  It is usually asked by people that really want to believe in Magick, and the miracles it can bring into their lives… but they just aren’t sure it is for real.

I never try to “convince” anyone of anything.  All I can do is talk about my beliefs, and what I know to be true for myself (and others who agree).

In my interview I talk about 2 perspectives that consider the power of Magick energy.  The first is the “religious” or “belief system” aspect… and the other is the “scientific” perspective.

Amazingly, both views give merit to the fact that there is a hidden energy throughout the Universe that can be controlled, and focused to achieve specific goals (by using spells, rituals, or other methods).

It really is all about understand the secret of tapping into the river of Magick energy within (and around) yourself – and focusing it to achieve the miracles you desire.

Whether you believe it is a “faith based” phenomenon or has a basis in “science” with things like quantum physics – the reality is, we ALL have the ability to awaken our inner Magick, and use it to make our lives better (and the lives of our loved ones).

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this week’s interview…

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  Make sure to leave your comments by using the “comments” link right underneath this blog post…

Rose Ariadne’s Blog

P.P.S.  If you have friends or family that you care about – that could benefit from any of this information, please feel free to forward this newsletter on to them.  Or you can just use this link to inform them about my blog…

P.P.P.S.  My next newsletter and interview will focus around another common question I get… “Are there any requirements to using Magick, and does age matter”?  So be looking for it…  I’ll also be revealing some very specific details about my life’s work that is nearing completion (and should be ready next week).

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Posted by Rose | Comments (4)

Click here to download this issue and send it to your friends!

Click here to download Rose’s “Dealing With Negative Energy And Curses” interview and special quiz!

Click here to listen to the interview on a special page! (without having to download it)

Dear Friends,

Please don’t let this topic worry or scare you.  Most people in this world are genuinely GOOD people, and would never try to harm a fly…

But there are always the few that look to harm other people, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

You see, people don’t have to practice Magick to put a curse on somebody.  I know that sounds strange at first but let me explain…

Magick, in its basic form, is the control and focus of hidden energies we all have – on a very specific goal.  The practice of Witchcraft is simply the “vehicle” used to control energy and send it out to effect things.

If someone who has never even picked up a book about Witchcraft has strong emotions about you (either good or bad), their thoughts (if they are focused and intense enough) can effect you – as if they DID cast a spell on you.

Has someone ever been in love with you? (or even cared about you very much)

Someone who truly wishes the best for you in life?  Have you noticed that the more they are “around” in your life on a day to day basis, things in your life tend to go better… you have more luck, you are happier, and you have more fun (even if they aren’t even in the room with you)?

That person is constantly thinking wonderful thoughts about you – and that energy (Magick energy, mind you) is being sent out from them – and it is making your life better, sometimes it can even create little miracles for you.

Now, if this person practices Witchcraft, and is able to focus this positive energy even better (through spells and rituals) – imagine how it can change your life.

But, there is a flip side to this coin.

As with everything, there are always those few who you may run across in life that do not wish you the “best”.  In fact, they may have a general “vendetta” against everybody – you included.

Whether these people practice Witchcraft or not – if you cross their path, they can very possibly wish you ill will.  With just some focused, intense negative thoughts – this negative energy can affect things in your life…

You can call it a “curse”, a “Magick attack”, or just plain “bad luck”.  Any focused, intense negative energy can really bring you down.  Here’s a simple example we’ve all experienced…

Have you ever walked into a room where two people have been arguing and fighting (emotionally, with words)?  You go into the room, their conversation stops… but the bad feelings don’t.

It’s almost as if you could “cut the tension with a knife” (I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before).  And that tension, that negative energy in the room – effects your outlook.  It effects YOU in negative ways…

And not just while you are in the room, but after you leave…

You see, it doesn’t have to be someone casting an harmful spell on you with Witchcraft… it could be something as simple as a person getting extremely upset with you, and wishing you bad thoughts (even  if they have no idea what Witchcraft is!).

Yikes, I don’t like the mood of this newsletter, but I only bring these things up because it is important (and easy) to protect yourself.  Before I get on with it, I want to lighten the mood with some positive thoughts I have received from my wonderful subscribers like you…

Here are a few more emails and comments I have received – and I can’t thank you all enough for bringing positive energy into my life (and I promise to reflect the good karma back your way!)———————–
“Thank you Rose, for the emails! They help a lot.  I just got through listening to your second Interview.  You are right on how to tell some one you are a
Witch, and how to go about it.  Keep up the wonderful work that you do. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it here at your blog. 
You give your time to people that want to learn and further their knowledge in Witchcraft.  Thank you for the time and hard work that you do here for us, and I will be waiting for your next newsletter to come out.  You make each and every one of us feel that we can connect with you.  You are a wonderful caring person that all here can relate to, and not be afraid to ask you questions.
From your Witch sister (and friend always), Ragingmoon”
”Dear Rose,
I listened to your interview and read more. I love this! You are giving all of us a magnificent part of you and the wonderful world of the Craft.  I love you, and Bless You for the WONDERFUL work you do!
”I think that you have shown a perfect example telling the story about Ralph, and with it a lot of people shall recognize how belief is the root of any wonder and the base of magic.  I would also like to have a copy of your book… From the beginning your letters have a warm and sincere feeling. I wish you well in your future work.  Impatiently awaiting for your next post.
——————————————–Thank you, Emina”
——————————————————————–Just talking about negative energy was making me feel a little…well… negative – so I just had to post a few more positive energy filled comments!  I get more every day, and each one brings joy into my life, and I always try to send it back out to all of you.——————————————————————–Just talking about negative energy was making me feel a little…well… negative – so I just had to post a few more positive energy filled comments!  I get more every day, and each one brings joy into my life, and I always try to send it back out to all of you.Anyway, back to the task at hand… protecting yourself against negative energy (even so-called “curses” or “Magick attacks”).

——————————————————————–Just talking about negative energy was making me feel a little…well… negative – so I just had to post a few more positive energy filled comments!  I get more every day, and each one brings joy into my life, and I always try to send it back out to all of you.Anyway, back to the task at hand…I know that there are some people visiting my blog and reading these newsletters that don’t have much experience with the Craft… on the other hand there are a lot of you with A LOT of experience.

Because there are some beginners reading this, I have to be careful about what I show you, I don’t want anyone getting in over their head.

Before I start by showing a very basic protection that anyone can do, I want to remind you that there is a slightly more advanced protection spell in the 7-Day Magick Mini course (you can sign up for it on the blog at – just make sure to sign up using the simple form about halfway down the right column menu).

By going through the lessons in this course, I make sure you know all you need to cast the protection spell offered on Day #4.

For now, I am going to leave you a very basic protection you can do to protect yourself from many of the negative energies that can find you…

Stone And Crystal Protection

This simple spell (anyone can do it…it is completely safe) will create something that, when carried with you, will absorb negative energy (such as anger, danger, and malevolence) directed at you, or around you.

STEP 1:  It works best with a black crystal, but if you don’t have a black crystal – you can find your own special stone, charm, or crystal around the house (or even in your yard).

If nothing you can use immediately comes to mind, simply go through your house and look for a special charm or necklace that means something to you.  If you can’t find anything, look for any stones or crystals in the house that “feel right” to you (it really helps if you have some emotional tie to the object you select)…

If you are still having problems finding something to use, try going outside.  Pick up various stones off of the ground.  Hold them in your hands, and close your eyes.  How does the stone feel in your hand?  If it feels good, or “right” (you’ll know), you’ve found something you can use.  If not, just move on to the next stone until you find one you feel will work…

STEP 2:  Next, find a room or an area of your home where you feel comfortable.  It should be a place where you can set up a few candles, dim the lights, put on some soft – emotion based music, and relax.  Above all, you need to do whatever you need to do to feel completely 100% safe and secure… and at ease.

Go ahead and dim the lights, set up a few candles, put on some soft music that creates positive feelings inside of you (if you have some, if not that’s ok – music does help though).

STEP 3:  Sit in a comfortable position so that you can see the light of the candles you have set up.  This could be a couch, or special chair, or even a comfortable position on the ground or a pad.  It is important that you feel comfortable and secure in your spot.

STEP 4:  Hold your charm, stone, crystal, or other object in both hands.  Hold the clutched object close to your chest – your heart.  Now, make sure you relax and try to clear you mind as much as possible.  Continue to push any negative thoughts out of your mind until you have reached a state of calm and peace.

STEP 5:  Next, you want to think about your belief in what you are about to do.  Think about how you believe, without a doubt, that the Magick energy that you are going to build up will protect you from negative energy.  You must sincerely believe that your Magick will protect you.

STEP 6:  Now that you have cleared your mind, and built up your belief in your spell, it is time to charge your special object with energies of protection.  Visualize, in your mind, an egg shaped sphere of white light surrounding you (your eyes are still closed as you visualize yourself surround by this light). 

Continue to visualize this image until it is sharp and clear in your mind. 

STEP 7:  Once the image is clear, slowly open your eyes.  See this same clear image of the egg-shaped sphere of white light surrounding you – this time with your eyes open.

Now, hold your object out in front of you, with your palms open (facing up so that you are offering the object out in front of you). 

STEP 8: Visualize negative energy coming towards you in the form of drifting, gray, small clouds of smoke.  As this grayish smoke filled with negative energy reaches the egg-shaped sphere of white light surround you, see the gray smoke be whisked directly into the charm in the palms of your hands and devoured.

Continue this visualization until it becomes very clear.  The gray smoke drifting towards you, and being instantly whisked into your special object as soon as it hits the white light surrounding you – and then being devoured into nothing as it is absorbed into your special object.

You should continue this visualization for 3 – 5 minutes.

STEP 9:  When you are done, you will have a Magickally charged “amulet” of protection!  Whenever you feel you need protection in your life, carry this object with you.  In a pocket, or around your neck.  You’ll periodically (about once every month or two) want to do this spell again to recharge the protective energies of your object.


This is a very simple visualization spell, but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you.  It is very effective for absorbing any negative energy out of your life – as long as you believe and have focus when you charge your amulet.

That’s all the time I have for this newsletter, and I hope you consider creating your own protective amulet – and also signing up for my 7 Day Magick Mini Course on (sign up on the 2nd form down in the right hand column).

In just a day or two, I’ll be sending out another newsletter (with interview) surrounding ancestors and spirits… it’s a little bit on the edge of Witchcraft, but I really don’t want you to miss it – I feel it is an important subject as I still feel strong sadness when I think about my grandparents (who have all crossed over now).  If you have ever “missed” anyone close to you, this will be an important newsletter and interview for you to hear…

Light, Love, And Protection,  ;)

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  Make sure to leave your comments by using the “comments” link right underneath this blog post…

P.P.S.  If you have friends or family that you care about – that could benefit from any of this information, please feel free to forward this newsletter on to them.  Or you can just use this link to inform them about my blog…

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Click here to download this issue and send it to your friends!

Click here to download the “Fireside Chat Quiz”!

Dear Friends,

Today you are in for a surprise treat!  Originally, I wasn’t going to make public the interview I did with “Mrs. V” through an Internet chat session.  I was only going to give you the “chat” I did with Dolores (a High Priestess).

Before I get to that, I’d like to address something that has come up.  I have had a few requests for my voice interviews to be available through email (as “typed” emails or documents).  I realize this will be easier for some people, so I am going to make arrangements for the interviews to be transcribed.  Everybody will get copies, but it may take some time because I have to find someone who is willing to do it.  (I am just a little too busy right now – and too slow at typing – to transcribe the interviews myself… and I don’t want to pull Ash away from all of the great things he’s been doing)  But you’ll all get them soon.

Now, on to this newsletter issue…

As it turned out, Dolores was very short on time (but trust me, the little time she spent was well-worth it) – and I wanted to give you more answers… so I decided to add in the “chat” I had with Mrs. V…

She had never done anything like this, and was content to continue practicing as a “solitary” with very little contact with other witches… until I found out about her and finally got her to “meet” with me (even if it was over the Internet).

She truly delivered some great answers, and I have combined the two interviews together.  Please take to heart the important lessons within their words.  There is a lot to be learned from their experience…

Before I get to the interviews, I wanted to share some more comments I have been getting from around the world on a daily basis – so here are 3 more of the many…

”Thank you for all you have given to me in insightful information. It is all appreciated since i am a solitary and mostly self taught from books and intution. You truly have been a great wealth of information to me.  Blessed be, Janet”
”Thank you Rose.  Looking forward to your new book and thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.  Peter”
“Rose!  You have saved me from buying several books that are diluted and often misleading. Many books don’t suggest or give instructions for developing your psychic senses which are very important to develop… The other thing is that so many books in the metaphysical tell you to do this or that, but don’t tell you why what your doing works, why to use it, or the one or many things the technique can be used for. Many books don’t give the buyer anything of worth or use at all. Your down to earth and practical teachings get right to the point with explanations and suggestions.
Sincerely,  Johnny Ray Johnson”

And now for the first of 2 “Fireside Chat” interviews (this one with High Priestess Dolores)…

NOTE: All questions were submitted by Rose Ariadne newsletter subscribers…

The Fireside “Chat” With High Priestess Dolores

Question #1: “Can Witchcraft heal emotional, spiritual and physical pain?”

HP Dolores: “Pain is something we all go through and a natural process of healing will always need to take place. Having a true deep faith in your chosen path of beliefs will help you overcome any difficult pain one may endure.  There is no way any one person can hide from pain, and once you overcome it,  you can embrace your past experience as a learning experience and then you may not have to go through that particular experience again.”

Comment From Rose Ariadne: “It is so true that faith will get you through pain… but any path in Witchcraft or other metaphysical belief systems give us an advantage.  Our tradition shows us how to focus our Magick energies on removing the pain – speeding up the healing process dramatically.”

Question #2: “What do I need to do to become a Witch?”

HP Dolores: “I feel that many people like the idea of calling themselves a “witch” those are the ones who have no idea what power is out there or what they are doing, only creating the wrong energy and giving those true to heart a bad name.  It’s not something like making a shopping list and getting the items, I have said it before that it’s a calling, something you are drawn to.  You move along a path that feels right and things will fall into place naturally.  Find a mentor or people who have many years of experience that can help guide you in a positive light.  But be true to yourself first and foremost.”
Question #3: “What tools do I need to start practicing Witchcraft?” 

HP Dolores: “It’s a trial and error thing you will eventually know what fits for you, of course you will start out very basic and move on from there.  But to start out, have the tool of love for yourself and life for all good things to be.”

Comment From Rose Ariadne: “So true…to tap into the hidden Magick energies within you – you don’t need any physical tools!  But they can help you focus, and believe in what you are doing so it is important to eventually incorporate some tools into your practice of Witchcraft.  But you don’t need anything to start off but your heart, desire, emotion, and belief.”
Question #4: “Can I make my own rituals?  If so, how is it done?”

HP Dolores: “Of course by incorporating what you have learned and experienced, I suggest you don’t do this until you are more advanced and know what energy you are putting out there so you don’t slap yourself in the face with something.  Then you might need someone to come and clean up your mess if you don’t know how to back step it yourself.”
Comment From Rose Ariadne: “Yes, you definitely want to proceed with caution when putting together your own spells and rituals.  I have a small section on this in my book, and an entire chapter on this in the Box of Magick Miracles.  You definitely don’t want to write your own spells when you aren’t sure what you are doing – you could find yourself in a “sticky” situation.”

Question #5: “Can I be a Witch, and a Christian?”

HP Dolores: “I can’t begin to tell you how many people out there incorporate beliefs they may have had while growing up and placing them in the beliefs of the craft as well.  We are no one set religion it takes on many faces but the bottom line you want is good for our earth and all living things on it, it’s a positive way of life.

The Fireside “Chat” With Mrs. V.

Question #1: “I am new to Wicca and very interested in learning all about it. So what do you think is the most important thing about Wicca that a newcomer like me should know?”

Mrs. V: “There are several important things that you should know as a newcomer to Wicca.  But the first and most important thing is that Wiccans do not worship Satan or participate in any sort of blood ritual or sacrifice.  The fact that Wiccans worship non-Christian deities may be interpreted by the misguided to mean that we worship this Christian based concept and this is far from the truth.  Wicca is Earth, nature and fertility-oriented; we worship the turn of the Wheel (the changing of the Seasons), and the full, new and waning Moon.  We acknowledge both female and male deities, some of us believe in reincarnation (I do.).  Wicca is, above all these things, a Religion termed “the Craft” or the craft of the wise.  I highly recommend that you do plenty of research on Wicca.  Read as much as you can about it.  The Internet is also a wonderful resource for information on Wicca.  I can also recommend some resources and books that I’ve come across in my own search for knowledge.“

Question #2: “Do the Magick spells really work? Is the magick real, or is it just a resultant state of mind brought on by believing it is real because the spells have no actual VISIBLE effect?”

Mrs. V: “I think the last time I saw a spell work with immediate VISIBLE effect was on that cute television show “BEWITCHED.”  I love that show!”

“Seriously, true Magick, pure and simple takes time to work.  And yes, you do have to have intention (strong Intent) and BELIEVE that the thing you want will come to fruition.  If you don’t have these things, then your spell is not going to work.  I have to add that sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for. You’ve heard that old saying, I bet.  It is very true.”

Question #3: “Why do the spells I cast not work? What could be the reason for this?“

Mrs. V: “I’ve had spells not work, and probably for good reason.  Sometimes it’s the Universe’s way of saying (or maybe the Lord and Lady’s way of saying) do you really want that to happen?  First, look inward, really look at what you are asking for.  What do you want to come to fruition?  Sit and meditate on it for a minute or two, maybe longer.  Look into your heart and check your intentions and state them clearly to the Lord and Lady, or whomever you are trying to get assistance from out there in the Universe.  The best time to work a spell is during the time of the Full Moon (three days before and three days after).  Check your calendar, if you’re trying to work a prosperity spell during the time of the Waning Moon (more for banishing or getting rid of bad habits), you’re in for a bit of a surprise.”

Question #4: “Is Witchcraft Evil?”

Mrs V: “No, not at all.  There are varying degrees of negative and positive energy out in the world. But, I would say there definitely are people, places and things that have a natural negative energy about them.  For example, my coven sisters and I like to refer to this one particular group as “psychic vampires”.  If you’ve ever been around that one friend, and sometime they like to talk your ear off about ALL of the bad stuff that’s going on in their life.  They just suck the “happy” right out of you.  Yup, psychic vampire.  So watch out.”

“I am of the belief that true evil is made by man (and I’ve been witness to it).
Is a lioness evil because she has to kill the wildebeest to feed her young? Hmmm…”

Question #5: “How can I learn more about Wicca without seeming like either a crackpot or like I’m just jumping on the bandwagon? I’ve wanted to learn more for ages, but I don’t know who or how to ask without sounding like an idiot.“

Mrs. V: “Read, read, read as much as you can about Wicca. Have an open mind, because there are always new things being written about Wicca. There are tons of books out there that will help you, especially if you are in solitary practice, and then there is the Internet. When I converted to Wicca ( which was about 10 years ago,  I was raised Roman Catholic), there was no internet, just books. I picked up anything that I could at the bookstore and at that time it was sometimes just a Witches’ Almanac. Now I have an extensive library of Wicca resources, but there is always something new to learn.”

I hope you got a lot out of these 2 Fireside “chats”.  We’ll hear more from Mrs. V and High Priestess Dolores soon.  It is important to always seek out those with a lot of experience, and take what they say to heart.  Never stop learning…

And speaking of experience, and real teaching…

In just a few days, I am going to give you a special gift – something that took me a very long time to create…

And it is something that will only be given away once – to you, in appreciation for your early trust in me.  I want to continue to give to you as much as I can.  As a long time practicing Witch, I believe in sending out positive energy that really helps people.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Nobody will ever again get for free, what I am about to give you.

In just a few of days, I am going to send you to a secret web page where you will be able to get a copy of “The Mystical World Of Ancient Witchcraft: An Easy Insider Guide To The Life-Changing Power Of Your Magick Energy”… (remember, I told you what you’ll find in it during my last newsletter… you can find that post on this blog…

Keep your eyes peeled, it’s all coming your way in a few days.  I’m out of time for this issue, and you’ll be hearing from me very soon!

In a day or two, I am going to give you another one of my interview clips where I discuss a controversial question (it has to do with other people using Magick in bad ways, to cause harm).  I can’t wait until you hear what I have to say.   I am also going to discuss the issue further in my newsletter titled “Is Witchcraft Evil?”

I don’t think you want to miss this…

May Your Day Be Filled With Little Miracles,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  Make sure to leave your comments by using the “comments” link right underneath this blog post…

P.P.S.  If you have friends or family that you care about – that could benefit from any of this information, please feel free to forward this newsletter on to them.  Or you can just use this link to inform them about my blog…

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Dear Friends -

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend, and I just wanted to brighten up your Monday by giving you some very important information on the Craft.

I had Ash prepare another interview clip (and quiz) of me answering the question “How do I tell people I believe in Witchcraft, even if I know they probably won’t understand”?  I feel as though I brought up some very important things that everyone needs to think about before EVER approaching anyone with your beliefs…

You can download the interview and quiz (or click to the special “listening page” so you don’t have to download) below. 

This is important: I have also made available ANOTHER newsletter issue.  You will find it right underneath this blog post, just scroll down a little and you will see it.  (it’s the “St. Ralph” post, and it’s also VERY important).

Click here to download Rose’s “How To Tell Someone You Are A Witch” interview and special quiz!

Click here to listen to the interview on a special page! (without having to download it)

Love And Light On This Monday,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S. Please leave your comment using the blue “comments” link right below this message.  I’d like to get some input on the interview, and please tell me about any of your own experiences or thoughts…

If you just want the audio file (without being zipped) click here.

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