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The Wiccans And Witchcraft site is one of my top priorities.  I am putting together even more free information, interviews, quizzes, and insights on the Magick arts.

Some of the information is extremely important – and some may even be some stuff you have heard before (but I promise I’ll present it in very unique and interesting ways…some that may surprise you).

Of course, like anything, it takes time to pull things together – especially when you are working on content for 4 different websites.  But I promise to surprise you with some real goodies when it’s ready…I’ll keep you “in the know”!



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  1. Nadine Steger says

    I was so relaxed while reading your e-mail – amazing how you did that. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    March 7th, 2006 | #
  2. Loriann says

    I am need more relaxed from the book witchcraft.:smile:

    March 7th, 2006 | #
  3. Durgaa says


    March 7th, 2006 | #
  4. Ardarla says

    Eagerly awaitng, though patiently!! Ardarla

    March 7th, 2006 | #
  5. saffron says

    You have a very calming way with words Rose,you have my full attention,cant wait to hear from you again.bright blessings.xxxxxx:wink:

    March 8th, 2006 | #
  6. alexandro says

    :shock:i am interested of reading the witchcraft book and things for the email

    March 8th, 2006 | #
  7. Loriann says

    Great!! I can’t wait.
    Blessing :wink:

    March 8th, 2006 | #
  8. Colin says

    Well I have had your newsletter it is REALLY good it informs me everything i need to know. But I have a question is having a conven illegal in the USA?

    March 10th, 2006 | #
  9. Jessica says


    March 10th, 2006 | #
  10. Ruby says

    Eagerly waiting. :lol:

    March 12th, 2006 | #
  11. Norma says

    :mrgreen:Rose I really look forward in reading your manuals that you have to let us see, and watch the DVD’s that you are preparing, thank you so much. And what I just
    got through reading is so very important to do with all
    the things you said it is true. and I believe in
    doing all
    of it properly. and to see it through to the end. it is important to keep control in what you are doing, and not harm any one. I also believe that you must work
    with it to bring about change. And to harness the energy to help in what ever you may need. And in return you give some thing back. I can not wait to see
    what is ahead in what, you are going to be sharing with
    us. What I said once before and will say it again you
    are a Goddess of divine knowledge and understanding
    and will ever be greatful for the time you spend with us. To share and to help us along, the way to the path
    we have begun and will begin along the way. so Thank
    you, thank you ever so much for being here for us.
    From your sister ragingmoon:mrgreen:

    March 25th, 2006 | #
  12. Phoenix says

    :cool::grin: I can’t wait!
    Blessed Be Rose andlil family
    ~;~Phoenix VonDraca

    March 27th, 2006 | #
  13. raven says

    hay it me raven i got a problem that i need help with i have this frend that i told that i like here she didnt say any thin to to let me know how she felt about me so i move on and now she saying tha led here i just don know what to do about this i do care alot for here she is the oly famly tha tha i have she realy good frend i dont want to loess her aqs a frend can you tell me what i can do to fix it or what spell to ues to get rid of my bad luck your fr4en raven:sad:

    March 30th, 2006 | #
  14. Tim says

    Anyone know where I can get a new or a not to used wand. A vistor to my residence thought it was a perfect for dog getting it thrown…O; my poor stick, it had teeth marks, and has ungone with the help of a craftsman, put it on a latthe and sanded out all the bad marking. It was then washed in distilled water, dried, stained, and returned to me, where a group of
    5 encircled, to rebless the wand, and to ask forgiveness for the pain it had gone through, both from the dog, and the craftsman….Hope to be able to
    use my wand again. For now I have it rapped in Blue velvet cloth and placed in a drawer below my alter. Anyone had this happen to them and was it best to try to save it, renew it, or try to obtain a newer one?

    March 30th, 2006 | #
  15. mike says


    April 2nd, 2006 | #
  16. angelt says

    :mrgreen:hy,I just want to ask if I can become an wiccan and how,but withot that initiation because near to me is not any river,lake or sea. Thanks

    April 8th, 2006 | #
  17. angelt says

    Hy Rose, your book helped me a lot, I havent finished reading it yet because I am going part to part. I want to ask you how can I and where to found out about deiteis, because on masteringma…. is only a book to buy. I wish you can send me some articles about it. Thanks in forward

    April 25th, 2006 | #
  18. Stasha says

    Hi, I am moving to a new city and would like a blessing or spell for good luck, and all that good stuff in my new home. I already have the white sage. Anyone with anything new or old that really works well please let me know.

    April 26th, 2006 | #
  19. Norma says

    When is the :shock: Wiccan and Witchcraft Blog going
    to be open I have been waiting for ever just wondering
    about it. I have been reading your free book, that you sent to ever body but am waiting for what is going to
    happen next. listened to your interviews, and found them interesting on what you said. Keep up the good
    work. I a wait what surprise you have and where its going to lead next. You are a person that keeps every body on there seats and makes them wonder and continplate what is going to be said or where they
    are going to be next, and where the craft will lead them. I wish I could of bought your book for $99.00
    but had to pay my Bills, or would not have any place to
    live.:sad: please let me know when you will be opening the wiccan & witchcraft Blog, I am very excited
    to see what you have in store for that. I read a lot and
    am going to learn alot on what you have to show and
    to teach us. and would like to futher my knowledge on
    different aspects of witchcraft. And to go forward to the
    next level:smile: I am a solitary witch for now but some time in the near future plan on having a coven
    of my own. Will you be saying any thing on how to form a coven, in your talks that would help teach others and me? to form rituals and do spells in a coven. I want to know just about every thing there is on witchcraft and beening a HP and being able to preform spells with no problems. but I know you have to watch out on how you do things.I was tought by this
    lady on that how to do simple spells but not how to do
    them correctly I hope you will help me. I need a lot of
    guidence on how to cast spells and how to do a ritual
    correct and where the energy will go. I was just taught
    the basics and it did not go any further. I need to go
    to the next level can you help to do that. I am a person that learns all that she can. I read all that I
    can get my hands on but not all the books that you read can help you unless you have a teach that can show you how to do things and helps you learn by being there when you need help. So I say to you can
    you please please help me:???: I’am a 3rd yr witch
    but need more on the forming of spells and rhymes
    and a lot of forming rituals. I can do a simple ritual but need more help to make it more effective to the
    lord & lady so that when I do get a coven then I will
    be able to preform for the people in my coven so that
    they will know that it is the power and energy that will
    take the spell where it needs to go, and not just sit
    there and do nothing and just fade away. well thank you for listen to me. as I said I a wait for what you have instore for us next. I did not mean for this to
    be so long but I do need your help on things. I’m not trying to be bossy but I just want to be able to cast
    magic and spells more effectively and do other things
    with out having to have a lot of problems pop up all the time. again I look forward to reading what you say and write on different aspect of witchcraft. You still
    are a Goddess and a person of Knowledge. dont ever loose that thanks for being a friend a teacher and for
    a person that knows what she does and wants:smile:
    I am glad that I found this Blog. from you friend and
    witch sister that still is learning from you and still would like to continue to do so. ragingmoon LOL
    goddess bless

    May 9th, 2006 | #
  20. I too am new to this site and the practices as well. My grandmother was a witch and said she knew I had something special but I was forbidden from seeing her until it was too late. She wanted to pass down her knowledge that had been passed for several generations to me. She passed before we could accomplish anything. I’ve always wanted to study and practice Wicca and the Magick arts but had no teacher, peers nor could I find legitimate information on those subjects. I am excited to have found what appears to be the first genuine source of knowledge and so much more from an experienced and qualified witch. However, I would love to meet some of you via the internet and chat about your experiences, what drives you to want to be a witch, most valuable things learned so far, and hopefully we may furtur enlighten ourselves and our online community by sharing this information. I would love to hear from anyone on matters of Wicca, spells, rituals, motivation, what each means to you as an individual.
    PS What exactly is “witch” and when do each of you think is the appropriate time to take the title?

    June 23rd, 2006 | #

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