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Dear Friends,

To me, spellcraft is as much a part of my religion as the God and Goddess. However, it is not that way for everyone. Spellcraft or magick is a personal choice for every person on the Pagan path. It is totally possible to be Pagan and not perform magick. In my path, I’ve incorporated spellcrafting into my spirituality because I find it to be effective and helpful. The choice is up to you.There is a lot of mystery over what magick is, especially from the mundane world. Magick uses the natural vibrations of things around you, plus your own vibrations to accomplish your desire. The colors, herbs, incense and other tools you use in magick all have vibrations that affect the universe.

I have to note, however, that performing magick is not something that you just enter to on a whim. Magick will not supply you with your desire if you haven’t done anything to make it come true in your life. You need to work on your desire at the practical level first. Magick works through others, but it also works through your own actions. If you light a dozen green candles to get your dream job, and then sit on your butt and don’t look at the want ads, you aren’t going to see a desirable end to your goal. If you really, really, really want something, you are going to be doing all that you can to get it. Magick is just another part of your dedication to your goal.

Spells last no longer than 3 lunar cycles, but they can manifest almost immediately. If you light a candle for love, and then meet someone the very next day, your spell has worked. Spend the next period of time thanking the God and Goddess for granting your desire. This is especially important if you are using a spell that requires actions for several days in a row. For example, if you receive money on the 4th day of a 7-day money spell, spend the next three days in sincere thanks for the money. Spend the time you would normally use to perform your ritual in a meditation of thankfulness.

On the other hand, you could find yourself at the end of 3 lunar cycles without having your spell work. Now is the time to look back in your Book of Shadows and review how you set up the spell. Also evaluate your level of desire for your spell. Did you do a spell because you seriously wanted or needed it? If your desire is high, try doing the spell in a different way. Use different words in your spell. Time it differently and pay closer attention to astrological phenomena.

As a rule of thumb, if you try any spell 3 times without results, it is time to stop. This desire is not for you and the deities are trying to show you this by stopping your magick. It may be that what you desire may be harmful to someone in a way you hadn’t realized. It could be that your spell would harm you at a future time. The deities and your Higher Self are guiding you to choose a different way of looking at things. Heed their guidance! That is their purpose in your life.

Magick does work though, when the desire is right for you. I have proof of this in my life and the lives of others that I’ve met. When we perform magick, we are acting out what we want to happen and conceiving of it as having actually happened. This is the key. After you perform your spell, don’t worry and wonder about it. KNOW deep down that it will be done.
Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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