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You’ve learned what astral projection is and what it is not. I’ve also shown you how to improve your dream memory, and how to prepare yourself for astral projection. Before you start your experience, you’ll also need to relax before every OBE session.After you’ve settled yourself, cast your circle and light your incense, it is time to relax. As you are sitting, complete a basic centering and grounding exercise, as you would for any spell work or ritual. As you center, make your spine straight. When you ground, make a conscious effort to relax and allow all of your stress to drain way. Make a connection with the earth. Don’t worry about making your mind blank, or anything of that sort. Just relax. Remember that you need a particularly deep state of relaxation to achieve astral travel. If you have trouble relaxing, you may want to take some time studying self-hypnosis or other similar relaxation techniques.

When you are relaxing, make sure not to get too relaxed! The biggest danger in astral travel is falling asleep. For this reason, make sure to choose a time of the day when you aren’t too tired. Also, it is recommended that you sit instead of lie down for astral travel. This way you’ll be in a relaxed pose, but not one similar to your sleeping position.

You are now ready to begin your astral travel. Feel your body relax and close your eyes. Many people overcomplicate this part of the astral travel experience. It is really quite simple to get from your home to your astral temple. As you close your eyes, begin to visualize your astral temple surrounding you. See yourself sitting, just like you are now, in the middle of the temple. To beginner’s it may feel like you are pretending. For now, just ignore that feeling and follow the rest of the procedure.

With your physical body sitting and your physical eyes still closed, open up your astral eyes and look around. Look at your astral body by viewing your hands and feet. Feel the ground that you are sitting on in your astral temple. Take a look around. Notice what the temple looks like. Feel the temperature on the astral plane and sniff the air. Take note of what you are sensing. What do you smell? What do you feel? What do you hear?

Figure out which direction is East in your astral place. Note the position of the Sun and where it is in the sky. What time of day is it? Turn around slowly and get a 360 degree view of your astral temple.

For most beginners, this is enough for the their first time in the astral plane. Don’t try to do too much on this first try. Remember that you’ll be back often. When you are ready to return to the physical plane, sit back down in the middle of your astral temple and close your eyes. Begin to relax and then slowly count from one to ten. As you say each number, feel yourself becoming more alert and more aware. When you reach ten, open your eyes. Take a deep breath and stimulate your physical body by rubbing your hands together, touching your face and feeling the floor.

This first journey is just one of many to come. After you’ve visited your astral temple a few times and become comfortable there, the next step is to explore a bit. Wander around the astral and search for a type of terrain that doesn’t exist in your temple. For example, if your temple is near the ocean, look for a grove of trees. If it is in the high desert, search for water. You can pick anything you want to look for. You never know who or what you might encounter. This exploration phase is often where the themes and symbols from your personal dream journal come into play.

Another great part of astral travel is having the ability to meet the Deities face to face. Before you begin an astral journey, ask a God or Goddess to meet you there. You may only hear their voice or see a symbolic presence. You can also meet your animal guide on the astral. The Deities and animals guides have the ability to teach you many things while you are on this plane.

Astral travel is the perfect place for rituals, especially if you do not have the space and privacy to do them on the physical plane. Make sure to do rituals on a travel where you are not planning anything else. You should make your purposes in the astral plane singular and not try to pack too many activities in.
For more information on astral travel, there are several good books available. I recommend any of Robert Monroe’s books. I encourage you to try astral travel at least once. I’m sure you’ll be glad that you did.
Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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