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Dear Friends,

When people enter this path, there are certain subjects that they learn about. There is a body of knowledge, often called Wicca 101 that is very vast and includes a lot of the basics of Wicca. A lot of teachers, me included, hold classes in Wicca 101 to let newcomers explore the different subjects that are involved in this path. This often includes basic theology (understanding the God and Goddess), how to perform rituals, how to create sacred space, correspondences and spellwork.

There comes a point, however, in every Wiccans life where they reach a stopping point. The information in Wicca 101 is important, but limited. If you’ve been studying Wicca for any length of time, you probably have felt this break in your learning. You know there is more you should know, but may not know where to go after Wicca 101.

If you’ve gotten through basic Wiccan books and are craving something more, don’t worry. There is plenty to learn. I’m still learning even three decades later. The best advice I can give for moving beyond Wicca 101 is to look to a few “advanced” Wicca books. Progressive Witchcraft by Janet Ferrar and Gavin Bone is a good “just beyond basic” book that I recommend to those looking to take the next step in their Wicca studies. It does include some introductory material but has a deeper view and fresh perspective on many Wicca 101 topics. There is also a book called Advanced Witchcraft by Edain McCoy. This book is relatively new but has good reviews.

Unfortunately, there is not much out there as far as advanced Wicca books go. There is a specific reason for this. There really is no clear definition for Advanced Wicca. Once a person knows the basics of Wicca, it is up to them to choose where to take their spiritual path. I’ve always likened it to the process of general education classes and major classes in college. Everyone goes through general education classes; they cover the basics of study and introduce the college student to a wide variety of subjects. After some time studying the basics, a student will choose to specialize in a subject. From there on out their classes will be focused and specific to their interests.

The study of Wicca beyond the Wicca 101 phase is much like choosing a magickal major. It is entirely up to you to choose what to learn after you’ve mastered the basics. Some people are more drawn to one aspect of this path than another. I have a friend who is obsessed with crystals and gems. She focuses her time an attention on attuning herself with the vibration of different stones and learning about their magickal correspondences. Another of my friends is a master herbalist. He has a truly magickal green thumb and grows herbs for our whole group.

If you’ve reached the end of studying the basics of Wicca, it’s time for you to take your study in a direction that interests you the most. Ask yourself what you’d like to learn about next, and then look for books on that subject matter. There are a wide variety of subjects that will help you along your spiritual path; candle magick, meditation, astral projection, mythology, spellwork, etc.

One of the best parts of this spiritual path is the freedom; it allows you to research and learn the topics that interest you. There are a lot of things that can improve your understanding of magick and your walk on this path. There is a lot to learn beyond Wicca 101, and the choice of what you learn is up to you. Enjoy it and embrace lifelong learning!

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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