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Dear Friends,

Between all of things I have to do each day, people I need to meet with, dogs I need to walk and things I have to write, I find myself low on energy all the time. We definitely have hectic lives in the modern world, and I’m sure you can relate to my need to get a boost of energy every once in a while. Fortunately, there’s a magickal solution to energy loss. The following are some of my most used energy spells. I hope they’ll give you the boost that you need!

Spell to Charge Tea With Power:
Over your cup of tea, move your hand in a clockwise direction 3 times and say:
“I am the tool you are the fire
fill this cup with all I desire.”
Swirl the tea in the cup and drink it.
Spell to Gain Energy:
you’ll need: A bright red or orange candle, a spicy incense, a glass of clear pure cold water, and a bowl of sea salt. If is sunny out you may want to start the spell by going outside fora few minutes and breathing in some fresh air. Sit in front of the candle and say:
“Give me energy to happily complete the task I have been given to do.
I will feel better for having done it. The completion of the task will be my
Sprinkle the sea salt around the candle and say,
“Give me strength, O sacred Earth.”
Pass your hand near the candle and say,
“Give me strength O sacred Fire.”
Pass your hand through the smoke of the incense and say,
“Give me strength, O sacred Air.”
Drink the water down and say,
“Give me strength O sacred water.”
Now immediately get up and go do your task.
A Spell for Clarity of Thought and Mind
This spell is perfect if you feel “brain drain.”
Make or buy a small cotton draw-string bag about 1-2 inches deep.
Put in equal parts of each of the following: Rosemary, Lavender and Chamomile.
During the Full Moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it.
Inhale the scents when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.
These herbs will act to soothe you if you are feeling stressed or frazzled and will help
you focus your mind to deal with the problem at hand.
Spell to Boost your Productivity
To improve your own work productivity, during the waxing Moon place hematite in a small basket or tray and enchant it by saying:
“Ground and heal, magnetic one; bring me clarity on this day.”
Add a quartz crystal to the contained and say:
“Bring boundless energy to me; may it last through this day.”
Add calcite and say:
“Stone of joy and yellow light, help me sort through my work today.”
Place the container of stones on your desk and say:
“Help me work through this day; bring me inspiration.
And when the day is done, may the labor be finished.”
Sometimes the thing that is keeping you from having energy is the presence of negative energy in your aura or your living space. The following spell will help clear you and your space from negative energies.

Releasing Negative Energy Spell

Perform this spell during the seven days of the Full of the Moon. If you can, try to do this spell outside, facing east. You should be barefoot and dressed in white cotton.

Before you begin, bathe and meditate while using this breathing method: Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. When through, visualize the negative energy flowing out through the drain.

Go outside and face east. Place your left arm straight down to the side with your palm flat against your body. Place your right arm straight out with the palm side up. Bring your right arm up until the Full Moon rests on your palm as a crystal ball would rest.

Meditate again using the Ohm meditation as you would a musical scale.
When you are still and feeling the energy. Repeat the following:
O Great Mother Goddess and Father God
You who are all yet nothing.
Beyond explanation and understanding.
I ask thee to grant my request this night.
I ask that you take the negativity that was sent to me
And send it swirling into the Universe.
Let it be sent back to the sender three fold
And as a lesson of what is right and wrong.
Let the residual energy be sent to me three fold
With loving, caring healing positive energy.
I ask that you grant this request.
I also thank Thee for your kindness and caring attention.
I ask this in the power of three So Mote it Be!

Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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