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Over the next several posts, I want to take time to look at each of the heavenly bodies and ways that you can bring a little astrological knowledge into your magickal practice. Although I know many astrologers who want nothing to do with paganism, and many pagans who don’t delve into astrology, I believe that the two are deeply entwined. The sun and planets are creations of the God and Goddess, just as we are, and it’s important to recognize their place in our lives.

The first on our list is the most important body, the Sun. The Sun is the brightest star in our sky and it gives the Earth and its people energy and light. It represents life force. In the astrological chart it represents the energy that guides your personality and your actions. It can also represent your father’s tole in your life.

The Sun is often associated with the God. As the consort of the Moon/Goddess, he represents strength, energy, career and other “outward” influences in your life. The Sun makes plants grow and warms you skin. But it’s power should not be underestimated. The same force that provides warmth can also start fires, cause drought and burn your skin.

Honoring the Sun is important in your day to day life, and there are several different ways that you can use the Sun in your magickal practice. As you probably know, Sunday is the day of the Sun so any magick concerning the Sun or using the Sun’s power should be done on this day.

There are certain types of magick that are associated with the Sun and Sunday in particular. All magick having to do with power are appropriate for this day as is spells and rituals having to do with prosperity, health and growth. The Sun also rules over leadership, money, performing arts, self confidence and new ventures. All of these types of magick and rituals are perfect focusing the power of the Sun and honoring the Sun God.

Here’s a perfect Sun ritual for raising your personal power. This ritual is perfect to do when you are experiencing a challenging time in your life when you know that you’ll need extra power and strength.

The following spell requires a yellow candle as well as an appropriate incense associated with the Sun or power. Myrrh and cedar are good options, but you can use anything that you have on hand. Ground and center yourself, and cast your circle. Make sure to include a candle representing the God if you don’t regularly use one. Use white or yellow to present the God.

Light your yellow spell candle and feel the energy from the Earth pulsing up from the ground. Recognize that this energy has come from the Sun. The Sun shines down on the Earth, and the Earth stores that energy for you to use and distribute throughout your life. Picture yourself being enveloped in warm, golden light and feel your strength grow like the flame on the yellow candle.

Once you feel like you’ve gathered up the energy of the Sun, being chanting the following words:

Burning flame,
Cooling wind,
Summon courage from within,
I call on all my strength and love,
Send me power from above.

Keep repeating the above chant until you feel the Sun’s power rising from within you out into the world. Release it and know that your confidence, power and courage have risen. Close the ritual as you normally would.

You can also use the Sun’s power by performing a ritual to honor one of the many Sun gods from mythologies around the world. Pick the God that speaks the most to you. For example, if you are drawn to the Egyptian pantheon, you could create a ritual that honors and reverse the God Ra.

Research the Sun God you are interested in, based on the pantheon that you are drawn to and then place images of him on your altar. There are many rituals that have been created for specific Gods and you can find a bit about them by searching online.

Here is a short list of some of the most famous Sun Gods where you can begin your research process:

Apollo – The Greco-Roman Sun God is said to have ridden a chariot of fire across the sky each day to move the sun from sunrise to sunset.

Freyr – The Norse God of the Sun. Legends say that he was the Sun of the God of the Sea and a Giantess.

Garuda – The Hindu diety that is associated with the Sun. Garuda is the king of the birds and is the charger of the God Vishnu.

Lugh – The Celtic Sun God. His name means “the shining one” in Gaelic and he carried a long spear on his travels.

No matter which version of the Sun god you choose, it’s important to honor this part of your spirituality.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Honoring The Sun as all your articles you gave all:smile: you have made such an impact on my life I cannot express. I wish I could get your complete course but cannot afford it on my disability income I can read alot of people and to me it seems you truly want to help. I also realize you have to have an income too. By all that is within me be blessed.

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