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You may have notice that the titles of these planetary topics has changed as we go further out in the solar system. The first few planetary bodies are there to honored, the next few are to be drawn upon for energy and the last section has trans formative effects that have to be dealt with. After the expansive and positive energy of Jupiter, Saturn seems like a bit of a downer. This “stick in the mud” of a planet actually has some very good qualities about it, and you shouldn’t think of it as a foe. Saturn rewards you well if you obey its rules. It’s just in the obeying that people sometimes get stuck.

In ancient astrology, Saturn was considered to be the “bad” planet. During the medieval times, it was considered to be the planet of death. But this was only because of the cycle of Saturn coinciding with the average lifespan. Back then, people rarely lived beyond the age of 30 and Saturn transits through all of the zodiac signs in about 29 and a half years. So approximately 30 years after you are born, Saturn reaches the point it was at when you were born. This phenomenon, known as the Saturn return, used to a be a signal for death. Now, however, it’s seen as a chance to eliminate what isn’t working for you and make you a more efficient person.

Saturn is often considered to be the task master of the skies, but it’s really just concerned with order and efficiency. During the Saturn return, and anytime that you’re feeling the stress of Saturn on your astrological chart, you may feel like things aren’t the way they should be, and they need to get right NOW! This pressure can be intense, but it’s necessary for growth. Saturn is like the GPS on your car telling you “You aren’t going the way you should..turn right NOW!”

Seeing Saturn in this light can help you understand it’s energy. It’s not there to make life hard, it’s just there to make life right through discipline. Think about the rings of Saturn for a moment. They are made of chunks of ice that are so perfectly in orbit around the planet that they made identifiable rings. Talk about ordered! This is a perfect example of Saturn’s energy – natural elements ordered into perfect balance.

Saturn has a lot of spiritual weight. Like it’s neighbor Jupiter, it is significant in the solar system. Being the second largest planet (only Jupiter is bigger), it has a large impact on your life. It is related to karma, as well as the Moon.

In your magickal practice, you can look to the energy of Saturn whenever you need to manifest something. Saturn’s day (Saturday) is typically a day of getting things done. How many times have you put off things for Saturday when you couldn’t do them during the week. It’s become the day of “catch up” and the manifestation of what you’d planned earlier in the week.

You can use Saturn in ritual in a variety of ways. You can ask that it let you see your karmic lessons more clearly. You can ask help in seeing your direct path to what you want through revealing the steps that you need to take there. You can also use it to bind, restrict or otherwise impede things in your life. It’s especially helpful for any spellwork that deals with eliminating a bad habit.

Saturn is at it’s most powerful during mid December to mid February. It rules the astrological sign of Capricorn, and it co-rules Aquarius with Uranus. If you’re doing a Saturn based ritual during another part of the year, try to complete your ritual on a Saturday.

If you need guidance from the energy of Saturn, try this ritual. You’ll need some myrrh oil and your regular ritual items. Make sure to also include a piece of paper and writing instrument of your choice on your altar. Ground, center and cast your circle. Then you’ll anoint yourself with the oil. On the piece of paper, write the symbol for Saturn which you can look up anywhere online. It looks similar to a lowercase t and h combined into a symbol. After you draw the symbol, take a few deep breaths and then ask outloud

Saturn, God of old
Your secrets I wish to be told
Reveal my path and your lessons
With clarity, understanding and blessings

Burn the paper over your altar candle, or in your cauldron.

Your answer might not be apparent right away, but you should look for it in your day to day life. Your friend or family member may tell you something that rings true, or you may see or read something that strikes you as somehow familiar. Listen to your intuition and you’ll know when Saturn is communicating with you.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring, “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Ana says

    I didn’t know Saturn was at it’s must powerful Mid Dec to mid Feb thanks for that info.:smile:

    January 4th, 2009 | #

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