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Uranus is considered a “trans personal” planet. In astrology, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all in signs for long periods of time so a whole generation of people will have, for example, Uranus in Gemini. It’s symbolic of a social collective of forces. It’s beyond personal, and you’ll find when you work with the energy of these planets in your magickal workings that it is powerful and profound.

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. In ancient times, before Uranus was discovered, Saturn ruled Aquarius as well. It seems odd to have Saturn and Uranus, two vastly different planets, rule the same sign. It’s part of what makes Aquarians such complex and conflicted people. But I digress.

To sum up Uranus’ energy, it’s helpful to look to the time that it was discovered in the sky – the year 1781. If you were to sum up the state of the world during that period of time into one world it would be revolution. The American revolution was still taking place, the French were in the midst of their own revolution and as the world looked to the year 1800, the Industrial revolution was starting to take hold and change the way the human race worked and lived. By the time the 19th century rolled around, the chaos of the previous years had resulted in an entirely new political, sociologic and economic landscape.

Uranus was named for the Greek god who hid his children deep within the earth and was later castrated by his son Cronos (Saturn). However, myself and many others feel like Uranus may have been “misnamed.” To me, Uranian energy resonates more clearly with the story of Prometheus. After Saturn became king, Prometheus, a titan, stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humans. This trickster’s theft is representative of the Uranian energy of innovation, humanitarianism and rebellion.

To top it off, the orbit of the planet is eccentric and uneven. Like Saturn, it has a ring of iced meteorites encircling it. But unlike Saturn, it’s ring is changeable and erratic. If you choose to work with this energy, expect the unexpected! Your life will be greatly changed. It won’t always be easy but it will definitely be worth it.

You should work with Uranus when you feel like your life needs some shaking up. Uranian energy is excellent when you need to get yourself out of a rut and into something. Just don’t expect your change to be subtle or slide under the radar. Uranus is the teenager who dies their hair purple, not the 30 year old who plans and then gets a tattoo in a hidden place.

So now that you know a bit about Uranus, it’s time to do some spellwork with the energy. Uranian energy is quick and somewhat esoteric. That’s why it’s perfect to call in Uranus when doing spellwork related to psychic energies. As I’ve said before, even if you don’t consider yourself psychic you should take some time to develop your intuitive abilities. Everyone walking this path needs to be in tune with the subtle whispers of the God and Goddess.

There isn’t a day that is dedicated to Uranus, like the other planets. But if you want to give this spell some extra “oophm” do it on a day where the Moon is in Aquarius. Find an ephemeris online and find the next date where the Moon will be in Aquarius. Since the Moon is also associated with psychic powers, doing this spell on a day when the Moon is Uranian will help you draw in more of that particular energy. The moon goes through a particular sign in about three days, so it shouldn’t take more than a month of waiting to do this on the right day.

In this ritual you’ll be creating a psychic herb jar that will help you capture those intuitive flashes that come your way with Uranian energy. You’ll need a small and the following herbs:

Fennel Seeds

These herbs are related to Uranus and psychic abilities. Add the different spices together in a jar and shake them gently so they mix together. Once you’ve prepared the jar, you’ll need to consecrate it for psychic purposes. Take a piece of paper and inscribe the symbol for Uranus (it kind of looks like the Enterprise from Star Trek!). Make sure the paper is small so you can bury it deep within the jar.

Start your ritual as you normally would. You’ll need a white candle and a turquoise candle for the ritual, as well as your jar. Light the candles and then focus your energy on the jar. Once you feel like you’ve collected enough energy into your body, hold the jar and let your energy flow into the jar. Then pass the jar through the flame of the turquoise and the white candles. As you do this, say the following:

Open the door to my inner life,
Reveal the hidden messages to me.
Open the door to my inner life,
That my way may be made free.
Send me the light from Uranus free
Make the path bright and clear.
Give me signs, show it to me.

When you need intuitive inspiration and want to receive Uranus’s energy, hold the jar and inhale deeply. The scent of the herbs will

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring, “Resident Witch In Charge”

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    Dear Rose! I have never received any brown box , and any dvds. Is there any problem with that? Because i really want to watch all you magic knowledges.

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  2. susannah says

    hello rose, hopefully i will recieve your box soon and hopefully it will feel “right”. anyways, i hope it is everything that u have said it will be…:)

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