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Dear Friends,

After the straight-laced energy of Saturn and the erratic energy of Uranus, you’re going to find Neptune to be a walk in the park. For the most part Neptune is light, dreamy and gentle. The only problem with this energy is that it can be too dream-like and disassociative. The balance to remember when working with Neptune is that there has to be some reality to ground you to the present, or you’ll spiritually float off.

Some people consider Neptune to be a higher vibrational energy of Venus, and in some ways I understand this line of thinking. Like Venus, Neptune is associated with creativity, friendship and general “good” feelings. But just like Uranus is a transpersonal planet, Neptune has the same status. Neptune energy is about the larger impact of these feelings. It looks at things from a cultural perspective instead of just a personal one. It’s a higher vibration in the sense that it has a wider scope of view of these aspects of life. The word higher doesn’t imply that it’s better or more powerful. It just means that it is larger than your personal focus.

In mythology, Neptune is the God of the sea and also goes by the more familiar name of Poseidon. Though Neptune is a God, astrologically and magickally he possess a lot of typically feminine powers. Neptune energy is mutable and changeable, like the tides of the ocean and like a woman’s monthly cycle. Overall, Neptune energy is about change and dissolving past normal constraints and exploring the outer reaches of human experience. While Uranian energy is rebellious, Neptune’s path toward the same end is gentle and subtle.

When you use Neptune in your magickal practice, you are tapping into the great forces of creativity, spirituality and acceptance. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. It co-rules the sign with Jupiter. If you’ll remember from the post on Jupiter, that planet has connection with religious insight and philosophy. Neptune’s approach to this subjects is a little different. Rather than working within existing areas, Neptune seeks to create new modes of creativity, communication and fellowship.

Neptune is a spiritually power planet, and there are a lot of different ways you could go in your use of this energy in your magick. One of the most common ways of using Neptunian energy is to focus on the creative aspects of the planet. The following spell will give you creative inspiration when you need it.

This ritual will help you call upon the energy of Neptune to awaken the creative fires within yourself. Even if you aren’t an artist, poet, writer or other “typical” creative person, there is a part of everyone’s life that is creative. Whether it’s taking care of your home, thinking outside of the box at work or gardening on the weekends, creativity is part of everyone’s life. This spell will help you feel inspired no matter what it is that you do.

Prepare for this ritual by placing as many white candles as you need to form a circle on your altar. In the middle of your circle, you’ll place a glass dish filled with ice (or snow if it’s handy). Begin your ritual as you normally would. You may want to add some reminder of Neptune’s energy on your altar. You can add a piece of jade or amethyst to your altar to represent the energy of Neptune. You can also include clove, sage or lilac as herbs in the ritual for Neptune.

Although Neptune doesn’t have a specific day tied to it, you should time this ritual for a full moon or while the moon is waxing (gaining strength). Since creativity is all about sending your energy outward, you want to do this ritual while the lunar energy is building and growing.

Light the candles in a counter clockwise motion, and then picture inspiration flowing from the candles into the water or ice. This water molecules are collecting the inspiration from the candles and building up the energy of creativity. As you visualize this, repeat the following words:

Nut to tree, seed to flower
Nurture my creative power
Growing as it fills this dish
Inspiration is my wish

Meditate on the flame of the candles, and let them burn as long as you can (safely, of course!) Once you’re done reflecting on the Neptune’s energy, snuff out the candles. The bowl of water is filled with this special energy, and you can take it into yourself by drinking the water.

As you work with the energy of Neptune in other ways in your magickal practice, you’ll find that it’s a nice balance to the outwardly focused Mars and the strict Saturn. Neptune asks us to look at things creatively, spiritually and with an eye toward illusion.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring, “Resident Witch In Charge”

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