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Dear Friends,

We’ve come to the end of our journey with the planetary energies. Pluto is a powerful and transformative planet, although recent scientific studies have shown that it’s not a planet at all. It’s considered a “dwarf” planet, but it’s energy isn’t dwarfed at all. At the outer reaches of our solar system, it represents change, the unknown, transformation and rebirth. The discovery of the planet in 1930 certainly changed the way that we looked at the solar system. It’s recategorization is just further proof of it’s status as an agent of tranformation.

Like the other transpersonal planets, Pluto effects entire generations. Astrologically speaking, it remains in one sign for a full 21 years, meaning that large portions of the population are effected in the same way by Pluto in their birth chart. It effects the way that they transform and change the world. You can see evidence of this in how each new generation has an impact on civilization in a different way.

In magick, Pluto has important significance because it is a symbol for magick itself. Pluto changes and transforms, just as you change and transform yourself and the energy around you when you perform magick. It also rules Scorpio, the sign of the magick, the occult and hidden secrets. At it’s very core, each spell or ritual you partake in is Plutonian in nature.

Mythically speaking, Pluto is named for the Roman god of the Underworld (referred to in Greek mythology as Hades). Pluto was a miner who took the minerals from below the earth’s surface to provide the world with minerals and elements. You can draw parallels from this legend to the aspects of Pluto’s energy. Pluto works with what is beneath you (your inner life, your psyche, your “dark side”) to bring beauty and depth to your outer life.

Don’t mistake this for a license to practice black magick with Pluto. As you know, I’ve been a practitioner of the craft for over 27 years, and I’ve never had the need or desire to turn to the dark side of magick. When I refer to Pluto representing the dark side of yourself, I don’t mean it in a black magick sense. By dark side, I mean the part of yourself that you keep in the closet or hidden from others. This aspect of your life should be included in your life just as much as your public face. Your dark side is your hidden desires, secret fears and inner motivations.

With that being said, I’d like to share a little spell with you that I use on a yearly basis to renew myself for the coming year. This spell is appropriate to do on your birthday or during the time when Scorpio (Pluto) rules the Sun (it’s mid October to mid November).

This ritual, called the Butterfly Transformation ritual is a way of honoring the changes in your life, and the new “incarnation” that you are stepping into. If you are at a point where you know that your life is going to require some major transformation, this is a perfect spell to honor the passing of the old and celebrate the appearance of the new.

In order to complete this ritual, you’ll need a piece of paper and some color crayons. That’s right, color crayons! You’re going to draw some inspiration from your elementary school days and create a butterfly on your piece of paper with your crayons. Take time doing this and think about the colors that you are using. Listen to your intuition and pick colors that speak to you.

Once you’re done creating your butterfly, you’ll need five candles. Put one candle in each corner of the room, and then one in the center. Stand near the center candle and say the following:

I call to the powers that be,
Awaken my synchronicity
Now light my way
in night and day,
so that I see
What’s right for me
and have it come
Pluto’s will be done,
Below and above
In the name of love

Then place the butterfly where the center candle was sitting, and take the candle to light the other candles. Start in the North, or the corner closest to the North.

I call to the North
Let the New come forth;
I call to the East:
Let the Old be released
I call to the South:
Let your light be my path;
I call to the West:
Let it be for the best.

Take your first candle back to the center of the room and then place it down. Pick up your butterfly and sit facing the South. Say the following:

Thank you for where I have been

Rotate toward the North and say the following:

I look forward to where I am going

At this point, you’ll want to focus on the butterfly and feel your attention and energy flowing from your body into the paper. Feel your energy flowing out from the butterfly and filling the whole room. Repeat the following:

Four quarters plus one
My old life is done
Four quarters plus one
My new life has begun

Blow out the center candle, and then snuff out the others in counter clockwise motion. As you blow out each candle, remember to thank the quarters for their presence by bowing.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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