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I’m sure if you’ve spent any length of time searching for wicca and witchcraft related topics, you have seen a lot of paid magickal services. These can range anywhere from spellcasting services and spell casting kits to books or courses on magick. In your local area, there may be people who offer spiritual housecleaning, aura cleansing or other magick related services.

While I’ve always been a proponent of the “do it yourself” method of magick, I can see a need and a reason for these types of paid magickal services. There are things in the magickal world that you could do yourself, but sometimes things are better done by a professional. Here are some tips for finding the right type of magickal practitioner.

Before I get into the specific tips, I’d like to speak a little about the reason that it’s important to pay people for what they do. There is sort of a issue that some people have about paying for spiritual work. I don’t quite understand the difference between paying for a physical service or a spiritual service. I would never dream of having a cleaning lady come over to my house to clean my bathroom and kitchen, and then telling her “you like doing this sort of thing, so that is payment enough.” Yet many people have this attitude about aura cleansing and spell casting.

I think this comes from the separation of the physical and spiritual in the material world. Although I think that the separation of church and state in our American government is definitely a good thing, I think it has caused a separation in the minds of people as well. The spiritual side of life is considered to be different from the physical world, when really they are very much the same.

We’re living in exciting times where science is finally touching on some of the things we have known for years. Spirit, the unseen force in the universe, has an effect on the physical. The way we envision ourselves and approach life has a impact on the results. The experiment that is watched by the scientist has different results than the experiment that goes unwatched. It’s interesting to see how we are now scientifically discovering the spiritual.

But I digress. The point that I am trying to make is that the spiritual and the physical are one in the same. Saying that someone who spiritually cleans your house is less valuable than someone who is physically cleaning your house is absurd. Both are spending their time and their energy on something and they should both be compensated.

Selecting the right type of paid magickal practitioner is essential. You need to make the right selection because unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who think that it’s easy to scam people who are looking for spiritual services. My first word of advice is to find someone local that you can meet face to face. This way you can judge for yourself whether they seem to be reliable and trustworthy.

If you can’t manage to meet the practitioner in person, look for someone online who has a good reputation. Someone who shows their face on their website is always preferable to someone who hides behind the mask of anonymity. Real practitioners are proud of what they do and don’t need to hide. Real testimonials and also try to type the name of the service and “scam” into your favorite search engine. If someone was unhappy with their services and posted about it somewhere, you’ll be able to find it this way.

Before you purchase anything, think about your goals for your purchase. What type of results are you looking for and are they reasonable? For example, if you’re purchasing a spiritual house cleansing, are you expecting checks to start arriving in the mail, your family to stop having arguments and your excess weight to disappear immediately? Obviously I’m overexaggerating, but you get the point. Make sure your expectations are reasonable.

One of the ways to screen a potential practitioner is to evaluate the way that they answer your questions. Ask him or her about the results. If they promise the sun, moon and stars or they seem to be impatient with questions, then they are just after your money. Real practitioners want to make you comfortable before you hire them for services. They’ll be patient with questions and answer them freely.

You can also screen them by asking them about their background. If they are vague, or insist that they have been handed down their great-great grandmother’s voo doo secrets or some other obviously fake claim, you should walk the other way. Someone who is honestly falling this path won’t mind telling you that he has been a Gardenerian witch for the last 10 years, or that she was drawn to Wicca as a teen but didn’t formally start practicing until after she had children.

The best advice I can give when you are paying for magickal services is that you should go with your gut. If you feel at all unsure about this person and paying them money, then find someone else. Your inner guidance will tell you what you who you should be hiring and for what purposes.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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