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Dear Friends,

It is my sincere hope that you chose this path as your own to create powerful changes in your spiritual life, and not to just gain control over others. Not only is the latter motive not possible with witchcraft, I’ve seen the desire for power destroy what were once spiritually balanced people. Magick is powerful, but it’s to be used to transform yourself and not necessarily others. That’s why I thought that it was important today to focus on rituals and spellcraft that cut to the heart of what it is to be on this path and be a witch: your own personal spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is something that can only be defined and understood on a personal level. There’s no way I could hold up a stick and “measure” your spiritual growth. A small step for one person may be a large step for someone else. The key to using magick for spiritual growth is to focus on the areas that you feel you need the most help with. For example, if you’ve been dealing with anger issues all your life, you might do a ritual or take up a practice that involves calming down your moods.

There are definitely specific rituals that are built for different types of growth. You should try to find one that fits your specific needs, if you have them, either in the archives of this blog or elsewhere o the Internet. Pick something that speaks to you and then work with it. Keep in mind that if it’s an issue in your life that has been particularly troubling in the past, you may need to work on it for some time in order for it to leave your life.

If you have some part of your spiritual life that you’d like to modify or transform, it it worth looking into self hypnosis. As I’m sure you know, self hypnosis is normally categorized as a “new age” therapy technique, but it has it’s place in Paganism as well. Self hypnosis is a natural extension of spellwork, and by using it in your practice you can help yourself gain control over areas of your life that you might not be able to do otherwise.

It’s a naturally occurring state of mind that puts your mind into a higher state of awareness. During hypnosis, you’re able to make suggestions to yourself that will help change your behavior or your approach to life. It’s a powerful technique, and I recommend that you try using it.

There is a three step method to self-hypnosis. This method will require some practice on your part, but in a matter of time you’ll find it very easy to do on command. The first step is done before you go to sleep while you are lying in bed. The relaxation that you experience while you lie in bed, coupled with the fact that you’re already used to be relaxed in that place, make self hypnosis very easy.

The first step is a pre-sleep technique that you’ll do for seen days before you start the actual hypnosis process. As you relax in bed, just before you are about to go to sleep, think the following statement:

“Every day in everyway, I get better and better”

While you are thinking the statement, visualize yourself doing better at what you do. Imagine peaceful relationships with people, working more efficiently, getting things done….etc. As you do this, press down a finger on your hand each time to complete this statement. This way you’ll keep track of how many times you’ve said it and will be able to stay awake through the whole series of statements.

The next step is to induce yourself into a state of hypnosis during waking hours. Twice a day, you’ll be hypnotising yourself for two to three minutes and then bringing yourself back out of it. Sit comfortably somewhere that you will be safe. Focus your attention on a spot on the wall opposite you, and slightly above your eye level.

Breathe deeply for three breaths and as you inhale your third breath, hold it for five full seconds. As you hold your breath, count backwards like this “five…..four…..three…..two….one.” Close your eyes and relax your body and mind. When you close your eyes, you’ll be sending yourself into a state of hypnosis. Stay there for two to three minutes. Mark your time by counting very slowly from twenty five down to one.

Once you’ve reached one, start counting upwards from one to five and then you’ll be ready to exit hypnosis. Try this part out for seven days, twice a day. At the end of the week, you’ll be able to use the third and final step, which I’ll share with you in the next post.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. cheri hennings says

    I just wanted to say that you always know just what to say even though this is a few days old it was the message I needed to hear. Thank you for that


    November 11th, 2008 | #

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