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Dear Friends,

In the last post, I began sharing with a technique for spiritual growth through self hypnosis. While self hypnosis isn’t typically categorized as a pagan activity, I’ve found use for it in my life in the past and I hope you will as well.

So far, I’ve shared the first two steps in a three step process that will help you get yourself in a state of self hypnosis. The last two steps were done over a two week time period. This practice will help you quickly and easily get your mind into a state that is ready for suggestion. Suggestion is a term used in hypnosis for the “programming” that you give yourself. This programming usually takes the form of a statement made in the positive tense, kind of like an affirmation. The suggestion is something that your mind will accept and incorporate into your understanding of the world. In this way, self hypnosis can help your spiritual growth.

Once you start this third step, you no longer need to do the second step. For this step, you’ll need to get a 3X5 card that you can carry with you all the time. If you need something smaller, try cutting the card in half. You need to write down your suggestion and have it with you at all times.

Write down a statement that either speaks to a specific thing you’d like to change, or one that is more general for your overall well being. Always phrase your statement in the present tense. For example:

I am always calm and react with peace and tranquility.
I eat healthfully and maintain a perfect body weight.
I am constantly experiencing a greater level of abundance.
I am growing to be a person of great character and luck.

For this part of the process, you need to sit as you did before in a quiet spot, with your attention focused on the spot just above your eye level. Take your card and hold it in front of the spot. Read your suggestion out loud three times. As you do this, visualize the words of the suggestion coming true. See yourself acting in a peaceful manner. See yourself losing weight. See yourself experiencing all that you are meant to experience. Hold this image in your mind as you take yourself into your hypnotic state.

Take your three deep breaths and remember to hold your breath on the third cont. Close your eyes and count backward from five to one. Exhale and allow yourself to go into a state of hypnosis. This time, instead of counting slowly from twenty five to one, you are going to silently repeat the words of your suggestion in your mind. Repeat this over again and again until the words vibrate through you completely.

During your repetition, see the suggestion coming into your life. Hold onto your visualization so that you can feel what it will be like to experience your suggestion in real life. As you keep repeating the words, it’s okay if the statement begins to become fragmented or breaks apart. Just keep going. This is a sign of your subconscious mind deconstructing the statement to integrate it into who you are.

Once you feel like you should wake up (a feeling that you helped establish in the second step of this process), simply count forward from one to five and then open your eyes. You’ll notice that you’ll feel very refreshed and ready to go on with your day.

Self hypnosis is appropriate to use in all forms of your work and your life. It can be used for anything that requires your own efforts. If you’ve ever thought “I could succeed it I’d just get out of my own way” then self hypnosis is something that you should definitely try out. As for using it for a variety of things (like quitting smoking AND being more confident), it’s certainly up to you whether you want to try to program more than one thing at once. I have found that for me personally I get better results if I just concentrate on one suggestion for a period of a month or maybe six weeks, then move on to the next. Or, if you like, you could try a more blanket approach to your suggestion and come up with something that implies that you are improving your life holistically rather than just in one area.

No matter how you choose to use self hypnosis, I feel that it’s a good addition to any Pagan’s tools for self development. If you’re not on this path to grow spiritually, then you shouldn’t be on this path at all. Self hypnosis is a way to grow spiritual and improve your life on a variety of levels.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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