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Crystals are another aspect of the magickal life that aren’t specifically magickal but fall under the realm of witchcraft. Lots of people from different paths use crystals. Although they are generally associated with the New Age movement, they are also used by a lot of Pagans like myself. One of the downsides of crystals become so popular is that there is a lot of misinformation about how to use them. You’ll see a lot of people selling crystals in rings, earrings and necklaces. While these pieces are definitely pretty, they don’t serve the magickal practice that a lot of people think they are.

Crystals are more than just decorations or jewelry. They hold energy. That energy can help balance your energy and add to your magickal workings. It isn’t an instant fix though. You can think of crystals as a repository of energy. The more you work with them, the more energy they collect and the more effective they are in your work. Just like with your other magickal tools, you’ll want to treat crystals with the reverence that they deserve. The energy and respect that you give them will help you tremendously in your attempts to work with crystals.

If you want to work with crystals, your first step is to select a crystal. Instead of providing you a lengthy list of what crystals correspond to which properties, I think it’s much better for you to choose a crystal based on intuition. That’s why it is so important that you try to buy a crystal in person instead of online or through a catalog. You really need to choose one that calls to you. If you don’t have a local metaphysical shop, you can always attend a geological show and purchase a crystal there. Sometimes state fairs or county fairs that are held each year. You can sometimes find great deals at these types of events.

Ask if you can handle crystals as you’re shopping for them. It’s important for you to hold the crystal in your receptive hand. Normally this is the hand that you write or draw with. When you hold a crystal that is perfect for you, you’ll feel it. I really can’t describe this feeling in words, and it may be different for you. When you hold a crystal that you need to have for some purpose, you’ll know it immediately. Try not the judge the crystal as you look at it. You need to evaluate it on it’s feeling instead of on it’s appearance. An imperfect crystal with the right feeling is better than one that is flawless yet doesn’t speak to you.

If you feel comfortable doing so, ask the crystal if it’s right for you. You can do this silently. You can also keep your intention in mind while you are looking for your crystal. For example, if you are using a crystal to heal, you should focus your attention on the healing process while searching for your crystal. This will help you draw the right crystal to yourself.

Clear quartz is a good choice for your first crystal if you’re ordering online or just don’t know what to pick. It also has the most applications for use. It is good for purifications, removing negative energy and aligning your spiritual, mental and physical selves. Once you get your crystal home, you need to clear it of all of the energy that it is bringing into your home. You can do this through smudging or using a salt water bath for your crystals.

You can make your crystals part of your regular altar layout, or you can bring them out for special occasions. Depending on their purposes, you could lay your crystals underneath your pillow, on your desk or even in your living room. I have crystals all over my home for different purposes. I have them on my bookshelf, in my bedroom and even a few in my bathroom!

Some of my favorite crystals are amethyst, cat’s eye, jade and opal. Amethyst can eliminate negative influences, increase psychic awareness and improve feelings of wellbeing. Cat’s eye is responsible for increasing awareness, stimulating your intuition and allowing you to communicate with the spirit world. Jade helps inspire ambition and allows you to complete your goals. Opal promotes balance and harmony. You may want to consider adding one or all of these stones to your collection if they call to you in person.

No matter what type of crystals you purchase, make sure to use them. Since you’re walking this path, you know that they are much more than decorative objects. Hold them while you are doing psychic work, make them part of your rituals and treat them with the reverence that they deserve. When you treat your crystals with respect, you’ll get what you are meant to get out of them.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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