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Of all the divinatory tools available, I have to say that runes are probably the last thing that I expected to be drawn to. When I first started walking this path, I tried them out a bit, but I didn’t really respond to them well. I had chalked it up to runes not being “for me.” I just didn’t understand the interpretations of the tiny symbols. With tarot, or even with scrying, there’s a depth of images to wade through in order to find meaning. How could one draw meaning from a tiny bunch of symbols that looked like sticks?

That was my opinion until I received a fabulous and insightful rune reading from a friend of mine. The reading was so deep and inspiring that it caused me to give runes another look. I encourage you to do the same. You just might find it to be the divinatory tool that works best for you.

Runes are stones, wood pieces or other small (normally natural) pieces that have the alphabet of the ancient European tribes. Each letter has it’s own rune and each rune has a specific meaning. The symbols are derived from the early alphabet of the Vikings and Celts. More often than not, runes are associated with the Vikings but they were used in many ancient European tribes including the Germans.

Modern runes have the Norse version of the alphabet. They have been used as oracles for centuries and there are records of them dating back to pre-Christian times. Runes haven’t always been on stones or wood. Some cultures used branches with the symbols painted on them. The branches were cast down on a white cloth and then read by a priest of Odin (the Norse deity).

Runic symbols could also be used to ward off evil. They are found carved into the sides of tombs and on the walls of ancient buildings. They were a big part of pre-Christian paganism in Europe and posed such a threat to “the church” that they were banned by Catholicism in 1639.

Choosing a rune set is an individual process. You’ll want to find something that speaks to you in it’s design and feel. You can get smooth quartz runes that have the symbols inscribed, or runes made from bits of wood with the rune symbols burned in. It’s up to you. If possible, try to see a few sets in person so that you can get a feel of what appeals to you.

Everyone has a different method of casting runes. While there isn’t really a “right” way to do this, the following is the method that my friend taught me and what I’ve been having the most success with. When you cast the runes, you don’t need to do a full blown ritual. But I do recommend that you clear the space with some incense and ground and center yourself. If you don’t have incense, just spend a few moments “shielding” yourself and filling the space with white light that you draw from the earth. This will help you have a clear reading and allow you to remain protected while you open up your third eye.

Once you’re sufficiently protected, spread out a cloth that you’ll use each time to read the runes. It should be a solid color and something that is in contrast to the color of your runes. If you are using white stone runes, for example, you’ll want to choose a dark colored cloth or vice versa. Lay down the cloth and then arrange the runes in alphabetical order. Most rune sets come with a book that shows you their proper order. After a few sessions, you’ll be able to do this very quickly.

When they are all laid out, ask the God and Goddess to guide your hand as you pick the runes. Turn over the runes and then stir them around while concentrating on your question. Then select the number of runes that you need for your reading and interpret.

The following types of castings are the ones that I’ve found the most effective. First is the one rune draw. This draw, as the name implies, is based on one rune. It’s best for questions where you need a specific answer, like “what’s the best course to take with my business?”

Next is the three rune draw, which shows you an overview of your situation, the course of action and the outcome. The second rune in the draw, the course of action, shows you what you might want to do in the situation in order to receive the desired outcome.

A “yes and no” draw can be very effective when you need to ask a question with a yes or no answer. When you ask your question, draw three runes and notice how many are “positive” or “negative.” You’ll notice that in your interpretation handbook that comes with your runes, certain runes are generally positive and others act as warnings. When you have all three positive, your answer is clear. If two are positive and one is negative, the answer is still yes but there’s some aspect of the event or situation that you will not anticipate. A two negative, one positive draw means that your answer is no but there will be some hidden, unseen benefits.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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