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Dear Friends,

You may have heard of the Green Man and the Goddess Gaia and assumed that this post has something to do with those earthly deities. In a certain respect it does. However, the main goal of my message to you today is to cause you to take notice of the state of the world around you and how what you do can change the direction we’re headed.

Being eco-friendly and taking steps to preserve the Earth is a hot topic right now and with good reason. The Earth only has so many resources and from a practical point of view, we’re running out of space. However, there’s a spiritual aspect to it as well which I feel that witches are especially attuned to. Working with nature as we do, it’s only natural (pun intended) that ecology and the preservation of the earth are of prime importance to us.

It’s important to remember that the Earth is a living creature and to many, including myself, she is a Goddess. The fact that we have continually taken from Mother Earth again and again as a people without reverence for her bounty is a result of the modern view of life. In ancient times, the people worked with the earth and respected it. There wasn’t as much taking as there was “borrowing” when things were needed.

Modern witches understand this aspect, which modern society is only beginning to do so. In my teachings and my magickal practice, I always make sure to emphasize that when you take from the Earth you do so respectfully. When I tend my garden and pick bunches of sage to use for incense, I ask the bush for its offering and respond with a grateful heart. Contrast this to the modern Judeo-Christian idea that we own the Earth and everything on it.

So how can you magickally work to save the earth? I’m assuming that you are already doing the things that you should be doing that is advised by conventional society. This includes recycling, working toward reducing your ecological footprint, saving energy and trying to use less. There are things that you can do on a spiritual level that can help save the Earth.

The easiest way to make an impact is to spend time in meditation each day sending white light out from your body to the earth. Imagine it coming up out of the earth, through your core and out of your body to cover the earth. Picture thousands of people doing the same and Earth receiving the white, healing light. Visualize the oceans becoming clean, the air clearing of pollutants, plants growing in barren areas….any images that you can call to mind that will heal the Earth will do.

You can also use meditation and ritual to connect with the natural spirits around you. Using a guided visualization, you can transport yourself to areas that need healing and work with the spirits in that area. You can also connect with nature spirits directly in your area. Go outside and meditate. Feel what the Earth really needs and let the spirits know that you are there to help. Once you do this, notice for signs in your intuition for what you should do next.

If there are pagan or other spiritual groups in your area, you can help to organize a group prayer, meditation or ritual in which you all combine your energy to put toward the healing of the Earth. These types of events can be very powerful and motivating. This can even be extended to people in other spiritual paths.

Another way to honor the Earth is to start incorporating the Earth Goddess into your regular rituals. Place a representation of her on your altar and ask her into your circle. By honoring her in this way, you’ll help increase her energy and you’ll be guided toward healing the Earth more and more.

Each time you’re out in nature, say a little prayer to the natural beauty all around you. Pray for the health of the planet and honor the ground you’re standing upon. This is especially important when you’re visiting a place of power, like a shrine, temple, grove or type of stone circle. These placed deserve the utmost honor and respect.

Of course, these actions shouldn’t be done in a vacuum. Make sure your mundane life lines up with your spiritual work with the Earth. Join environmental causes, write your members of Congress to petition them for more Earth-friendly legislation and recycle in your home. These seemingly small steps can make a big difference, especially when you inspire others to follow in your path. Be an example for the pagans around you and you can help heal the Earth together.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Corliss says

    The Indians have always known that you must ask for and then thank the plant for their offering…We are not owners of the Earth but only have it borrowed from our Children…

    January 3rd, 2009 | #

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