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Crystals are very important in magickal works and can be used for many different purposes. They can used to channel and store power, they can also be used to heal and add energy to your magickal workings. We’ve already covered how to choose the right crystals for you, but in this post I’d like to draw attention to the practice of clearing and charging crystals to be used.

Since crystals can hold on to energy, you can apply energy to them for specific purposes. For example, you can charge a crystal to give you a financial boost, or for healing purposes. Quartz is a general all around crystal that is good for a blank slate. With quartz you can charge it with whatever purposes that you want. However, there are definitely crystals that are appropriate for specific purposes. If you’d rather use a crystal that is associated with whatever you’re working with, consult a correspondence table.

The first step to the process is to clear the crystals of previous energy that it might be carrying around. The best way to do this is to submerge the crystal in salt water for a period of no less than 7 hours. However, just to be safe you may want to soak the crystal for longer particularly if you’re buying a crystal from a second hand store or a yard sale. You never know what people have used a crystal for in the past. Pay attention to how the crystal “feels” to you and you’ll know when to take it out of the salt water bath.

Once you’ve cleared the crystal with a salt water bath it’s ready to be charged. Charging a crystal is the process of implanting your energy into the crystal. Crystals are a great storehouse for energy and when you charge them with a specific purpose they can help that energy grow and multiply. By using a charged crystal in your circle or in your home, you’ll help attract more of the energy that you’ve added to the crystal.

Before you charge a crystal, you need to decide exactly what you need the crystal to do. Is this going to be a good luck charm? A representation of love in your life? A request for more financial abundance? An all purpose “good energy” charm? You’ll need to make sure you know before you start charging your crystal. While you can add energy of several types to a crystal at once, it’s better especially when you’re first starting to choose one purpose.

Now you’ll need to prepare yourself. When you charge a crystal you are acting as a conduit of energy and will actually be channeling energy from spirit into the crystal. You’ll need to build up this energy and be ready to put it in the crystal. Use any method that you find appropriate. I normally dance around a bit to some drumming or do an intense grounding energy. Building up energy is important because you can feel wiped out after the ceremony if you don’t build it up to begin with.

You can charge your crystals in many different ways. Charging them gives them instructions for their use and helps them assist you with your magickal work. The simplest way to charge a crystal is to write down your intention for the crystal on a piece of paper. Place the paper on top of the crystal so it can absorb the attention and then leave the crystal sitting for a complete day.

You can also charge a crystal by holding it in your dominant hand and then breathing in through your nose. Hold the intention for your crystal in your mind and feel the energy come up through your body and into the crystal as you exhale. Make sure to breath on the crystal as you exhale. Do this six times, once for each side of the crystal. As you are exhaling focus your attention and energy on your purpose.

Finally, you can also use a different type of breathing method called circular breath. With this technique, you hold your intention in your mind and you hold the crystal in front of your mouth and nose. You’ll breath slowly through in through your nose taking the energy in from the crystal and then breathing energy and your intentions into the crystal. Keep your intentions in your mind while you are holding onto the crystal and keep this circular breath up for at least 10 minutes. You can go up to 20 minutes if you can manage it. This mediation will actually allow you to connect with the crystal in ways that you won’t be able to with the other techniques. You should use the circular breath method if you have a very large crystal or want your programming to be very complete.

No matter what method you choose to use in order to program your crystal, make sure to respect that programming and avoid undoing it. While you are holding the crystal, make sure to keep your thoughts and emotions positive. If you hold a crystal while you’re feeling negative, you’re going to need to re-bathe it in salt water and program it all over again.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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    Your blogs are great. I am just starting to learn and they are very informative. Thank you for your help.

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