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Dear Friends,

If there’s one area in life that most people seem very concerned with, it’s their career. Spells for business are very popular for those who are still in the rat race. When you’re trying to succeed in your career it can seem like invisible forces are working against you. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of helpful business magick to set things right and give you the winning edge. The spells in this post are appropriate for helping with your career or helping you grow your small business. They are similar to money magick, in that the biggest component in their success is your belief in them. Simply put, if you do a spell and then sit around wondering whether or not it will work, you’re going to undo all the energy that you have put into the spell. Once you complete any of these spells, make sure to trust in the magick and allow it to happen. Wondering and worrying are counter-productive.

The first area of business that most people need help with is in finding a job. If you’re currently unemployed or want to find a new job that suits your skill set better, try the following spell. Time it for a Thursday and during a Waxing Moon.

You’ll need a green candle, some oil that represents luck (you can use allspice, cinnamon, sage or dill), a banishing oil (like cloves, garlic or basil), a black or dark candle, a small jar and some loose nutmeg. In addition, you’ll need small object that fits into the jar for good luck. A small piece of tiger’s eye, some thyme, a rune or another symbol of luck are appropriate. Finally, you’ll need a description written out of your perfect job.

Cast your circle as you normally would and have all your supplies within your circle, including the oils. Start by inviting the God and Goddess into your circle as well as the elemental spirits. Take the black candle in your left hand and dress it with your banishing/exorcism oil. Light the candle and visualize all of the obstacles holding you back fading away. Repeat the following:

Bad luck flees
Obstacles fall
My path is clear
Heed my call!

Take the green candle in your right hand and anoint it with the luck oil. Light the candle and repeat the following:

Good luck is mine and prosperity.
Help me Great Ones
Come to me.
Opportunity and rewards I see.
As I will, so mote it be!

Visualize your perfect job and meditate for a while as you are gazing into the candle’s flame. Fill your good luck jar with the herbs and the stone, and add the piece of paper with your perfect job into the jar. Close the jar up and say the following:

Earth-born herbs of brilliant hue,
Your energy makes my dreams come true
Hearken to my deep desire
Amidst the candle’s radiant fire
Herbs of luck, prosperity
Heed my call and bring to me
a better job, a new opportunity
As I will, so mote it be!

Shake the jar and seal it with a kiss as you place it back on your altar. Sleep with it next to your bed for the next lunar cycle and at the end of the cycle, you’ll have leads on your new job.

If you own your own business, your business magick needs are going to be a little different. Here’s a spell that you can use to attract customers. You’ll need a small jar with a lid and equal parts of the following herbs: myrrh, mimosa, jasmine and patchouli. Cast a circle as you normally would and then invite the God and Goddess as well as the elemental energies. Just mix all of these ingredients in the jar and place your right hand over the top of the jar. Consecrate it with money oil, or another appropriate oil, by tracing a pentacle on the lid of the jar. Take the jar to your place of business and each morning, before you open, rub the door handles with your herbal mix.

Finally, here’s a simple spell for success in all types of business. You’ll need a bloodstone or malachite stone. Schedule this ritual during a full moon. Go outside if you can and cast your circle as you normally would. Hold the stone in your left hand and visualize money flowing into your business. You can imagine checks arriving in the mail, or your bank statement reflecting your huge balances…whatever image works for you best! See the increases growing and expanding. Don’t hold back on your visualization. Imagine figures that make you a little nervous!

As your visualization becomes more intense, say the following:

Money comes and money grows
Quickly in the money flows
Fill my coffers to the top, ever high, ever stop.

Carry the stone with you as a good luck charm and keep it in your purse, your pocket or your desk at all times.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. olga nikki says

    The business spells look very promising. I am going to try one of them, as I am jobless now and was looking for a translator job for some months now and I need an income. Thanks for posting this spells, Rose.

    April 27th, 2009 | #

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