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In the last post, we discussed the path of the cups. This was an emotional path filled with highs and lows. In contrast to the emotions of the cups is the logic and decision making of the suit of swords. Swords represent air, or thought and communication. The issues that are dealt with in this suit are all about your mind and your speech. Let’s get right into the interpretations!

Ace/One – This card represents your mind waking up to new and exciting challenges. You’re feeling more clear than you have in the past. This is a perfect time to write, start a discussion or engage someone intellectually. You’re feeling very powerful mentally.

Two – All twos represent balance and a choice to be made. In the case of the swords, it’s a clash of ideas that you need to resolve. You can keep the two sides in balance for the time being, but at some point you’ve got to make a choice. This card represents compromise for the time being.

Three – This card is one of the most recognized, and most feared, cards in all of Tarot. It depicts, in most traditional decks, a heart with three swords piercing through the center of it. This is the peace of the two swords that has come to an impasse. You knew that the compromise couldn’t last long and this is the heartache and loss that follows. This is often a representation of the death of an idea, instead of a physical or emotional death. Many times, you’ve gotten something wrong and are misunderstanding what is going on in your life. Although it seems bleak, this card can also be a powerful motivator for change and positivity. The things that you had bottled up can now be let out and let go. It marks the end of wondering and waiting. It’s time to move forward confidently.

Four – This card advises you to stop and take notice. After the painful transformation in the last card, it’s time to recuperate and put back together your life. If you’ve been living under false assumptions, you may need to regroup before you move forward and this card is indicative of that. The stillness and balance of four means that you need to lay low and rest.

Five – Five is always a card of imbalance and in the case of the swords it depicts clear winners and losers in an intellectual battle. This card is a reminder that sometimes, the wrong person wins. A bully, a cheater or a braggart is depicted in most traditional decks. This card highlights the problem of wondering how to outwit someone who is “bad” but seems to win anyway. You want to argue, but this card reminds you that you have the option to walk away. If you do choose to come out of your restful state (four of swords), you need to understand that if you lose you should use it as a lesson and not a reason to become upset.

Six – To sum up this card easily, all you need to know is that “there is always answer.” In my Rider-Waite deck, a woman sits in a boat with six swords and is being carried across the river. She is leaving but she carries with her the experiences and knowledge of the past. You already know what you need to do to get through this period of time and you have the resources around you to figure it out. In some cases, depending on the other cards that have been drawn, it may mean a literal trip someplace.

Seven – This is the classic “thief” card and it represents that someone is stealing from you. In the case of the swords, this most generally means that your ideas or your thoughts are being stolen from you. In some cases, it means that someone is gossiping. In order to rectify the situation, you’ve got to get down to their level and be sneaky as well. Avoid being overly confrontational. Just try to outwit them on their playing field.

Eight – The eight of swords is a card of mental stagnation. You feel trapped in the place that you are currently in, but there isn’t much that you can do to get out of it. It represents those times when you feel like no matter what you say and do, it’s the wrong thing. This card is a reminder that you need to take action before you become trapped. The more you delay making a decision, the harder the consequences will be.

Nine – Fear and nightmares are the theme of this card. This is the card of worrying and over thinking problems. Unlike with cups and pentacles (in the next post), too much thinking can be a bad thing. This card reminds you that you need to stop worrying so much. You can wake up from your bad dream by realizing that you are just dreaming and blowing things out of proportion.

Ten – This is a card, like the Death card, that strikes fear in the heart of many Tarot readers or clients. But like the Death card, it has a hidden positive meaning. Sometimes, you can think things to death and everything ends up going wrong. You can’t do anything worse, so it’s best to just let go of the past and move on.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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