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Dear Friends, 

First of all, I have to tell each and everyone one of you how much you are appreciated.  I look at all of the wonderful comments on every single page of my blog, and I feel an outpouring of Love – not just for me – but for each other and all of our hopes, dreams, and desires.

In my mind, strong Magick is already at work here, bringing us all together.  I feel that there are forces far greater than any of us, that have brought us together, to help and support each other.

I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to read everything you all have to say (and I really do read each and every one of them!)… Some people have troubles, and some are extremely happy, and no matter what your situation – just believe that it can all get better soon.  And if you are already happy, just know that it gets even better!

I have also received A LOT of questions, and I appreciate all of them!  It hurts me to tell you that I can’t possibly answer all of them (or even most of them).  Honestly, I am very slow on the keyboard – and it would take days to answer all of them – so here’s what I’m going to do…

Every so often (I’m thinking once a month or so) I am going to take the big list of questions I have received and I am going to combine them, remove any duplicates, etc… so that I have a shorter list.  Then I will answer them!  I will either record myself talking the answers, or I will type out a blog newsletter to answer them… you will ALL get the questions and answers.  Does that sound good?

And I must tell you that MANY of the questions I have already answered in my recorded interviews which you will be getting within the next week or so (maybe closer to 2 weeks from now).  I can’t wait until the editing is done so that I can post them up here on the blog for all of you!

Now, onto the newsletter…

Why 4,879 People Actively Practicing Witchcraft (or very curious about starting) Are Going To Get A Personal “Thank You” From Me, In Just A Couple Of Weeks! (Or Even Sooner…)

Before I get to the “thank you”, I need to offer each and every one of you the apology that I promised… (and I know most of you don’t feel I owe you an apology, but I can’t help but feel bad for the amount of time that has passed since you last heard from me)

There are now 4,879 of you, who have subscribed to my long list of people interested in some form of Witchcraft (whether it be Wicca, or another path).

Each one of you signed up, thinking that I would send you some information on the Craft that would not only increase your connection to the Magick energies of the universe – but possibly even create a miracle or two in your life…

I promised you a copy of my life’s work in Witchcraft and the Magickal arts – and you haven’t heard much of me since that time.  I know I sent you some information that I had collected and put together, but what I gave you wasn’t even close to what I want you to have…

I sincerely appreciate all of the complements on the information I gave you (remember the 7 little newsletters that directed you to webpages with Witchcraft information on them)?  I got literally hundreds of emails from people all over the world thanking me graciously for the information.  Here are just a few…

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity of attaining such knowledge, and sending me a variety of interesting information. There should be more people like you in this universe. Thanks again.” – Anne Farmer
“I would very much like a copy of your upcoming book…. I think that I will be learning alot more from your teachings than I came to expect…. Thanks, Charles Mcguire”
”Dear Rose, I have been enjoying the series of your newsletter…I thank so very much.
  Yours faithfully, Frank”
“Dear Rose Ariadne, You have sent me much to learn, read, and think about, I would like to thank you for your teaching… Thanks again and please keep on teaching me.
Yours Truly, H. Britton”
“Rose, thank you. I have read through your articles, and found them quite refreshing. I am also with you on “free will” thing…So many Wiccans today do not even think about it…   Blessed Be, Linda G.”
“…you opened my eyes up to the world of witchcraft and I’m thankful for that…
Sincerely:  Maria S.”
“Rose, Blessed Be.  I have been thinking of you and hoping that your life’s work is going well for you and is almost completed.  I am greatly looking forward to reading and learning from it.  The e-mails and links that you have sent to me in the past have been very informative and helpful.  I found myself hoping to hear from you.  Being from a small predominately Catholic town it is hard to find people of like faith.  I thank the Goddess to have you as a friend.  And hope to receive word from you soon.
With Sincerity, Ginny”

I can’t list all of them now (or this newsletter would be over 100 pages long – the Goddess knows it’s already long enough!), but I really appreciate all of your emails and kind words…

And Now For My Apology…

I have been so busy creating many different things (including the interviews I talk about, but there is so much more) which contain everything my Grandmother taught me about Witchcraft and Magick – plus everything else I have learned through my long journey on this path – that I feel I ignored you all! (but not completely because you have all been in my thoughts every single day – I have done what I have done because of you…)

I want to let you know that I will pay much more attention to everyone from now on…

So…I’m so sorry for focusing so much on completing my life’s work and not writing to you in so long, but things are going to be different now…

Much, MUCH different!

I can’t tell you much more than that right now, but in a couple weeks I am going to show you everything – and it is all going to be well worth the wait, I promise.

There is just so much that I want to offer you that will help you with your Magick – and help you find Love, Success, Protection, and anything else you are looking for in life.

Magick truly can bring miracles into your life – it can bring your dreams to you – and I am going to show you everything I know, and I’ll tell you exactly where I learned these little secrets too.

Some things to look forward to in the next few issues of this Free newsletter…

• Clips of live interviews that I have recently done ( you can listen to them, they are audio files) – and I answered some of the toughest questions about Witchcraft I had ever been asked…I think you’ll like how I handled these questions – and I think my answers will put that little extra “ooopmh” into your spells… ;)

• The Rose Ariadne 7-Days To Magick Miracles Mini course, where I will take beginners (and even more advanced Witches) through step-by-step daily trials to make sure your path in Magick is the right one for you (and make sure that your spells work – and that your “intent” is in the right place) – you can actually sign up for this on the blog (look on the right column about halfway down…it’s the “second” form down, the content of the course isn’t quite ready yet, but it will be in a few days…sign up now so you don’t forget)  Remember, you are never too experienced to learn more, and this refreshing walk through some basics may enlighten you in ways you had never thought of before…

• The “book” that I promised you…and I am sorry, but I can’t tell you the title yet – I’ll tell you all about it soon – you don’t want to miss it…and of course I always keep my promises, and it will be complimentary to all of you.

• This last one is the big surprise I have for all of you.  Put it this way – it will be as if you have a part of me right beside you, showing you each one of my little Magick secrets – making sure each one works perfectly for you.  I almost didn’t create this surprise…but I wanted to leave my mark on this world – and I wanted you all to carry on some of these special Magick spells/rituals and techniques (some which are extremely old – only the Goddess knows where my Grandmother got them)…

The reason I almost didn’t create “it” is because it ended costing me considerable expense to put together. (if I told you exactly how much, you’d think I was an absolutely “crazy old witch”!).  But more than the expense (I don’t like talking about money, it just seems so “materialistic”, but the truth is we all need at least a little bit of it – and big expenses can “sting”), it took over 9 months of my life to coordinate.  I knew it would be difficult to pour a lifetime of Magick discovery into a “box” and offer it to the world.  (from all the Witch secrets my Grandma shared with me in her attic so long ago, to all of the self discovery I have done over the years)

I hope you will be as excited to see it as I will be for having the chance to share it with you… For now we’ll call it “Rose’s Big Box Of Miracles”… It is a very special creation, something close to my heart.  Once I release it, I will tell you some stories about the trials I had to go through to complete it.  It’s definitely not for every one, but if you are serious about your path you will definitely want to consider it.

I’ll send you another newsletter update in a couple of days, and in it will be the first interview clip (just the first clip of many, I cut the interview into many pieces).  I was interviewed by a very good friend of mine (who had no real interest in Magick at first) – but after our conversation she told me she felt like I had opened up a new world to her.  I told her it has nothing to do with “me” at all – I take no credit – I simply reveal truths about the energies of the universe that we humans have known about for thousands of years… and it was an honor to get her excited about the Magick within her, I hope it does the same for you.

See you in just a couple days!

Love and Light,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S. Oh, by the way, I have a bunch more goodies for you including some questions and answers from a few local Witches I know (these are not audios, but text – but they are still really good!) – and a lot more…so stay tuned!

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  1. Ash Rowan says

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to clear up some confusion. When some people decide to enter a comment, they see the “Website” entry box and think that they cannot enter a comment because they don’t have a website…

    I just wanted to let you all know that the Website field is completely optional…it is not required at all so just leave it blank – you can still comment ok! :cool:

    All of the comments have been just wonderful to read, and I know Rose has been excited reading them too…keep them coming!



    March 8th, 2006 | #
  2. Ragnar says

    Hello Rose,
    The weblog looks just great! I am greatly intrigued with your researches and am so happy you have remembered us and our questions. There are a number of hings which have been occurring around me which echo some of the sentiment you have expressed in your most recent postings. Know that there are wonderful things afoot.

    All the Best,

    March 8th, 2006 | #
  3. Lyra says

    hey Rose!
    Well done on the blog it looks beautiful :smile:
    Thankyou for keeping us all updated – there’s no need to apologise for the big silence ’cause be all know you were busy.

    light, love and spring,
    Lyra xxx

    March 9th, 2006 | #
  4. Ginny says

    I was very excited to hear from you again and was very surprized to see my e-mail on your blog…I am honored to be a part of something so phenoomial…:smile:
    There is no need to apologize for anything worth creating takes time of its own..:
    I look forward to learning from you again..

    Ginny xox

    March 9th, 2006 | #
  5. Don says

    I am very excited for you on this “blog” success, I’m also eagerly awaiting on things to come. Because this is costing you and you are offering valuable items and info free of charge would you accept donations and if so where do we send them? Maybe that seems odd but I would hate to see this wonderful idea put you in a bad situation when we are able to help.:grin:

    March 9th, 2006 | #
  6. Norma says

    I my self do know that witchcraft is not evil. it help
    me to become what I am today. it opened a whole
    new path for me.:grin: I enjoy reading your work that
    you write for us thank you for all that you do and for
    all of us to be here so that we can go on learning from
    you. you are truely a goddess because I could not
    iearn with out you being here to guide us along the
    way so thank you very very much. from ragingmoon

    March 15th, 2006 | #

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