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Dear Friends,

The wonderful comments and emails from around the globe continue to come in – and I am thrilled to read them all!  And remember, every question is being stored, and will be answered in a coming “Witchcraft Q&A With Rose Ariadne”.

And I absolutely love hearing from people that are either looking to use the hidden energies of the universe (in the form of Magick) to change their lives… or people who are already practicing, but always want to learn more.

Before I jump into the newsletter I have something exciting for you…

Let Me Give You Part Of A Rose Ariadne Interview On Love And Money Magick!

In anticipation for the release of my Box of Magick Miracles (and my book), I have done a lot of interviews.  I have had to answer a lot of tough questions about Witchcraft, how it works, and even some about controversial spells, etc…

Since I fielded some questions about Love and Money Magick, I’d like to give the interview clip to you right now – because my answers go along with the theme of this newsletter!

All you have to do is click here to download the interview now…  And if you don’t want to download it, you can click here to listen to it right off of this special blog page… oh, one more thing, remember to download the interview quiz by clicking here!

I can’t wait until you hear my answers (especially one of them) because they may surprise you…

And make sure to use the “comments” link at the bottom of this blog post to tell me exactly what you think of the interview…

 I hope you enjoy it, and there is much more to come where I actually get in to some even tougher questions (some even focused on darker things in Magick – you may be very surprised what I say regarding these darker areas in future interviews).

Now, on with the newsletter…

Before I talk about Love Magick and Money Magick (2 subjects that so many people have had questions on…hmmm, I wonder why? ) – I wanted to share just a few more of the nice emails I’ve been getting from people like you (I hope you don’t mind)…  as a matter of fact, I think I will include 3 new emails in each of these newsletters – I like to share the emails I am getting with all of you!

“Dear Rose,  Many, many thanks for the information you have made available to me.  I look forward to a copy of your masterwork. I shall use my new found knowledge to benefit this world we live in…  Good will and Good works to you, Paul”
“Dear Rose Ariadne,  Greetings & thank you for the free lessons & articles you have been sending me. They were truly informative & enlightening. I’ve always looked forward to your articles since the day I received your first email.  I agree that your lessons & article are different from the ones I ever read from others about Wicca & Witchcraft.
I’m very excited about what you have mentioned about your life work with all the secrets etc. Hope your complete the work successfully very soon… Thank you in advance & many blessings to you & yours.  Love,gratitude & blessings, Pushpa Rajan, Singapore”
“Rose, Thank you soooo much!  You really have no idea how much you’ve helped me
It’s inspiring to know there are still people like you in this world!  Blessings, R. Venus”

Do you know what most people who email me have in common? (hint, this leads right into the subject of this newsletter…)

You guessed it, there are a lot of people who are “chomping at the bit” to use Magick to bring Love and Money into their lives.

When you think about it – it kinda makes sense.  Most people would love to have enough money so that they can enjoy their lives without having to work at a job they can’t stand…

And most people would “love” to have more LOVE in their lives in one way or another.  Whether it’s the love and affection of new (and close) friends – or whether it is meeting that special person that sweeps you off your feet… and you both live happily ever after.  True love is something good indeed!

First, I’ll handle the “Love Magick” topic…

I have gotten so many emails asking about Love Magick – and what is possible – and if I have any Love Spells to give them.  Instead of answering the hundreds of questions I have received, I am going to let you in on a couple of things – and then give you a “sneak preview” of something I’ve been brewing up just for you.

First, Love Spells do work – and they work very, VERY well – if you let them. (I explain that in a moment)  As one of my friends puts it – “you never know who is going to show up when you burn a red candle for love, be careful what you ask for – you just might get it faster than you expected!”

But, I want you to remember something.  With all spells that can be used for personal gain, there are some guidelines you must follow to avoid falling into a big mess that you never intended.

With Love Magick it is extremely important not to affect anyone’s Free Will!  The results can be disastrous.  For example, if there is somebody you have a big crush on, and you cast a spell to get them to like you – there can be some dire consequences to this.

Sure, the Magick energy created by the spell will influence the way they look at you – you may even begin dating them.  But it may not be because you were meant to be together.

Well, “so what?” you may be asking.

A few weeks, months, or years down the road – the fact that you weren’t meant for eachother, and were brought together because of your Love Spell – the relationship can go BAD without notice…and I mean really BAD…

The person may become frustrated with you, maybe even violent.  And they may not even realize why!  You see, fate may have had a different plan for them, and now they are in a situation they were never meant to be in – and their inner energies are actually rebelling.

I know, it can be tempting to cast a Love Spell to bring a specific person to you, but it is much better (and safer) to cast Love Spells to open doors of love in your life, bringing someone that has certain qualities that you desire.

Using Love Magick Hand-In-Hand With Fate Can Bring You Wonderful Results…

You’ll find, that when you cast these type of love spells – you are actually working hand in hand with fate – and you will be rewarded with someone far better (for you) than anyone else.  (and who knows, maybe someone you have had your eye one IS meant for you, and the Love  Spell – not cast specifically at them – will bring them to you anyway!)

Because of all of the questions I received about Love Magick, I have nearly gone “overboard” in putting together some very detailed step-by-step guides for using Magick to bring Love into your life. (for those of you who are interested)

In both my book, and my “soon to be released” Magick Miracles In-A-Box (secret surprise #1, and secret surprise #2), I reveal all of the secrets of Love Magick handed down to me by my Grandmother.

You won’t be able to find this information anywhere else – and it’s as if I literally “take you by the hand” and show you how to use Love Magick ethically to open doors for Romance and Friendship…

I know some of you aren’t interested in Love Magick at all (maybe you are already married, or just don’t like the topic because it can be so controversial) – don’t worry, I am busily putting together other areas of the Craft for you too.  ;)

“Letting Spells Go” (So That Your Magick Will Work)

I mentioned that Love Magick works amazingly well, if you let it… and I promised I’d let you know what I meant later – and I almost forgot!

Anyway, too many people casting Love Spells (or other spells for that matter) – obsess about the spell after they cast it.  They continue to wonder if it’s going to work, who they are going to meet, when it’s going to happen, etc…

In fact, I’ve seen many people that think about it all day long.  This is not good!  Here’s why:

When you cast any spell, you are releasing Magick energies from within you, that are sent out into the universe to accomplish what you set out to do (i.e. to speed up “fate” and bring romance – or friendship – into your life)…

And if you continue to use energy thinking about it, and obsessing about it – you are actually weakening the spell, because you never let all of your energy release into the spell when you cast it!  And that is why many people continually are disappointed by spells they cast…you’ve got to cast it, and let it go.  And don’t think about it again.  You will be very surprised by what you find…

Now, for another very popular topic…

“Can Money Spells Make You Rich?”

This is another question I saw over and over… there are many people out there hurting when it comes to money – some are even desperate…

They are turning to Magick to solve their problems – and yes, Money Magick can bring wealth and success into your life (and again…if you let it).

There were so many questions about Money Magick, that I felt compelled to include sections on Beginner Money Magick, all the way up to an advanced section.  All of my material comes from information I was taught – or some information I accidentally found in my Grandmother’s attic after her passing.

I have used much of it myself – and I have never seen anything like it before… I even had some demonstrations filmed to be sure you can follow along with the spells and other information on Money Magick.

“Yes”, Money Magick can make you “rich” – but that doesn’t mean it will!

The truth is, if you are struggling with money, and are in desperate circumstances – casting Money Spells can bring you out of desperation – bringing a certain amount of wealth and success into your life (or at least give you amazing opportunities to easily pull yourself out of the hole).

Even if you aren’t desperate, doing Money Magick can help get you where you want to be financially – it can even bring you a specific amount if you ask.

In fact, I have an example for you.  My friend Tatiana (she actually talks about this in one of the interviews in my Magick Miracles In-A-Box that will be released soon) had a situation where she couldn’t pay one of her bills – and she didn’t have a much income at the time.

She cast a very quick and simple money spell one evening (it actually only took her a few minutes) – and she got a check in the mail 2 days later for a total of $78!  It was apparently a correction for a small inheritance she had gotten a few years back. 

And here is the really amazing part…

$78 was the exact total of the only bill she wasn’t able to pay – her electrical bill!

Ok, ok, so $78 is not going to make her rich.  But keep in mind, she only took a few minutes to cast a very simple Money Spell – and it basically took away her biggest money worry.

If you spend time with Money Magick, it can change your life.  And I detail exactly “how” you can do this in both my book, and my Magick Miracles In-A-Box!

Casting Money Magick that works requires that you are doing it for the right reasons, you believe that it is going to work, and that you “let it go” after you cast it.  Allow it to happen, and your desires will come into your life in ways you never imagined…

Next issue, I am going to tell you about a very special movie I just watched, and why it highlights one of the basic “keys” of doing Magick that works.  I’ll also cover some more material that will be covered in my soon to be released materials.

Until next time…

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S. Remember to click here to download the interview, instantly (or click here to listen to it righ on a special blog page).  And make sure to enter a comment (what do you think about my interview clip?) by using the comments link right below this blog post…

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  1. Ash Rowan says

    Rose, the interview came out great! It sounds good, and I love what you have to say about both Love and Money Magick. There is also some good stuff about “belief”.

    What does everyone think?


    March 10th, 2006 | #
  2. Thumpy says

    The interview is great! Thanks for doing this for us.

    Are you going to have these interviews available for us on any other format, I have dial up and it takes forever to get it downloaded?


    March 10th, 2006 | #
  3. MM Rose!

    I enjoy your blog a lot and I think it was a great idea to make a weblog about witchcraft.
    I learned a lot from your teaching and the interview sounds fantastic!
    I linked you on my own weblog, I hope it´s ok for you.
    I look forward reading your postings.

    lovely greetings from Germany

    ~ Darja alias Nebelweib

    March 12th, 2006 | #
  4. oraphen says

    I enjoyed the interview greatly. i have learned a great deal from your teachings, and have used many of your ideas in teaching my on students. would love to here your insghts on sex magic ie. when and if you think it is apropiate use. i have several techniques that i use and would love to share ideas.
    respectfully yours

    March 12th, 2006 | #
  5. Kathy says

    Dear Rose,
    I listened to your interview & read more. I love this!! You are giving all of us a magnificent part of you & the wonderful world of the craft.
    One of my husband’s exs is a wiccan but I truly wished that she would follow the first rule. She has told my husband in the past that she’d cast a love spell on him & I do believe that she had placed a curse on u s so that we would break up. She is the type that one must steer clear of. She’s a hypocrit to the faith. However, Do you have any ideas what I can do to stop this? I want to do nothing to harm her….just get her to leave us alone & learn to go on with her life. She is a talented musician & artist but doesn’t mind messing with other people’s lives which I find very sad. Any suggestions will be very appreciated.
    Thank You again!
    I love you & Bless You for the WONDERFUL work you do!

    March 13th, 2006 | #
  6. lukas says

    Hi Rose
    I like this man very much i,m working for ,but it seems i,m losing contact with him for some reason i cant communicate with him like i use to be.
    So i went to a local tarot reader and she told me that this man has feelings for me but is stuck due to personal problems around him.
    He has a woman partner in his life they have been of and on for 17 years. They were lovers but is only partners know. since she are around he is so drawnback,and jumps at everything she tells him to do.
    He is like a little puppy, how can i help him to just be open and to think for himself again.

    thank you Rose for your webpage,because i dont know who i can trust with this problem.
    thank you Lukas van Rooyen

    March 14th, 2006 | #
  7. Thank you so much Rose for this. :smile: It is very helpful and fantastic to have this information available. I am very new to Wicca and yes a solitary practioner so I am searching for true information not something made up, which I have found here and there online.:roll: I have signed up for your course and can’t wait to start. May Mother Goddess bless and guide you as you go upon your path.

    March 16th, 2006 | #

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