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Dear Friends,

It seems we often forget the power that music can hold over us. I am sure all of you can easily think of one particular song or musical piece that draws out deep emotion or takes you back to an especially powerful moment in your memory. The use of music in our rituals, spellwork and Sabbat celebrations can bring us an amazing amount of power and peace. And besides that, it’s fun! Music works to draw our conscious selves into harmony with our unconscious, helping us to concentrate, focus and open our minds to the enormous possibilities that constantly surround us.

I know many of us are embarrassed or self-conscious about our voices, bodies and dancing ability—or lack thereof. Just having music playing in the background, or even in our ears with the aid of an MP3 player or CD player, can do wonders for enhancing our rites and rituals. Part of the alluring power of music comes through letting go of our inhibitions and singing and dancing our hearts out. I wouldn’t suggest bringing anything into your rituals or spellwork that is going to make you drastically uncomfortable. The most beautiful thing about our craft is the ability to personalize it and do what feels right to us as individuals without worrying that how we choose to practice is wrong or bad in some fashion.

Your voice and your body are your gifts and using them to give thanks to the earth, the God and the Goddess can be a very beautiful and empowering thing. When dancing, singing or making music you are presenting yourself only to the deities you are paying tribute to, and they certainly aren’t going to be judgmental. I personally love using music in my own rituals, and I am sure that if you cast your worries, inhibitions about what others may think and your own self-conscious thoughts aside you’ll be very glad you did.

It’s not much of a surprise that music should have such influence and power over our rites. Since the beginning of time humans have created music from any available element in nature, and, at it’s core, music is often simply a representation or symbolism of the sounds occurring naturally in the world around us. The sounds of the swirling breeze, crashing waves, singing birds, roaring thunder, crackling fire and even the thunks of our own footsteps upon the earth can be heard in all different types of music. Shamans have long used steady, powerful drum beats to induce spiritual trance, and music has been used throughout history to calm and soothe man and beast alike.

Certain instruments have a tendency to invoke specific types of power. Drums, xylophones, and shakers are all percussion instruments that are dominated by the earth. Even banging rocks together, drumming your fingers into the earth or clapping your hands can be used as a form of musical instrument. Percussion instruments are often used in rituals and spellwork pertaining to fertility, money and prosperity. The earth’s energy itself can be drawn up through a powerful drum beat as well.

Bells are often used to break up negative energy or signal the beginning or end of a ritual. A small bell worn about your neck can help lighten your mood and lift your spirits as the vibrations of sound work their energy through you. Stringed instruments are often seen as symbols of the God and are often played to eliminate the presence of fear. The strong strumming of a guitar may aid you in visualizing yourself as courageous and self-assured, helping you to draw in the God’s fearlessness and protection.

Many witches choose to use prerecorded classical or modern music in their workings. I know of several groups and covens that have traditional songs which are used for different rites and rituals as well. If you are a solitary practitioner all that matters is that you choose a song or songs that speak to you on a personal level. So go dance, sing and give thanks for the gifts you have within you!

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Marie-Christine says

    It’s a great idea to add music and to know wich ones will empower our witchcraft work, what a great teaching and teacher you are, just like gold, precious.
    Marie-Christine :smile:

    August 28th, 2009 | #
  2. Music is very important to me during ritual, as well as meditation. I tend to gravitate toward Native American flute or drumming, in fact.

    Well written article. Thanks for sharing your insights on the topic. ;-)

    September 1st, 2009 | #

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