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Dear Friends,

Have you ever known exactly what your best friend was thinking? Ever had that feeling that something was wrong, and a phone call to your friend proved they were distressed and in need? While many people will often chalk such incidents up to coincidence, or simply figure they know their friend very well, these types of experienced are almost always the result of a strong psychic bond between friends.

When many people hear the term “psychic” they immediately think of people predicting the future, or being able to read another persons thoughts. In fact, the word psychic is a type of umbrella term that can be used to describe a number of different phenomena. Even in those individuals that have never experienced what they consider to be a “psychic” moment in their lives, chances are they have the ability to psychically connect with their close friends and loved ones.

People that have strong connections with one another, such as your closest friends, often become emotionally linked. This bond can span across great distances, so no matter how near or how far you are from your friend, the bond is still intact and cannot be broken. During times of high emotions when our emotional energies are peaking, these bonds can become even stronger and start sending loud signals to you that something is wrong.

There are many different ways that you can help to strengthen this psychic connection between yourself, and your close friends or even family. Of course, for these methods to work, both you and your friend must be open to the experiment. If your friend is not a believer, they may be willing to try the experiment but will not give their complete attention to it which can cause it to fail. So if you hope to try these methods, make sure that your friend is just as dedicated to the task as you are.

One way that you can attempt to strengthen this bond is by trying mental projection. Have your friend hold a small object in their hand so that you cannot see it. Get them to visualize the picture in their hand, and mentally try and project it to you so that you can guess what it is. Both of you must be willing to devote your full attention to the experiment, and focus on sending and receiving the mental pictures. After a while, change positions with you holding the object and projecting to your friend. You can also perform this experiment with a simple deck of playing cards, with each person choosing a card and projecting it, and the other trying to determine which card it was.

Another project that you can try is drawing pictures. While sitting in the same room as one another, face away from each other so that you can draw your picture without your friend seeing it. Each of you should focus for a few moments, and then draw the first thing that comes to mind. When you are finished, compare your drawings to see how similar they are. Once you are successful at performing this in the same room, try doing it at further distances, with your friend in a separate room.

Finally, you can also try reading each others thoughts. Have your friend focus on a memory that evokes strong emotions within them. This should be a very strong memory that they can easily visualize in their heads. Focus on your friend, and try to gain what images you can from their mind. Tell your friend what you are seeing, so that you can determine if you were accurately able to glean parts of their memory from their mind.

There are few stronger bonds in the world than those that are established between friends. While we are all connected in this world, some connections are stronger than others and go deeper than a person can possibly imagine. Not only will working on developing these psychic bonds help to create a stronger relationship between you and your friend, it will help to build your overall psychic abilities as well. These experiments are very easy to perform, and fun too. I hope that you all enjoy doing them, and build stronger and deeper bonds that will span across time.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Dear Rose

    Thank you for the information about building a strong bond between friends which is important. I hope to build a stronger bond with all of us. You are always wise. I’m thankful for this always. I feel close already.:smile:

    Sincerely Kenneth Your Student and Friend Of the Craft

    September 25th, 2009 | #

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