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Most witches that I know tend to plan their spells and rituals, as well as other activities in life, by the course of the moon. The moon is a powerful factor in life here on planet Earth, and can have a profound affect on all that you do. Astrologers have long observed how the moon will emotionally affect people, and how certain tasks are affected by the phases and stations of the moon.

One important thing to take into consideration when planning your spells, making major life decisions or even performing simple daily tasks is the moon void-of-course. The moon takes about twenty-eight days to complete it’s revolution around the Earth. As it moves around our planet, it spends a period of time passing through each of the zodiac signs. On average, it takes about two and a half days for the moon to pass through each of these signs. During this time while the moon is passing through the sign, she (the moon) has a powerful influence on each planet (planet associated with the sign.)

However, through her orbit around the Earth, there are certain times when the moon is between signs. This time period that falls between signs is known as the moon void-of-course. This is the time that the moon “rests” between each sign, changing from the aspect of one sign to the next. Think of it this way. When you wake up in the morning, you feel refreshed. This is comparable to the moon that is just coming in to a new sign. However, by the time nightfall comes and you are ready for bed, you are tired. Your mind is not functioning quite like it would first thing in the morning. This is the moon at the end of her passage through a sign. She needs a moment of rest, just as you need to rest at the end of your day.

It is during this void-of-course that we humans often experience fuzzy and foggy emotions. We may feel unsure about our feelings, or not be able to commit to anything. During this time, plans that we make usually tend to fall through. We loose things. We overlook important information when trying to plan something out. Spells that are performed during the moon void-of-course often prove to be unsuccessful. It can be nerve wracking, particularly if you have never heard of the moon void-of-course, and have no idea that this can be impacting the things that you do.

The key is learning to work around the void. Fortunately, the time that the void lasts is relatively short, generally no more than a few hours. And it is not an event that happens daily, as the moon spends about two days passing through each sign. As such, it’s really not that inconvenient to work things around the void, and in fact many times it will rarely affect any major plans depending upon what time of day the void falls. For instance, if the void falls from 3:45 am-6:45 am, chances are it may not even impact you, because you’ll be sleeping! However, if the void is falling from 8:50 pm-2:00 am, you wouldn’t want to perform an evening ritual during that time because it would likely prove to be a waste of time.

Using a quality moon sign book will help you to determine when these voids-of-course fall, and will help you plan around them accordingly. Keep in mind, your day does not have to come to a complete halt during this void. For the most part, routine daily tasks seem to be unaffected by the void. But by making adjustments to major events, plans and tasks so that they do not fall during this void, you can prevent having things fall through.

Oh, and one more thing. There are some benefits to a moon void-of-course. If you’ve had someone bugging you to make plans for something that you really don’t want to do, making those plans during the void can help. Chances are the plans will fall through anyway, and you won’t have to follow through. It’s a wonderful loophole the Universe has given us that we can use to our advantage!

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  2. Dear Rose

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on how the moon effect our magick and rituals in a sense of the void,phases and sign that help us make magick more effective as for planning things ahead of time. You see I been paying attention trying beeing a good student.:cool::cool:

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  3. marie-christine says

    You bring informations so practical and well explain too, as always, love to learn from you. :)


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    Thanks rose!
    i didnt know about this before, thank god !!

    Million thanks again and yeah i liked the last time paragraph :)


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