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While some ritual tools can last a lifetime, there are some that you may at some point find need to be retired. Perhaps your favorite goblet has developed a crack, or your crystal ball has a mar in it. Maybe you simply feel that your tool has lost some of it’s power, and is tired from a lifetime of magickal service. When it comes time to retire your ritual tools, there are certain steps that should be taken to ensure that your tools end their service in the proper and respectful way.

If you are extremely attached to your ritual tool, but feel it is simply not safe to use it anymore either because it is lacking in power or has become fragile, you can of course simply put the tool away in a safe place where it can live out the rest of it’s life in a peaceful place. You should of course cleanse the item before storage, but once the item is cleansed you can then store it in a cabinet, drawer or storage chest. If you desire you can absolutely put the tools on display for others to admire, but be careful allowing anyone to handle the tool if it is delicate and damaged.

Some people may consider the magick of sharing when retiring their ritual tools. Maybe the tools is simply something you were once fond of, but no longer enjoy. Perhaps you feel the tool still has a great deal of power to it, but it no longer speaks to you. In these cases, you may decide to share the tools and pass them onto others to use in their magick. Just because one tool may not work for you, does not mean it will not work for someone else. There are many ways that you can share your tools with others, and possibly even gain some new tools for yourself as well.

Tool swapping is very popular between witches. Maybe your friend has a robe that she no longer wants, but you absolutely adore it. At the same time, she is fond of the crystal wand you have but never use. Swapping these tools is a great way to enjoy the magick of sharing, retire your ritual tool, and gain a new tool all at the same time! You may also consider donating the tools to new witches that are just getting started and have yet to establish a good set of working tools, or to a teaching coven or group that teaches beginners how to properly use such tools.

In some cases, you may feel as though the tool just simply needs to be disposed of. This can often happen when a tool has somehow absorbed too many negative energies and cannot be thoroughly cleansed and restored with positive energy. There are different ways that you can respectfully and effectively dispose of the tools to let the energies be placed back into the universe and taken care of properly. In my personal opinion, the two best ways to do this are by burial or by fire. If you choose to bury the item, you must make sure that the tool you are burying will not harm the environment in any way. Next, you will need to make sure that the tool is buried in a location where it will not be disturbed or found.

If you choose to destroy by fire, make sure it is done in a safe manner and that the item will not release dangerous smoke toxins, explode, or anything else of that nature. All of these retirement methods should be performed with the proper ceremonies, with a circle of protection in place and your sincerest thanks for the service the tool has provided for you.

After a time, retiring your ritual tools is inevitable. Otherwise, you may end up with a house full of old ritual tools that are not used, and may be causing your home to harbor negative energy. By using these methods you can easily prevent this from occurring, and help to retire your tools in a manner that is worthy for them.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. mohsen samin says

    dear rose, just wonderin if you can cast ritual without useing any tools because i don’t want toomuch of these matterial to pile up in my house,and thanks for everything:grin:

    February 4th, 2010 | #
  2. Dear Rose

    Thank you for the information about ritual tools and the import ants of keeping them up and take care of them when they have no more usage. You are right about the damages of tool that should be taking into consideration while not harming the earths environment. All people must take care of the earth because the earth takes care of use 24-7. Thanks again for your word of wisdom. You are doing a wonderful job.

    February 5th, 2010 | #
  3. marie-christine says

    This is great tips for our old tools, sharing with others and also proper ways to destroy without causing harm to the environment either, all thoses things we have to consider and think in a mind of a respecful and good witch for the earth and ourself and others either. It’s always a real pleasure to read you.

    February 5th, 2010 | #
  4. Its always fun and a pleasure to read with you i love to read about magick much love and resecpt

    February 5th, 2010 | #
  5. Laura says

    Much thanks to you Rose!!

    February 5th, 2010 | #

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