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Dear Friends,

Love spells can be a tricky bit of magick. Some witches will tell you that working any type of love spell is wrong as it can interfere with another individual’s free will. Others may feel as though working love spells is acceptable if you are only working a broad spell not targeted at a specific individual. And then there will be those that tell you that you should feel free to practice any spell you want simply because you have the power to do so.

There are some “love” spells though, that have nothing to do with attempting to attract a lover into your life. Some love spells can help to improve an already existing relationship that may be having a few difficulties. It is often common for some relationships to lose some of their passion as the lovers become comfortable with one another and settle into a certain “routine.” Maybe the hectic rat-race of everyday life leaves you too drained to become passionate with your partner. Or maybe as you’ve gotten older you feel that passion is only for the young. But I am here to tell you, no matter how old you have gotten and no matter how busy or hectic your life might be, rediscovering that passion with your partner will make both of you happier people and possibly improve any relationship difficulties you are experiencing.

There is a very simple spell that you can perform using roses that can help make your partner more passionate. Now this particular spell is directed towards yourself. It helps to make you more alluring, which can help your partner find that little spark once again. The spell primarily uses roses, but you will need to gather a few other materials as well. To perform the spell, you will need these materials:

1 red rose
1 white rose
1 purple rose
Fern foliage
1 red ribbon
1 small vase filled with clean, sun-charged water

Cast your circle and place your materials on your altar. First pick up the red rose, and focus your energies on romance and love from your partner. Place the red rose into the vase. Now pick up the white rose, and focus on the unity that your partner and you share. Add the white rose to the vase. Perform the same action with the purple rose, focusing on the passion you desire. Finally, add the fern foliage to the vase. Ferns symbolize fascination, a feeling which you want your partner to feel to help him or her feel fascinated by your presence and form.

Arrange the roses and fern foliage in the vase. Now keep in mind, your arrangement doesn’t have to come out looking like it came from a professional florist! Personally, I like to create a small background using the fern foliage and then arrange the roses in front of the fern as artfully as I can muster. But that is just my personal preference and not essential for the spell to work. The arrangement will be on “display,” which is why I like to make my “passionate partner” flower arrangement look as pretty as I can manage.

Once the flowers are arranged, focus your energies on the flowers and say these words: “With these roses one times three, I seek desire love and sensuality. Ferns add fascination, red to bring me love. Purple bring me passion from my heart’s true love. White to bring me unity that stands the test of time. May the Goddess hear my call and help my love to shine.”

Tie the red ribbon around the vase or around the flowers if you prefer, and take down your circle as that part of the spell is complete. Place the flower arrangement into an area where it will be near you, but seen by your partner as well. I personally like to fix a nice dinner for two with a few candles and put the flower arrangement right smack dab in the center of the table! The intimate dinner setting helps to add to the romance in the air, and never fails to help add that little spark to things in no time at all.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch in Charge”

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  1. Ozoda says

    Hi Rose,
    I am one of your student practising magic. I cast some money spells, but it work totally opposite.
    Like when i cast money spell fist time i get call from my bank that i need to pay above $2 000 dollar. Then i try later during new moon again different money spell and i come to know i need to pay above $2000 dollar to the Emigration as a fine. PLS LET ME KNOW WHY MY SPELLS R WORKS OPPOSITE?

    July 3rd, 2010 | #

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