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Dear Friends,

Did you know that there are three indispensable tools that you need to practice magick? Without them, not only will you never be successful in completing any spell or ritual, but you will also never be able to connect with the Divine to truly find your spiritual path.

These essential tools are sometimes the most difficult for the beginning witch to obtain. They cannot be found in any store, or even harvested from Mother Nature herself. What are these fundamental tools of magick? Well, to find them you only need to look inside yourself, for they are your mind, body and heart!

You can have the largest collection of magick tools available, but all of the cauldrons, candles and crystal balls in the world will amount to nothing if your mind, body and heart are not completely in-tune with the magick. You can meditate, perform spells and rituals, wear pagan jewelry and clothing, be attentive to nature…go through all of the motions of being a witch, but if your body, heart and mind are not devoted than all you are really doing is “playing” witch.

Not only is your mind, body and heart the most indispensable tools you will need to practice magick, they are also your own personal compass for finding the path of the Divine. When you learn to listen to your body talk, you learn to listen to the directions it is giving you for finding your spiritual path. Your body, heart and mind will tell you everything you need to know.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes easier said than done. In many cases, beginner witches want to skip to the fun stuff and start practicing magick as soon as possible. They often then wonder why their magick seems to bear no fruit. This often leads to abandonment of the craft, and adds to the belief that magick is a hoax since they were unable to attain their desires. They fail to realize that the fault lay in them, for they did not take the proper time to first get their mind, body and heart truly on the path.

In my personal opinion, one of the best ways to truly find the correct path to the spiritual Divine is to take a step outside of the box…literally. Step outside and get back to nature. Open your heart to the beauty of the world around you. After all, in a sense nature is our religion. Every part of the world around us is a gift from the God and Goddess. Nature is the Divine. Spending time getting to know Mother Earth and truly becoming aware of the wonders around you is one of the best ways to begin to attune your heart, mind and body to the spiritual path ahead of you.

Next, begin to develop your abilities, both mentally and physically. Now, by physically I don’t mean it’s time to start hitting the gym and working out. However, in order for your mind and heart to be clear and strong, your physical body needs to be healthy. Start making changes in your life that help to improve your physical self and you will see a change in not only your mental clarity, but your entire well-being as well.

With your mind clearer, you will better be able to work on improving your mental skills. Some necessary mental skills to follow any spiritual path, especially the path of the Craft, are learning to concentrate and focus your thoughts and command the direction of those thoughts. These two skills are essential to successfully perform spells and rituals.

Next, find an area of magick that truly interests you and calls to you and begin to focus your energies on learning the art inside and out. Put your entire heart, mind and body into it. Start practicing your magick every day. There is nothing wrong with experimenting in different areas of magick at one time, but make sure whatever you do has your complete and total mental devotion. Make it part of your daily routine. Allow it to become part of your heart, mind and body. If you are going to follow the path, make the commitment to follow it with your entire being.

If you make that commitment, you will reap the rewards of a spiritual awakening that will change your life forever.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch in Charge”

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  1. Janet Andersen says

    I have never liked dealing with the computer very much but since inter acting with you I notice an improvement in using it.Unfortionately I don have speakers yet but hope for them soon.

    July 9th, 2010 | #
  2. my dear rose, just want to say i am still holding on to you and read all your comments and spells. my life style is very demanding and sometimes it’s difficult. i still look for the day when i can focus all my energy on you and your teachings. your student. joe

    July 10th, 2010 | #
  3. :cool: but Joe arias:
    You can focus all of your energy and attentions on learning the craft and sprital walk just by paying attention to every thing around you evry second of the day. lessons to be learded in your work, in the weather, in almost anything you see and here. good luck brightest blessing in yout quest.

    July 10th, 2010 | #
  4. Charles says

    :cool: I want to thank you for your blog being here. My grandmother has thought me the same thing when I was growing up. She always told me if I was pure at heart mind and soul that my magick will work every time. And she was right.By keeping my body mind and heart pure of all the evil in this world I can do any thing. I want to thank you again for sharing these things with all of us….Blessed Be

    July 10th, 2010 | #
  5. kenneth says

    Dear Rose

    You are still my favorite teacher and your teachings of magi-ck is so true that one has to have the desire to become a witch by devoting oneself to nature being as one all around us. I can clear my mind through your teachings of technique of breathing discuss from a while back. I will always be with you as your student in spirit and truth and know that I will make a difference as well as the other students. We are blessed with your teachings and I can feel and understand the truth in your words as clear as the sky’s. Thank you with honors always.

    July 11th, 2010 | #
  6. Marie-Christine says

    Hi Rose,
    It’s completely true when you said it that they are working together, mind, body, and heart are three components that magick couldn’t work without it. I do understand it this principal in the life for many things, work, art, and many others, and when one is missing, you can feel it and when you realize it, you can adjust to it. Thanks to your learning, you make us realizing many things with words on you own, the best for me and they are will always be.

    Marie-Christine :)

    July 11th, 2010 | #

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