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Dear Friends,

Please don’t let this topic worry or scare you.  Most people in this world are genuinely GOOD people, and would never try to harm a fly…

But there are always the few that look to harm other people, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

You see, people don’t have to practice Magick to put a curse on somebody.  I know that sounds strange at first but let me explain…

Magick, in its basic form, is the control and focus of hidden energies we all have – on a very specific goal.  The practice of Witchcraft is simply the “vehicle” used to control energy and send it out to effect things.

If someone who has never even picked up a book about Witchcraft has strong emotions about you (either good or bad), their thoughts (if they are focused and intense enough) can effect you – as if they DID cast a spell on you.

Has someone ever been in love with you? (or even cared about you very much)

Someone who truly wishes the best for you in life?  Have you noticed that the more they are “around” in your life on a day to day basis, things in your life tend to go better… you have more luck, you are happier, and you have more fun (even if they aren’t even in the room with you)?

That person is constantly thinking wonderful thoughts about you – and that energy (Magick energy, mind you) is being sent out from them – and it is making your life better, sometimes it can even create little miracles for you.

Now, if this person practices Witchcraft, and is able to focus this positive energy even better (through spells and rituals) – imagine how it can change your life.

But, there is a flip side to this coin.

As with everything, there are always those few who you may run across in life that do not wish you the “best”.  In fact, they may have a general “vendetta” against everybody – you included.

Whether these people practice Witchcraft or not – if you cross their path, they can very possibly wish you ill will.  With just some focused, intense negative thoughts – this negative energy can affect things in your life…

You can call it a “curse”, a “Magick attack”, or just plain “bad luck”.  Any focused, intense negative energy can really bring you down.  Here’s a simple example we’ve all experienced…

Have you ever walked into a room where two people have been arguing and fighting (emotionally, with words)?  You go into the room, their conversation stops… but the bad feelings don’t.

It’s almost as if you could “cut the tension with a knife” (I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before).  And that tension, that negative energy in the room – effects your outlook.  It effects YOU in negative ways…

And not just while you are in the room, but after you leave…

You see, it doesn’t have to be someone casting an harmful spell on you with Witchcraft… it could be something as simple as a person getting extremely upset with you, and wishing you bad thoughts (even  if they have no idea what Witchcraft is!).

Yikes, I don’t like the mood of this newsletter, but I only bring these things up because it is important (and easy) to protect yourself.  Before I get on with it, I want to lighten the mood with some positive thoughts I have received from my wonderful subscribers like you…

Here are a few more emails and comments I have received – and I can’t thank you all enough for bringing positive energy into my life (and I promise to reflect the good karma back your way!)———————–
“Thank you Rose, for the emails! They help a lot.  I just got through listening to your second Interview.  You are right on how to tell some one you are a
Witch, and how to go about it.  Keep up the wonderful work that you do. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it here at your blog. 
You give your time to people that want to learn and further their knowledge in Witchcraft.  Thank you for the time and hard work that you do here for us, and I will be waiting for your next newsletter to come out.  You make each and every one of us feel that we can connect with you.  You are a wonderful caring person that all here can relate to, and not be afraid to ask you questions.
From your Witch sister (and friend always), Ragingmoon”
”Dear Rose,
I listened to your interview and read more. I love this! You are giving all of us a magnificent part of you and the wonderful world of the Craft.  I love you, and Bless You for the WONDERFUL work you do!
”I think that you have shown a perfect example telling the story about Ralph, and with it a lot of people shall recognize how belief is the root of any wonder and the base of magic.  I would also like to have a copy of your book… From the beginning your letters have a warm and sincere feeling. I wish you well in your future work.  Impatiently awaiting for your next post.
——————————————–Thank you, Emina”
——————————————————————–Just talking about negative energy was making me feel a little…well… negative – so I just had to post a few more positive energy filled comments!  I get more every day, and each one brings joy into my life, and I always try to send it back out to all of you.——————————————————————–Just talking about negative energy was making me feel a little…well… negative – so I just had to post a few more positive energy filled comments!  I get more every day, and each one brings joy into my life, and I always try to send it back out to all of you.Anyway, back to the task at hand… protecting yourself against negative energy (even so-called “curses” or “Magick attacks”).

——————————————————————–Just talking about negative energy was making me feel a little…well… negative – so I just had to post a few more positive energy filled comments!  I get more every day, and each one brings joy into my life, and I always try to send it back out to all of you.Anyway, back to the task at hand…I know that there are some people visiting my blog and reading these newsletters that don’t have much experience with the Craft… on the other hand there are a lot of you with A LOT of experience.

Because there are some beginners reading this, I have to be careful about what I show you, I don’t want anyone getting in over their head.

Before I start by showing a very basic protection that anyone can do, I want to remind you that there is a slightly more advanced protection spell in the 7-Day Magick Mini course (you can sign up for it on the blog at – just make sure to sign up using the simple form about halfway down the right column menu).

By going through the lessons in this course, I make sure you know all you need to cast the protection spell offered on Day #4.

For now, I am going to leave you a very basic protection you can do to protect yourself from many of the negative energies that can find you…

Stone And Crystal Protection

This simple spell (anyone can do it…it is completely safe) will create something that, when carried with you, will absorb negative energy (such as anger, danger, and malevolence) directed at you, or around you.

STEP 1:  It works best with a black crystal, but if you don’t have a black crystal – you can find your own special stone, charm, or crystal around the house (or even in your yard).

If nothing you can use immediately comes to mind, simply go through your house and look for a special charm or necklace that means something to you.  If you can’t find anything, look for any stones or crystals in the house that “feel right” to you (it really helps if you have some emotional tie to the object you select)…

If you are still having problems finding something to use, try going outside.  Pick up various stones off of the ground.  Hold them in your hands, and close your eyes.  How does the stone feel in your hand?  If it feels good, or “right” (you’ll know), you’ve found something you can use.  If not, just move on to the next stone until you find one you feel will work…

STEP 2:  Next, find a room or an area of your home where you feel comfortable.  It should be a place where you can set up a few candles, dim the lights, put on some soft – emotion based music, and relax.  Above all, you need to do whatever you need to do to feel completely 100% safe and secure… and at ease.

Go ahead and dim the lights, set up a few candles, put on some soft music that creates positive feelings inside of you (if you have some, if not that’s ok – music does help though).

STEP 3:  Sit in a comfortable position so that you can see the light of the candles you have set up.  This could be a couch, or special chair, or even a comfortable position on the ground or a pad.  It is important that you feel comfortable and secure in your spot.

STEP 4:  Hold your charm, stone, crystal, or other object in both hands.  Hold the clutched object close to your chest – your heart.  Now, make sure you relax and try to clear you mind as much as possible.  Continue to push any negative thoughts out of your mind until you have reached a state of calm and peace.

STEP 5:  Next, you want to think about your belief in what you are about to do.  Think about how you believe, without a doubt, that the Magick energy that you are going to build up will protect you from negative energy.  You must sincerely believe that your Magick will protect you.

STEP 6:  Now that you have cleared your mind, and built up your belief in your spell, it is time to charge your special object with energies of protection.  Visualize, in your mind, an egg shaped sphere of white light surrounding you (your eyes are still closed as you visualize yourself surround by this light). 

Continue to visualize this image until it is sharp and clear in your mind. 

STEP 7:  Once the image is clear, slowly open your eyes.  See this same clear image of the egg-shaped sphere of white light surrounding you – this time with your eyes open.

Now, hold your object out in front of you, with your palms open (facing up so that you are offering the object out in front of you). 

STEP 8: Visualize negative energy coming towards you in the form of drifting, gray, small clouds of smoke.  As this grayish smoke filled with negative energy reaches the egg-shaped sphere of white light surround you, see the gray smoke be whisked directly into the charm in the palms of your hands and devoured.

Continue this visualization until it becomes very clear.  The gray smoke drifting towards you, and being instantly whisked into your special object as soon as it hits the white light surrounding you – and then being devoured into nothing as it is absorbed into your special object.

You should continue this visualization for 3 – 5 minutes.

STEP 9:  When you are done, you will have a Magickally charged “amulet” of protection!  Whenever you feel you need protection in your life, carry this object with you.  In a pocket, or around your neck.  You’ll periodically (about once every month or two) want to do this spell again to recharge the protective energies of your object.


This is a very simple visualization spell, but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you.  It is very effective for absorbing any negative energy out of your life – as long as you believe and have focus when you charge your amulet.

That’s all the time I have for this newsletter, and I hope you consider creating your own protective amulet – and also signing up for my 7 Day Magick Mini Course on (sign up on the 2nd form down in the right hand column).

In just a day or two, I’ll be sending out another newsletter (with interview) surrounding ancestors and spirits… it’s a little bit on the edge of Witchcraft, but I really don’t want you to miss it – I feel it is an important subject as I still feel strong sadness when I think about my grandparents (who have all crossed over now).  If you have ever “missed” anyone close to you, this will be an important newsletter and interview for you to hear…

Light, Love, And Protection,  ;)

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  Make sure to leave your comments by using the “comments” link right underneath this blog post…

P.P.S.  If you have friends or family that you care about – that could benefit from any of this information, please feel free to forward this newsletter on to them.  Or you can just use this link to inform them about my blog…

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  1. Kay says

    Thank you for the information in this blogg. I have felt that I am being attacked by a man that was supposed to be teaching me and as a result I have avoided him and consiquently my development had come to a halt. I will now carry out the above spell and hopefully continue my development. I am looking forward to your next blogg as I have recently discovered that so many people in my Fathers family have the gift in one form or another. Once again Rode thank you so much.

    March 16th, 2006 | #
  2. Michael James says

    Rose, your writing is well. You have touch on an area which we all as you stated have potential. It is the minds of people which lead the craft to levels which are not positive. There is nothing to be scared of, only those which use it for ill gain have reason to fear. You have basically laid solid ground work for that which is natural.

    March 16th, 2006 | #

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