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Dear Friends,

In today’s hectic, fast paced world, stress, negativity and aggravation seem to be common place and a way of life for many people. Unfortunately, these emotions can invade our lives and affect us even if we try to keep them out of our own personal life. Negative emotions can have a severe impact on how we feel and if we let these feelings in, can attract further negative energy to us.

This of course, can greatly affect our daily life. It can wear us down, cause us to feel depressed and tired and negatively affect any spells or rituals that we may try to perform. Avoiding negative energies put off by others is impossible. Sadly, too many people in the world let these people control their lives, in fact, some people seem to prefer these feelings rather than feelings of happiness and positivity. Fortunately though, it is possible to help deflect these emotions from taking hold of you, and protect yourself from the draining powers of negative energy.

One of the best methods I have found for protecting myself from these energies is a visualization. Learning to visualize a protective positive “bubble” around yourself can help to deflect these energies and have them fleeing from you in fear. This is a process that takes a little time to perfect, so you can not expect immediate results overnight. It can take a great deal of concentration to at first learn how to create this positive “bubble,” and then take practice to learn how to keep your protection around you without having to continuously focus on it.

The first step is to begin to visualize your bubble. Sit in a quiet room in a comfortable position. If you are familiar with meditation, you are basically going to be sitting and meditating, visualizing yourself putting this bubble in place. Begin to visualize your protective bubble, or circle, forming around you. The best analogy I have been able to find to explain this bubble to beginners is the bubble that would transport the good witch Glinda in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Your bubble should be large enough to protect your entire being, and it is best to visualize the bubble in a bright, positive white light. Hold the bubble in place around you while you meditate, envisioning it blocking out any energies that are trying to find their way in.

At the end of your meditation, do not visualize yourself taking the bubble down. In the back of your mind, or in your subconscious mind, try to visualize keeping the bubble in place. Now this here is the most difficult part. You cannot focus on keeping the bubble in place all of the time, or you will have a hard time concentrating on the rest of your regular daily tasks. What I generally instruct students to do, is throughout the day, just do a quick “reminder” visualization to keep the protective bubble in place. For the first few days, possible even a few weeks, it may take some practice to remember to think about your protective bubble. However, even if you only remember to think about it when you first wake in the morning before bed and again when going to bed in the evening, it can help to fix this protective circle around you permanently.

Over time, your protective circle will become so ingrained within your subconscious mind that it will stay around you permanently, protecting you from the negative energies and emotions that fill the world. You will find that you not only feel better, as these negative energies no longer drain your emotional being, but that you are likely better able to help others find positivity as well, as the strong level of positive energy residing within you will spread to those around you.

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch in Charge”

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  1. marie-christine says

    This is very informative and I’ll try this for sure, it may be sound a bit hard to be able to make it permantently, but I’ll give it a try, because I think it something that will help me greatly on a daily base. Once again, thank you dear Rose. :)You’re the best.

    August 15th, 2010 | #
  2. I’ve been doing this practically my whole life without even thinking about it. And positivity and happiness is with me always:)

    August 16th, 2010 | #
  3. kenneth says

    Dear Teacher

    You are so right about the world effecting one with negative energy I have no choice but to be around everyday and at work. I needed this from you as I visualize my self in the bubble while reading your blogs. This will help me get back to being a success and I agree with the other students You’re the best. The Gods and Goddesses is Great.

    August 16th, 2010 | #
  4. Paul says

    Is it possible to put a bubble of protection around someone else like a child or a spouse?

    September 10th, 2010 | #

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