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Did you know there are two different types of zodiac signs? Really, it’s true! Each constellation in the zodiac has both a sun sign and a moon sign. Most people are more familiar with the sun sign, or the sign of the zodiac in which the sun stood when you were born. The daily horoscopes that people read in the newspaper, or personal qualities that these horoscopes depict are generally always qualities of the sun sign, which is the masculine side of the sign and can differ greatly from the feminine side of the moon sign.

For the purpose of this blog series about using the rhythm and stages of the moon when planning activities in your life, I’m not going to focus on the differences between the sun and the moon signs and their personality qualities. My primary focus on pointing out the difference between sun signs and moon signs, is that when learning to use moon rhythms and aspects, keep in mind that the moon sign changes very frequently, whereas the sun sign has a much longer duration. (For instance, the sun sign of Aquarius lasts from January 21 to February 18. However, as far as moon signs go, the moon will move through all 12 signs within approximately one month.)

Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius moon is masculine, dry and barren. This is the time to perform very unique activities and activities that are humanitarian in nature. The Aquarius moon is a good time for social gatherings with friends.

Aries Moon

Aries moon is also masculine, barren and dry. The Aries moon is not an ideal time for performing impulsive actions or starting activities without thinking them through. However, the Aries moon is a good time for initiating change.

Cancer Moon

The Cancer moon is a very strong, fruitful and feminine moon. It is an excellent time to begin things that you want to be fruitful and grow, from plants in the garden to stock portfolios. The Cancer moon is a good time for developing strong relationships with loved ones.

Capricorn Moon

The moon in Capricorn is a feminine, sometimes fruitful moon. The Capricorn moon is a good time for sitting down to develop goals you may have for the future or take care of serious business that needs attention.

Gemini Moon

The energy of a Gemini moon is barren and masculine. The Gemini moon is a great time to take care of correspondence, run important errands, go on vacation or prepare for upcoming activities. As a dry, barren sign, the Gemini moon is not a favorable time for gardening or planting.

Leo Moon

The moon in Leo is hot, barren and masculine. It is an ideal time for hosting ceremonies and fund-raisers. Be prepared when dealing with the public however, as it is easy to become very self-centered or arrogant under the Leo moon which may backfire on you down the road.

Libra Moon

Energy from the Libra moon is masculine, but it is also semi-fruitful. The Libra moon is a good time for redecorating, beginning educational classes and forming partnerships of any nature.

Pisces Moon

The Pisces moon is fruitful and feminine. It is a good time for resting, whether you take a vacation or just sleep or meditate. For those with addictive personalities, the Pisces moon can bring chaos into their lives and spin things out of control.

Taurus Moon

The Taurus moon posses feminine, fruitful energy. Start projects or activities that you wish to be long lasting, as things started under the Taurus moon last long and gain value.

Sagittarius Moon

The masculine, barren energy of the Sagittarius moon is a good time for outdoor activities and sporting events. Be aware however that people tend to be more opinionated during this moon aspect which can pose duress in relationships.

Scorpio Moon

Scorpio moon is fruitful, moist and feminine. It is a good aspect for performing research, or end ties to someone or something you have had difficulty breaking away from.

Virgo Moon

The energy of the Virgo moon is barren, dry and feminine. It is a good time to tackle tasks that require your undivided attention. The Virgo moon is also a good time for animal care, harvesting vegetables and finding a bargain for something you desire.

These are just general qualities of the different moon signs and aspects. I would strongly encourage you all to look for a good online or offline resource on planetary rulerships which can provide you with more detailed information on moon signs.

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch in Charge”

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  1. marie-christine says

    wow, I wasn’t aware that we could explain this as a reading as a moon horoscope, I was aware that the moon affect us greatly as most as the sun itself, but it’s awesome to see that you can translate that in a reading. I know I’ll repeat myself as writing this, but Rose your the best….:)

    August 29th, 2010 | #
  2. Thank you teacher for the signs do tell alot about us with the imporants of moon phases. Brightest Blessings.

    August 29th, 2010 | #

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