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Dear Friends,

It looks like I’m making a habit of providing the “unexpected” with these interview clips.  I promised an interview clip of me talking about age, and how it relates to Magick…

…but again, I decided to include a couple of other clips as well!  I don’t want to “overwhelm” anyone by giving too much at once – it is important to digest the information, and put it into practice before moving on to the next. 

But I felt these additional interview clips are closely related.  So, on top of the clip of me discussing age and Magick, I have included two more clips concerning Magick “bounce back” and finding a teacher (and maybe even a Coven).

And as always, this newsletter will serve to supplement the interview topics with more information, and sometimes even my quirky life experiences.  Let’s just jump right into this issue (which I think you’ll really enjoy).

Is There Anybody Who Can’t Do Magick?

In the latest interview clip on, I discuss the question, “is anyone too old to practice Magick?”.  But I want to add to my answer here, and talk about factors other than age. 

So let’s ask the question, “Is there anybody who just can’t do it?”.

The simple answer is : we all have a connection to Magick energy (even though most people in the world don’t even realize it) – but just because they don’t realize it (or believe in it), doesn’t mean they don’t have a connection (even if it is small) to Magick.

You see, we are all born of this earth.  The beauty of this world is in ALL OF US (even if there are people you can’t stand, or simply just don’t like)… underneath it all, the fabric of the universe (I like to call this the “cosmos”) connects us all with a hidden energy…

We are all filled to the brim with wonderful “powers” that most of us don’t understand entirely.  We are all brothers and sisters…children of the earth.  (this may sound a little “cheesy”, but it is true… just as I feel a connection to all of you, you all can feel a connection to others if you look deep enough)

No matter how old, how young, how “lost”, how angry, or how much of a non-believer in spirituality someone is… they can still tap into Magick energy if they change their thinking.

First, you have to develop faith in “something” – whether it’s a Magick or Witchcraft path – or whether it’s immersion into a different religious philosophy – you have to have “belief” that there is something bigger than you… whether it’s the God and Goddess, or whether you believe that there is a mystical force that drives the universe – that we are all a part of…

If someone refuses to believe in anything – their connection to Magick energy will be hidden from them for as long as they live…  you have to have that spark of belief in something bigger.

Second, you must have the desire to discover your true connection to this hidden energy – to the earth.

These are the only 2 things you need.  It doesn’t matter what nationality you are, or sexual orientation you have, or even if you were a complete atheist for 50 years.  There is always hope, and nothing ever changes the fact that you have the same connection to Magick that I (or anyone else) does.

I can boil it all down to this…

“If anyone truly opens their eyes, they shall see the wonders within them…”

It’s right under everybody’s nose – anytime you want it.

Ok, so now that I’ve answered that – you know that Magick does not discriminate.  Anybody can do it… we were all born to be able to do it!

Let me dive right into the next topic…

Is There Really Such Thing As “3 Times Bad”?

There are many different beliefs between the various Magick and Witchcraft paths.  Some believe that everything you do (whether you send out good energy in your spells, or bad energy) will come back to you times three.

For example, let’s say your friend asks you to do a ritual for her to bring her good luck…

When you do the ritual, you are sending nothing but Magick energy with good intentions out into the universe… for the purpose of helping your friend.

Not only will the energy you send out bring your friend good luck, but you will also receive 3 times as much good luck back to you!

The flipside of the coin is if you ever do a spell to effect someone’s “free will” by binding them, or trying to “force” them to love you… you will receive 3 times the negative energy back at you.

I hope that makes sense, it can get a little confusing.

Especially when the fact remains – some Witchcraft paths believe it is actually “3 times good” and “9 times bad”! 

And some believe that it’s just an equal amount of good and bad that comes back…

And some believe it’s just Karma….send out good and you’ll receive good…same with bad…

So what’s the real answer to this?

In my strong opinion, it is impossible to “quantify” this.  And no matter if you believe it’s 3 times, or 9 times, or that it’s all just Karma… the FACT is – if you send out “good” into the world (whether you are a giver to charities) or you cast protection spells on your loved ones… the hidden energy of the Universe will reward you – when you least expect it (and in ways you’ve never dreamed).

And if you do negative things to people… and hurt them with words (or Magick), the cosmos will bring negativity back onto your life… and many times the “punishment” (fi you want to call it that) can be worse than the negativity you sent out in the first place.

This “karma” is very, very real.  I very strongly believe that we are here to help others, to learn lessons from helping others in any way we can.  And the more good we do, the better our own lives (and hearts) become.

Sometimes I feel like these beliefs of mine make me out to be a “goodie too shoes Witch” – always spreading cheer and love, and always being way too positive… almost to the point of not being realistic.

Life is not always a “bowl of cherries” (or a “box of chocolates” as Forest Gump would say ;) – it is true.  But I think it is important for all of us to use our knowledge and powers for the greater good.  To make this world (and all of our lives) better.

Make the “karma laws” work for you, not against you.  And wondrous miracles will be yours.  I have no doubt… ;)

“On Teachers And Covens…”

There are a lot of people interested in the Craft that really want someone (or a group of people) to help them find their way.

Of course, I’ll always be here to help you and be your teacher…

But just in case you were looking into other teachers (and possibly even Covens) I want to give you some advice…

There are a lot of teachers out there (and Covens) who are charging $50 an hour (or more) to teach you Magick…

Be very careful to ever pay somebody an hourly rate to teach you how to tap into your Magick…  unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest people in the world, that are desperate to make a profit at the expense of ethics and good morals.

The last thing I’d ever want to happen, is for you to pay your hard earned money to someone who is just trying to take it from you – and not give you anything of value in return.

Of course, I encourage you to buy as many different books on the Craft as you can get your hands on – there are books and courses out there from so many different teachers.  It is important to never stop learning, and exploring the powers within you.  It is OK to spend money to learn…but be careful of the HOURLY fee for one on one teaching and instruction. 

There are also many Witchcraft Covens out there that are charging various initiation fees, and other fees… if you ever look into joining a Coven, and you are going to be charged money – either walk away, or make sure that you are getting “something” for the money you spend (either in the form of tools, or maybe the money goes into a pot to be used for group meals and get togethers).

Just be wary of any situation involving money that makes you feel uncomfortable – with someone you don’t yet trust.

Oh darn, I am going to go on another tangent…just bear with me – there is another part of this I’d like to warn you about.

Internet Spell Casting services…

Be very careful here!  I have seen Internet spell casting services that charge $29 – $199 dollars to cast a single spell for people. (Everything from Love, to Money, to Good luck, etc…)

First of all, NOBODY (and I mean NOBODY) can do more powerful Magick for you – than YOU.  Remember two of the things that fuel all of your Magick… belief and emotion…

Nobody else will feel strong emotions for your situation that you do…

Nobody else can have the same belief about the miracle you are working for as you do…

And of course, especially since the people at the spell casting service have never even seen you – and have now idea who you are.

I’m not saying that people from far off distances can’t work Magick for you, to help you… all that I am saying is the chances are very low that the Magick will effect your life, and you will have far greater success with Magick and spells if you tap into your own Magick energy, cast your own spells, and create your own Miracles.  The power is within YOU.  No matter what, always remember that.

That’s it for this issue…

In a couple of days I’ll be giving you a copy of my book (finally), along with some very detailed information about my life’s work…

I can’t wait for you to see it! 

Until then…

Bright Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  Make sure to leave your comments by using the “comments” link right underneath this blog post…on the blog of course!

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  1. alaundria says

    did you cast my breakup spell today as was plan. if you would let me know what to look for.

    March 20th, 2006 | #
  2. Danielle Smith says

    :lol:Hi Rose!

    I’m glad you brought up the whole “money” situation as pertaining to the Craft. I don’t believe anyone should charge money for casting spells for someone else as I feel that it is highly unethical to do so. Recently, a friend of mine, who is a newcommer to the Craft asked me about whether or not should she join one of the online “witch schools”, or pay someone to give her “lessons” in the Craft. I told her that between the Internet and books, you can find out anything you want pertaining to witchcraft, and that you don’t have to “pay” someone to learn. I have amassed 3 binders full of information just from the internet alone. If you take the time to research on the net, you will be awarded a wealth of information as a result. And then there are people like you, Rose, who have a sincere interest to teach others our Path, without the extrordinary expense that others will charge simply for information. As for covens charging money, that’s another big no-no, unless there is a justifiable reason for doing so. For example, the coven that I’m putting together, I have suggested that we all pay $10 a month as a due, and the money will be used for purchasing robes, tools, books, workshops, charities, food and drink for festivites etc. Each member of the coven will vote on where the money should be spent, and everyone is in agreement about the monthly fee, as $10 is affordable to everyone, and is not an expense that reaps nothing in return. I say to anyone new to witchcraft, beware the of “witch schools”, internet spellcasters, online tarot/runes readers, and anyone willing to give you “lessons” for payment. This is not a route you want to go, as these people are out for profit and have no interest in your spiritual development!!!:evil:

    Love and Light!


    March 20th, 2006 | #
  3. Norma says

    Rose I agree with what you said, about can any body do magick. It is never to late to learn. and you are also right about the teacher, you should never have to be charged a bundle of, money to learn from your teacher. that you find on how to do magick or learn the, knowledge that they have to offer. and I agree if
    you do not feel right or are, not comfortable with this
    person then, you should not continue with it. you are right on every thing you say. and again I’am glad that I found your sight. I’am learning so much from you. “You are truely a Goddess” and a wonderful and
    caring person. And a teacher any body would come,
    back to learn from over and over again. Thank you for
    all that, you are doing to bring this to us.:mrgreen: As
    I said before I feel a deep connection with you like you are right here with me to guide me through. and you make it where we can understand what is being said.
    I’am looking forward to further my learning with you I
    am a person that likes to read and further my knowledge on the craft and the path I have choosen
    for my self, and I have not stopped learning there is
    always alot more to learn. I can not wait to see your
    book that you will be revealing soon. Keep up the work. You are right the magick is in each and every one of us. I my self have always believed in the craft
    I have never stopped. I could go on & on but would run out of room. Rose Keep up with what you are doing. If it were not for you Alot of people would not know what was going on . Thank you for all the hard work that you do and the blogs that you send, and for
    your lifes work you are about to share with us all. I
    sulute you:grin: and the team that makes it possible,
    for you to do this here at the site. LOL Blessed BE May
    the God & Goddess Light shine upon you and continue
    to light the way for you. From your sister ragingmoon

    March 20th, 2006 | #
  4. pamela says

    I am new to studying the craft and have done alot of research online etc and i want to say thank you to rose and eveyone involved for all the hard work and information all the information has be presented clearly and simply without all the “smoke and mirrors” so that a “newbie” such as myself can relate to it more easily i’m not a simpleton just new tahk you for eveything i am learning sooo much many blessings—pamela

    March 21st, 2006 | #

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