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Dear friends,

I thought I would talk a little bit about history today. Most major religions have historical texts that give followers an idea of their background and history but because Wicca is so new in terms of using a specific term and because even if we do practice in groups we’re still a fairly unorganized religion, we don’t really have one major text to read about our past in. Instead, we have to more or less gather bits and pieces here and there. So this is my “Cliff Notes” version of witchcraft…

Witchcraft is older than Christianity and every other patriarchal religion. It is also separate and independent of them. As you are probably already aware, most of the Christian festivals and holidays that are celebrated stem from Pagan and Wiccan traditions in an attempt to replace the Goddess with the Christian God. So why did this happen in the first place?

I’m not here to get on a soapbox about anything, but a lot of was done in order to take power, both political and spiritual, away from women. It’s interesting to note that in horticultural societies, women often enjoyed just as much power as men. It wasn’t until we went agricultural that men really started to gain the upper hand and a lot of that had to do with the fact that because women breastfed their children, they were tied to the home more.

In the beginning, it made sense to worship a higher being and to perform rituals and spells in order to encourage the environment to adapt to your needs. Think of it this way…if you lived a thousand years ago (or even 200 years ago) and had to depend on the climate, weather, and natural world for your well being, wouldn’t YOU try to appease it? Because women gave birth and are the creators of human life, worshipping a Goddess made even more sense. Some might refer to her as “Mother Earth” and that’s not far off from the idea of a Goddess.

Although we often trace our roots back to the British Isles, it’s important to remember that many of those beliefs stemmed from the Chaldeans and Egyptians. Traders and scholars passed information along from India, the Middle East, and Europe. As a result, traditions meshed and changed and grew over time.

Throughout the years, witchcraft has received a stigma. In the beginning, it was considered evil because that was a good way to convert people to Christianity. Later on, there was a very real fear of those that dallied with the occult. People always seem to be afraid of that which they cannot explain.

Somewhere along the way, witchcraft became synonymous with Satanism. Remember the Salem witch trials? It’s important to keep in mind that Satanism has nothing to do with real witchcraft. In fact, it can be argued that Satanism, with its “Black Mass,” is a corruption of Catholicism. Witchcraft, on the other hand, doesn’t follow Christianity-although Christianity takes a lot from witchcraft and paganism.

There is a lot of research that proves that at one time women were celebrated and worshipped. Take a look at the goddesses of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythologies and even the Mystery Cults of Egypt and Greece.

As I said earlier, although we all share common beliefs, not all of us practice in the same way. I know many Wiccans who are stout feminists and only worship the Goddess and do not recognize a male figure. I know some Wiccans who do not consider themselves feminists and still don’t recognize a male figure. On the other hand, I know some Wiccans who recognize a Goddess as well as a God. Some of the Wiccans I know really identity with the Persephone and Demeter legend and recognize the triple Goddess-the maiden, the mother, and the crone. Others do not.

Regardless of the different beliefs, we can all pretty much agree that Wicca is a celebration of life and that witchcraft is tied very closely to the natural world.

Witchcraft enjoyed a surge in the 1960s and 1970s as feminism rose to power and more and more women started looking at a less patriarchal and more natural way of celebrating their spirituality. There also seems to be surges here and there amongst teenagers who sometimes get witchcraft confused with the romanticism and mystical aspects of vampirism, psychic powers, and the paranormal.

While you won’t get hung in public anymore for practicing witchcraft and it is somewhat more accepted these days, there still seems to be a stigma attached to it. Unfortunately, although it’s not necessarily an evil stigma, it does seem to be a foolish one. I encounter a lot of people who simply dismiss my beliefs as a “phase” and something that I will grow out of.

In terms of worldwide religions, Wicca is still not as respected as other organized forms. However, in most countries we do have a certain amount of religious freedom, at least by law, and for that I am grateful.

I urge you to read up as much as you can about your chosen path. A knowledgeable witch is an informed witch.

Brightest Blessings,

Rose Ariadne
Your Warm and Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Shehu says

    Quite informatic,hpe oneday stigmazation about witchcraft across the globe will be over.

    May 7th, 2011 | #
  2. Rose,

    I know that one book recently I found very interesting and that is called “The Seven Daughters of Eve.” We all are desendents of these 7 Christian women and I made a ring to celebrate the seven women who are much like our goddesses in Wicca. The world is finally revolving to recognize that women do have a place and are very important in our world whether men like it or not. Women are badly needed for society to survive in our world. Even though I am an activist, I do believe in Wicca, the Planets and Stars which is my Astrology Love of what was created before everything and the religion my grandparents and father raised me in and that was the Catholic Religion. The Irish have many folklore that I know came from Pagan Times of Celtic believes that I have been doing extensive studies on. Since I was a year old I can remember back to seeing things that others did not and always knew when a loved one was dying or in trouble. It has helped in guiding my life and though a evil spirit has been trying to stop me. That Evil Spirit has not, because I will not allow it to. I am better than that thing and know I can defeat it through my guardian angel “Angelica” and Arch Angel Michael. I have the troops on my side to defeat evil that approaches me. I have a degree I major in science and on the Dean’s List, Collegian Scholar Society and Cambridge Society. These are great things I have accomplished at age 63 and know I have many more years to accomplish much more to help others, my family and myself.

    May 7th, 2011 | #
  3. marie-christine says

    I never stop learning every day, thank to you Rose, I learn so much about this subject.
    Brightest Blessings

    May 7th, 2011 | #
  4. I love everything about my Wicca I really have to know more but you have to go a little slow with me so.I can take it all in,I really want to learn more an more. I have to thank. You very much :roll:

    May 7th, 2011 | #
  5. Dearest Rose,

    I whole heartedly believe in Magick always have since I was one years old. I know the previous spells that were free surely have worked. I found Love, I have been protected against harm in my home, I am less stressed with all that I have been through by meditating. The Computer and what caused these problems is still present in my life is true EVIL! Things fly off shelves and nothing is near them, things are moved and I am the only human in my home. I was ill 2 days ago and someone entered my home while I was sound asleep and my two large dogs took off after them, who ever they might be. I believe it to be the man across the road and others have told me before I even started to voice my believes that they believed he was doing the burglaries, phone calls, stealing my mail, etc.

    I do believe something bad happened here in the home I purchased 12 years ago and the spirit is trapped here and is confused by what happened to him or her. A cousin of mine had something like this happen to his wife and him and they had to move. That is what I intend to do, as soon as my fiance’ returns from overseas. I have prayed and prayed it would stop, but it seems to cause more problems with my prayers.

    Your student who is advancing quickly as her perils continue,
    Pamela Ann Margret Walsh

    May 8th, 2011 | #
  6. Aditya says

    i feel no worry about the witchcraft after hear from you Rose…and christian adopt from pagan-witchcraft, its shows from the altar, candle right..hmm i know now.Thanks for sharing

    May 11th, 2011 | #
  7. scorpionwater says

    They should really call paganism and wicca the old ways. You say a lot of the same things I argue rose and I appreciate that I was raised Christian and I had lots of questions that didn’t get answers like in gen the beginning of the bible which I believe was wrote for fear and obediance. When eve was cast out of the garden it says that there were cities ?! Hello how can there be cities out side Eden if Adam and eve were the first people there are lots of contradictary statements in the bible and the fact that a hole bunch of priests got together to decide what went in and what didn’t goes against what god says at the end of the bible do not take any text away from this book and do not add any so opps they f ed up I wonder if there gonna go to hell now

    May 13th, 2011 | #
  8. scorpionwater says

    Talking about mother earth I can’t pick a goddess I don’t know why but I ask to dream of a goddess and I never do but anyways my cat ran away and I ask mother nature to bring my cat to me and 5 mins later my cat was meowing at the door

    May 13th, 2011 | #

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