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I had no idea that I was about to have an “unexpected” meditation. She was going to talk me through it. A guided meditation. By the way, if you are interested in guided meditations there is one on DVD 2 of the Home Academy.

I still remember the feeling of her hands pressed gently against my forehead on that summer afternoon…

Her hands were old and weathered, and I could feel her rough caulouses on my skin – but I also remember feeling a great warmth.>

Not the warmth you would normally feel from somebody’s hands on your head, but a deeper, richer warmth. A comforting warmth.

And in that moment, sitting there in her old musty smelling attic – my eyes grew heavy, and though I strained to keep them open, I could feel them shut…

Suddenly, I found myself lying in a green meadown – the sun beating gently down on my face, warming my soul. The wind whipped the grasses around my face, so that they tickled my nose. The sweet smells of lavender, the sounds of birds passing overhead.

It was all so REAL.

I was laying on my back, and as I looked down at my feet, I saw a shimmering doorway of bluish light slowly rise up from the ground.

I could feel it’s comforting warmth from where I lay, and I was drawn to it.

Not only because of it’s comforting “feel”, but because of the mystery of what would be on the other side of it.

An irresistable urge grew inside of me, and I felt myself rise up off of the ground until I stood.

One step at a time I made my way to the doorway of light. Slow steps at first, but as I got closer, my desire to make my entrance into this door grew…and for some reason, I felt I would know the “truth” if I went through that door.

I didn’t know (at that time) what “truth” I would find, but I could just feel that beyond this door would show me things that I was finally ready for.

Things that I needed to see.

My right foot went through first, and the comforting warmth of a thousand suns surrounded it. Then up my calf and to my thigh, until I was fully engulfed by this doorways enlightening embrace…and then…

My eyes snapped open, and there I was in the attic!

My grandmothers hands were still on my forehead, and I could feel the warmth coming from her hands, throughout my whole body.

And I will never forget what she said to me then in her raspy, yet caring voice…

“You know. You believe.”

And with a knowing smile, and a sparkle in her eyes, she removed her hands and slowly turned and walked away.

We never spoke of that afternoon, but as the years went by, I never forgot. In fact, it seems like it was just yesterday…every smell and feeling from that day is fresh in my memory – as if it only happened a few minutes ago.

And after all of this time, I finally realize what happened. And I will share my insights with you next week, for now I must go…

Nw, go out into the world and enjoy the day. Live.

Light and Love,


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  1. kristina says

    im an 8th grader and i just started the craft. im so comfortable with it and im ready to learn every thing i can about it but my parents would be agianst me learning it and i hate hiding things from them but i dont know how to tell them can you give me some advice to explain to them how wonderful and beautiful witchcraft is? thank you so much for your help it means alot to me:smile:

    April 23rd, 2006 | #
  2. charlene says

    Brightest Blessings Rose:smile:
    i know that its sad to loose a loved one even if it is a pet…
    all of my pets are sensitive also in the way Sadi was…
    and always know that Sadi loved you and knew that you loved and cared for him as a child is cared for by his/her own parents and as magic is apart of your life as well…i feel that it wasnt ment to be for you to be there for him at his ending time…be proud to have known him and you both connected in such a way that you did…my deepest condolences to you and your family…i know your strong and you will get through this time of dispare…you taught me how to be strong in my beleifs in witchcraft despite what nonbeleives say or thing…and i thank you for everything…i will ask the gods and goddesses to heal your hour of sorrow…may you be blessed for many years to come…i am here for you……….Blessed Be………

    April 26th, 2006 | #
  3. charlene says

    Brightest Blessings everyone…
    I beleive that the beleif of the craft only comes from deep within your heart for very long time so long that you hunger for it…not from…waking up one day and saying hey i want to do witchcraft…its not a novelty …its a way of life and lives values that only you can feel… not what you were born with…anyways thats my point of veiw about witchcraft beleifs…sorry if i offended anyone…Blessed Be…may the sun shine on all of you everyday…thx rose for helping to enhance this feeling of beleif…

    May 5th, 2006 | #
  4. Charlotte says

    I like witchcraft and I’m only 10 years old!! :razz: So far, this is the best site about witchcraft!:smile:

    July 13th, 2006 | #

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