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Dear Friends,

I can’t begin to describe the sadness I felt when he crossed over from this world into the next.  It was heartbreaking.  But something very interesting happened too, and it “proves” something to me.

Before I get to that, I want to tell you something I’ve noticed about animals (I promise this is related to my story coming up).   You see, I love animals – I have had cats, dogs, birds, lizards, snakes, rabbits – and at one point, all at the same time!

I almost went into business selling tickets for the “Rose Ariadne Zoo”!  ;)

It’s a really funny thing , but animals seem to just “know” certain things.  I’ll take one of my dogs, for instance… any time I am sad, she seems to know (sometimes even before I do).

She is an affectionate dog, she loves hugs and kisses – but when I am sad, or down, she is especially caring.  One time, I was sitting at the table – and I was having a very hard day (certain things in life had gotten me very down…).

For no apparent reason, my dog Sadi, came and put her head in my lap, and looked up at me with her big brown eyes.  I could “feel” her trying to calm me, and let me know everything is all right…

And even the rest of my animals.  The way they act changes dramatically when I get frustrated, or even a bit angry at life.  And their actions also change when I am happy (which is most of the time… I am good at saying positive – thanks to Magick).

I’ve Always Noticed The Way Animals Can Sense Emotions, Sometimes Even Before I Feel Them –
Like They “Know” What’s Coming

When I was away on my wonderful trip 2 weeks ago, I got some news that at first shocked me – and then made me cry.

You see, my dog Chauncy, passed away.  He crossed over…

I Was Crushed

I loved Chauncy, like I do all of my animals… but he was very special to me.  You see, he was abused as a puppy – and I took it upon myself to save him from a life of fear when he was still very young.

I got him from the Dog Pound because his owner (after beating him for the first few months of his life) – left him for dead on the side of a busy highway.

That’s when the Dog Pound picked him up, and at that time, there was a 7 day period where – if the dog wasn’t claimed by a caring soul, the animal would be put to sleep… forever.

As fate would have it, we were somehow “meant” to be together, and I knew it right when I walked through the doors that day over 10 years ago.

Yes, Chauncy was very skiddish because of all of the beatings he had been given.  He was emotionally damaged… but I gave him a kind and loving home for the rest of his days… and he was an absolute sweetheart…

He was extremely affectionate, and he had a calming effect on everyone around him.  He wasn’t rambunctious, or excitable, but he was very cautious, very calm, and very loving…

And I Wasn’t There When He “Died”…

It was my mom and dad who were caring for my animals when I was away… and they did what needed to be done.  Chauncy had developed hip problems, blindness, and he couldn’t hear.  Worst of all, because of how emotionally damaged he was, he was constantly scared in his later years.  (I’d be too if I couldn’t see, or hear, and had to face darkness 24 hours a day).

Chauncy was suffering.  And my parents took him to be put to rest.  They stayed with him after the shot was administered and spoke softly into his ear – petting him – as he drifted off to sleep…

“Goodbye Chauncy, I Love You, And Our
Paths Will Cross Again”

Of course, the next days were filled with tears… and when I returned, I feel like I had to deal with his loss again.  We’d been through a lot together.

But a funny thing was happening with my other dog, Sadi.

She is very much the opposite of Chauncy… “high energy” is the only way to describe her – and very impulsive!

But that all changed the “moment” my parents walked in the door.  She immediately dropped her head, and her tail went between her legs.

And she wouldn’t leave the front door… not for anything.  She “knew” something was wrong. 

When my dad took her out for a walk, instead of her “excited self” charging up the sidewalk… she went right to the car, she was not interested in taking a walk at all.

She knew her friend was gone, and she wanted to find him.

This behavior has gone on for two weeks… and it didn’t take her any time to “realize” Chauncy was gone.  She knew the moment my parents opened the door.  She (like all animals) is in tune with Magick energy.  She can sense it, and feel it, just like you and I.

And animals have an advantage.

They have no “voices” in their heads telling them Magick doesn’t exist… that it’s not “real” because you can’t see it.

Magick energy is all they know – and long before dogs were kept as pets, they used it for survival.  Animals in the wild still use it for survival.

And it wasn’t just Sadi… but ALL of my animals have been acting strange.  Not only is Sadi not her ravenous self (she’s lost a lot of weight because she refuses to eat), but the rabbits and birds are acting strange too.

It’s Just More Proof That Every Living Thing Is “Connected” To Magick Energy, A Force Bigger Than All Of Us

So, I’ve done a “crossing over” ritual for Chauncy, and everything is slowly returning to normal around here.

I just felt I needed to share my experiences with you, and if you’ve ever felt “loss” in your life, I am sure you know exactly what I am saying.

Life is a fragile, but very beautiful thing.

And we all go full circle…

Today, embrace the Magick of our beautiful Earth, and if you love (and have room for) an animal, please visit your local Dog Pound and save a life…

I was going to share another Witchcraft interview with you this issue, but Ash has been a little under the weather, and hasn’t had a chance to finish editing the Interview clip…and….

I think Chauncy deserves a newsletter completely dedicated to him…

Goodbye my Dear friend…

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  I’ll have a very special interview ready for you next week (and I know Ash will have it all ready for you) – it’s about how to use Magick to bring Peace and Happiness into your life (and the lives of others)

P.P.S.  As always, another issue of the Friday Evening Rant will be posted to the blog this Friday…don’t miss it….

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  1. Enchanted_aries says

    Dearest Rose, Im So Sorry To Hear Of Your Loss, I Too Have 2 Wonderful Dogs, Jackie And Sadie, And Couldnt Imagine Losing Them, I Can Totally Understand What You Mean About How Animals And Magick are Connected, Mine Always Seem To Understand Magick And love To Be Around Me During Rituals, My Thoughts Are With You :smile:
    Bright Blessings Always,Patrice

    April 26th, 2006 | #
  2. candace says

    This storie is so true. The same thing happened to me when my pet guina pig died. My cats and dogs acted wierd for months. Dogs and other types of animals have feelings. I am sorry for your loss and I hope that you will always remember Chauncy
    sincerly -candace

    April 26th, 2006 | #
  3. Ardarla says

    :sad: Rose, I too lost my Sammy (Black Lab) a few years ago and I wasn’t home went he he left his physical being. I was crushed but he was twelve years old and had a few problems like ourselves as we age. I miss him very much but I knw he is doing well and keeping a eye on my 10 year old son Zack, who I lost a yare and a half ago thanks to a truck driver who didn’t have the sense to pull into a rest stop. No, he fell asleep at the wheel and rammed us taking my boy away from me right before my eyes and the n it was my turn. The EMT’s said I should be dead but here I am. They are watching but it doesn’t take the pain from your heart. I share your pain. Ardarla

    April 26th, 2006 | #
  4. Linda inch says

    Hi Rose
    I really aooreciate when you share your story and who you are, for i am such a great animal lover and would help them all we are so much alike and this s neat to fu\ind on this journey for we are rare and uniqui, yous baby will always be with you animals seem to have away of staying connected with us unconidional energy and life

    April 28th, 2006 | #
  5. Dear Rose,

    When I knew my horse of 27 years was going to pass soon I made a webpage just for her. Hope you will visit it. she passed over about 4 months later. She was one of my best friends. I have also had other animals pass over an 11 year old Rottie named Brutus, had him all his life. We also had his life mate Sheba we had her from a pup and had to put her down when she was 7 yrs. old because of a tumor on her shoulder. Brutus howled for a couple weeks after she passed. Theres been a few others also. I mourn your loss too. but we all know that our loved ones are in good hands.

    May 15th, 2006 | #
  6. yyytt says


    August 26th, 2008 | #

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