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Dear Friends,

I am dedicating this issue to all of the people in desperate circumstances in life… the one’s who are still holding on to hope for the future – and believe that miracles are possible.

So many people I talk to are confused about what Witchcraft is really all about – and what the hidden energies of the cosmos can accomplish in one’s life.

I’ll start off quickly by saying, “It can do everything, and more.”  I am sorry to be vague, but it is true.

I’m sure you’ve often heard your parents say, “If you put your mind to it, you can do ANYTHING!”  We’ve all heard it a thousand times, and it is partly true.

If you “work” hard enough, and never give up, you CAN do anything.  But…

Imagine what you can accomplish when you harness the power of a hidden energy that has existed since the beginning – IN COMBINATION with “putting your mind to it”?

Talk about a double-whammy.  The results will amaze you, I promise.

Obviously, I have included another audio interview – I had Ash interview my good friend Robyn – and she has used Magick for almost everything I can think of… Love, Money, Friendship, Removing Curses, Protection, Divination, and on and on…

If you can think of a wish or a desire, I can almost promise Robyn has used Magick in that way.

Anyway, I knew she’d be the perfect one to pose this question to, so do NOT miss that important interview.

I want to use this newsletter issue to put my own “spin” on this question too.

First, let me say, it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers.  No, money won’t grow on tress.  No, you can’t make the perfect person appear in your bedroom out of thin air for a romantic encounter!

It’s not like “Charmed” or “Bewitched”.  That is fantasy.  But…

In many ways the “reality” of Magick is even BETTER than the fantasy…

Witchcraft gives you the very REAL opportunity to connect with something deep within you.  A chance to  bring REAL miracles into your life with the careful focus of this energy on specific goals – specific desires…

Sure, the selfish desires are there.  People use Magick to bring Love and Wealth every day – with success.  But there are even more important uses.

I have seen people cured of disease and sickness.  I’ve seen abusive relationships cleansed of negativity (even if that means “ending” the cycle of the relationship forever). 

…and I have seen Magick used to bring peace and happiness to others, and the world.

You’ll know when your spells work.  You will feel it deep within your heart – you won’t question it, you’ll just “know”.

So to answer the question… your Magick can accomplish anything you can imagine.  If you can “think it”, Magick energy can “achieve it”. 

An Example Of How I Am About To Use Magick – When He Goes Away…

Before I end this newsletter, I’d like to let you in on an up and coming “challenge” in my life… and it’s one that has the potential for a great sadness in my life.  I know there are greater problems in this world than what I am about to share with you – but I just wanted to give you an example of a common use of Magick for many.

I can’t imagine two people in this world being “closer” to one another than me and my husband are.  Of course I love my children more than life, but that is different.

My sweety and I share a very special bond.  It’s one of caring, trust, and the deepest Love.  I think the Goddess every day that I was able to find someone so wonderful – and perfect for me in every way.

Since we’ve been together, we haven’t spent more than a week apart.  That is all gong to change this summer…

He will be going to South East Asia this summer for 6 weeks, and due to my commitments at home, I will not be able to join him on his trip.

That leaves me and the kids here… and a gaping hole in my life.  6 weeks is a long time to be away from him.

It will be a difficult time, but I have already begun planning the rituals and spells I’ll be doing during this time – because I know that Magick can help ease the loneliness I will feel when he leaves.

I have a series of rituals planned that will bring peace and comfort into my heart by creating special bonds between my husband and I.  I will feel as if he isn’t so far away – and sometimes I’ll feel like he’s right there next to me…

I’ll also take some time to recharge my batteries and focus on myself.  I’ll take some nature walks with the kids, do some calming meditations, take beauty baths, and enjoy being with “myself”. 

And… I’ve always believed that true love starts with the love you have for yourself – so I’ll be doing many different variations of self love spells, which really is the “core” of how you feel at any given moment in life.

No matter what happens, if the love for yourself is strong, you can get through anything with flying colors…

…and on that note, I need to go give some of this “self love” to the dogs by taking them for a walk.  It’s a “gray” day, but I look at the positive – nice and cool – a break from the heat we’ve been having here.

Have a wonderfully blessed day, and enjoy the interview!
Brightest Blessings,

Bright Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge

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