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Dear Friends,

First of all, I hope you are all enjoying the brand new website:

…starting next week I am going to begin answering at least 1 question per day (and don’t worry, if you have asked a question that hasn’t been answered yet, it is “in line” and I’ll get to it eventually…)

Ok, on to this issue of the newsletter:

Is Witchcraft Evil?

I was debating between a few different topics, and I picked this one because it is a question I get from a lot of beginners… but it is also important for experienced Witches to ask this question of themselves every day:

“Is Any Of The Witchcraft I’M DOING Evil?”

Let me start by answering the basic question asked by true beginners: Is Witchcraft Evil?

If you ask most high priestesses (or priests) they will tell you that Magick energy is a “neutral force” – it is neither good or bad, it simply depends on how you choose to use it.

How you USE IT defines whether it is Evil or Good at that moment.

I have a slightly different belief, and I’ll start this with a question of you:

Have you ever been in the forest, mountains, at the beach, or somewhere out in nature – and felt exhilarated?  As the sun beat down on your skin, and the colors of the environment reached out, grabbed you, and made you feel as if “life is absolutely beautiful”?

Almost everybody has had that experience.

There are some green hills above my house.  At the peak of one of the hills stand two trees.

On the weekends, I often walk up to the top of this hill and I sit under the trees.  The grass, so green and lush – and living close to the ocean, on a clear day I can see the islands stretching out in front of me like the hand of the Goddess.

The blue ocean water sparkling below… the lush hills around me, with grass gently tickling my leg.

In these moments, we are surrounded by Magick energy.  It sure doesn’t feel “neutral” to me.

It is in it’s natural state, swirling and shifting through our natural world – touching everything at the same time… “affecting us” in ways we can’t even begin to fully understand.

But one thing I do understand… if you let it – it feels absolutely wonderful!

My experience tells me that Magick energy is inherently GOOD.

Because Magick energy is good, using it to create good in your life (and the lives of others) is like paddling a canoe downstream – with the current.  It makes it all so easy…

But, if you choose to use Magick for “ill” – trying to control people, harm people, curse people, etc – not only will you be paddling “upstream” (against the current) in your canoe, but you will also suffer karma (usually worse than the “ills” you have created).

Using Magick to cause harm is much more difficult because I believe that the energy is good in it’s natural state.

Is Any Of The Witchcraft I’m Doing Evil?

No matter how long you have been practicing Witchcraft of any kind – this is a question you should ask yourself daily.

Always “check yourself” and what you are doing by asking if there is any way the spell or ritual you are going to do can be though of as “Evil”.  Are you trying to control someone against their will?  Is the selfishness of your desire going to cause another harm?

That’s why it’s a good idea to end any spell with the words, “An it harm none.”  And to REALLY feel this… you don’t want to cause another harm, but you also want your spell to work – and you are sending the energy out with the intention of bringing you what you desire-  while not causing harm to another.

Check yourself, and what you are doing – and put that line in your spells at the end before you release the energies into the cosmos…

Robyn’s Interview

You’ll have the pleasure of listening to one of my good friends Robyn speak about this very topic in the latest Witchcraft Interview (on the blog of course).

I had Ash do another special interview with her on this very important topic.  Listen, learn (even if you already “know” this), and make sure to go through the 4 questions on the quiz.

Next week, another interview, newsletter, and quiz – on beliefs and a special “will”…

Until then, I’ll see you over at!
Brightest Blessings,

Bright Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge

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  1. Jacobi Cash says

    well the bible says your not suppose to do witchcraft or sorceres and because people back in the day used it for bad and i dont think we should be held like responsible and not be able to use that kind of stuff and for the greatrer good. but im not about to listen to a bible thats been ritten over about 30,000 times. if i hear it from god ill obey,but otherwise no. but i do agree that your not suppose to use that for personal gain and if you feel the same email me and let me know and thanxs for reading!!

    November 10th, 2007 | #

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