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Dear Friends,

There is nothing more powerful than the “Truth”.  Whether it’s the Truth about yourself, and who you really are as a person – or you want to find out the Truth about somebody else…

I also believe, there are certain Truths about some of us that we aren’t ready to find out about, but I’ll save that conversation for another newsletter.

Have you ever been frustrated because you feel someone close to you is not being straightforward with you in telling you the truth?  You know they are hiding something, but your just not sure what…

I think we’ve all felt this way at one time or another, and sometimes we’d all love to be able to read other people’s minds to get the Truth… for me, it was my brother.  I just knew he was hiding something… for months it went on.  And I found out what the truth was the hard way when I found him making out with my best friend! 

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy for them, but I wish he would have told me instead of acting so “guarded”.  It was almost 15 years ago now, and no, they didn’t last long.   If I could have read his mind, I would have known, and could have been prepared for the truth…

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy – and of course casting truth spells on others without their knowledge is walking a fine line between morals and ethics in Witchcraft.

You need to search deep within your moral fiber to find out if  it seems “acceptable” to get the truth out of people in this way.  There are some far better options than casting spells directly to get the truth out of people.

It all boils down to Divination.  When done right, it is the most powerful “truth seeing” technique of all… and there are a lot of ways to approach it.

My favorite Divination is the “bathtub Divination”.  Not only does it work very well for me, but it puts me in a very relaxed state of mind…. Allowing me to see the future unfold.

I’d like you to give it a try.  Here’s how to do it:

Rose’s Bathtub Divination

This ritual is meant to be one of relaxation… and should only be done after dusk – preferably on a relaxing spring or summer evening (now would be a good time of year).

Before you begin, get some rose petals from your garden (you can also get some at your nearest occult shop), some frankincense to burn, and 10 white candles…

As you are drawing your bath (make sure the water is nice and warm), set the white candles around the bathtub, light the frankincense, and gently sprinkle the rose petals into the water as the tub is filling…

When the tub is full, make sure to dim the lights.  Then get into a comfortable position on the floor and work yourself into a relaxed state using the meditation I show you in my Mystical World Of Ancient Witchcraft Book (get it free on the blog). 

Once you are nice and relaxed, either get on your needs in front of the tub, or get a stool or small chair so that you can look down into the water.

Feel the warmth of the candles surround you in a white light… and smell the sweet scent of rose petals fill your lung.  Breath deeply as you stare into the water.  Don’t focus on the surface of the water, but allow your vision to blur as you focus on a point “behind” the water.

Let your mind go, let the images appear as they will.  Don’t try to interpret them, and don’t be distracted.  Just remember what you saw so you can think about it later…

Sometimes this works much better than other times – and the images of the future can be very vivid!  And once in awhile, they’ll be very blurry, not make any sense – and you may not even “see” anything at all.

Don’t let any of the images you see scare you about what lies ahead… the future is not cast in stone – the images you see in the bathwater are only “possibilities” of things that may happen if you follow the current path you are on in your life.

If you don’t like you see, change the path you are on by re-structuring your life… if you like what you see, keep doing what you are doing.

We all have possiblities for a bright and amazing future, it’s all about knowing what will happen if we continue the path we are on… learning, adapting, and changing as we move forward in life’s journey.

Try the Bathtub Divination at some point this weekend if you get a chance.  You may catch a glimpse of the future, and find some relaxation from the stresses of life.  (By the way, it also helps to put on some soft relaxing music…)

Please check out this weeks Interview and Special Quiz on “learning the truth through Magick”. 

I had Ash interview my wonderful friend Tatiana Aleria on how to do “Divination Magick” to see the future… she also gives some important things to look out for.

Next week I’ll give you another newsletter, interview, and quiz on “Confidence and Magick” – and how to prevent a “no confidence” trap from sapping your ability to connect with your Magick energy for long periods of time…

Until then, have a wonderful “long” weekend…

Brightest Blessings,

Bright Blessings,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge

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