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Dear Friends,

I am going to keep this newsletter very short today.  Here’s why…

The interview clip that is available today was one of the best so far (and also one of the longest… it’s about 15 minutes long).  I had to laugh, because Ash asked her a simple question, and she really “ran with it” and covered a lot of ground…

His question was very simply, “If someone’s confidence is very low, can it hurt their ability to do Magick?”

Not only did she answer this, but she also went into how to deal with stubborn spirits, how to protect your house (this one is so good, her friend actually noticed something “different” when he walked into the house after she’d done the spell), and how she made a real mess of things when she was 16, and looking for love…

She did such a wonderful job, I almost feel unneeded this week! ;)

Another reason I’m keeping it short this week is because I have to get ready for a quick vacation.  I’ve been working on some wonderful things, but I still feel I need to take a break and rest my head – let my energies recharge.

The kids have to be attended too, the dogs need to be fed – and to be quite honest, it’s been a long week – and I’m tired.  I’m going to have a nice glass of red wine tonight with my husband, and let my mind wander and relax… maybe even get to bed early for once!  It’s Friday night, and here I am “an old crone” going to bed early… how life changes….

But I will say a quick word on confidence.

Confidence is so very important to everything you do.  In fact, many people actually are able to convince themselves that they ARE confident – when in reality, they aren’t.

Without confidence in yourself, and in your Magick energy – it will be so very hard to cast spells that have an effect in the way that you desire.

“Knowing” it’s going to work is over half of the battle.

But, beyond the world of Magick, your confidence holds many other keys.  Having confidence in who you are is life’s great secret for finding life long friends and companions.  It is the secret to finding all that you want in life – and drinking up all that our amazing world has to offer.

Even if you believe you are confident, I want you to try this simple spell over the weekend (or whenever you have time).  Know that you are special, and living the life you desire is much more simple than you think… everything you need is right at your feet.  But you must believe it.

Rose’s Confidence For Life Spell

We’re going to do this spell in front of a mirror… if you don’t have one in your room, you can use the one in the bathroom.  But I’d really prefer you to do this short spell in your room with a larger mirror – so you can dim the lights or darken the room a bit.  It’s always important to “set the mood” of the spell.

Set up a red candle off to the right, and your favorite incense on your left.

Light the incense, and then light the candle.

Next, stare at the red candle’s flame… as the light of the flame reaches you, see the red of the candle wax fill you with it’s reddish glow…. Red is the color of confidence, and passion for what you do.

Keep focusing on the candle for a minute or more… feel yourself grow ever more confident… feel the strength within you.

Next, let your gaze leave the candle, and look directly into the mirror at yourself.  Visualize your body surrounded by the reddish light form the candle… look straight into your own eyes and say:

“My strength is my confidence, and there’s confidence in me.
My heart knows I’m special, and everyone will see.
Today is my day, my moment to shine
Throughout all the world, will blaze my confident sign…”

If you are a person who struggles with confidence, please do this spell as often as you can (hopefully at least once a day).  I’d also like to recommend a “success and confidence” incense if you’d like…  try to use three parts aloe wood, 2 parts frankincense, and one part nutmeg.  Burn this as you do the spell…
The combination of the chant, the candle, and the incense will fill you with instant confidence – and you’ll see how things can change.

Now, go out there and have a wonderfully Magickal weekend, and make sure to listen to Tatania’s interview clip… she’s a dear friend, and very wise and experienced…

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge

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  1. Norma says

    “Hello rose” the interview that your friend talked on, is
    just what I told my group about. not doing a spell
    unless you know what you are doing! other wise you
    end up with a lot of negative results. Your friend told
    it like it is. I understood it what she was saying very
    simple and well put. I can not wait for you to get back
    from your vacation, to here what you have to say.:smile: I really look forward to see what you have
    instore for all of us. Thank you for all that you do.
    You are a person of great knowledge and wisdom & understanding and I want to continue learning from you if I may. You make it where people can understand and talk to you when they have a question
    or need an answer. I very much like listening to your
    interviews and learning from them as I go along. Have
    a nice vacation and enjoy. I will hear from you when you are back on the net. Meery Part take care
    May the Goddess and God keep you safe as you go
    on your trip. Bright Blessings to you.
    Your friend ragingmoon:mrgreen:

    July 7th, 2006 | #
  2. Kiatryyn says

    Merry Meet Rose. Thank you for the confidence spell. I had recently tried doing one of the spells listed in your Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft book, and it hadn’t turned out very well. Then, I read this, and thought, even though I think I’m pretty confident, I’ll try it. It was AMAZING! Not only did I notice a change in my magickal workings, but I also noticed a change in MYSELF. Thank you, Rose, for giving me the power to have confidence in myself again. Brightest Blessings, and may the God and Goddess watch over you on your trip. Merry Part,

    Kiatrynn )O(

    July 12th, 2006 | #

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