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Dear Friends,

One of the most powerful experiences I had when I first began to walk this path was getting to know the elements intimately. How well do you know the elements that surround us?

Elemental magick is at the heart of all magick. The elements of earth, air, fire and water pulse through everything we do and every spell we cast. They are the “alphabet” of magick, just as much as the tools that we use in ritual.

Simply put, getting to know the elements means getting to know earth, air, fire and water as their own separate entity. While its true we need the power of all four to be balanced and stable, it helps our understanding to know how each works independent of the others.

How much do you know about the elements? If you are new to this path, you may only have a limited familiarity with these important “helpers.” You may know nothing more than their names. However, I’ve found that a lot of people who have been in the faith for a long time don’t quite understand the power of the elements.

You see, so many people rely on the list of correspondences to the elements. They know that to invoke the power of air, it is helpful to use the color yellow, light some incense, face east, etc. This is a great starting point for understanding the elements, but it is only a starting point. To get a greater knowledge of the elements, try this exploration.

You can spend one week “in” each element. Start with the element of earth. Write down everything you know about the element and everything that you’ve learned. Do some research. Think about what earth really means. It is grounding energy; it represents the material world and all of the richness and life associated with it. For the period of time that you are in the element, focus on it each day. Try to find evidence of its work in your life.

It’s also helpful to set up a special space for earth during the time you are working with the element. Place natural elements (stones, a jar of earth, wood) in a place in your home that faces north. Set up the little altar space with green candles, sea salt and a pentacle or two. Meditate each day during your “earth” period in front of this small space and charge it with energy.

The next week, focus on water. Invite the emotional power of water into your life and pay attention to how your feelings affect your world. Set up a small space in the West with a bowl of water, blue candles and seashells. Since water is also associated with psychic energy, it’s a good idea to charge any divinatory tools that you have on this small altar space.

Fire is the third element to explore. A small altar in the south will serve your purpose in this week. Use the color red, candles and anything else related to fire that you feel drawn to. Notice how the action-oriented element of fire affects your life in these weeks.

Finally, air purifies and cleans in the last week of your process. Use incense, the color yellow and feathers to represent air in an eastern portion of your home. Just as in previous weeks, spend time focusing on the element and its powers in your life.

At the end of the month, you should have experienced a week in each element. I’ve done this exercise several times and have encouraged others to do so. It has been interesting to me to see the results of each element affect others in different ways. I’ve seen people confront emotions they’ve thought they’d buried during a water week. Others have made drastic moves in the fire week like finally quitting the job they’ve hated, or making a move they’ve always wanted to.

My most memorable experience with this month-long meditation was during a fire week. I had set up my mini altar with a tall red pillar candle in glass, like the kind you find in supermarkets. I needed drastic change in my life. I felt stuck. In previous weeks I’d grounded my life and addressed my emotions. Now it was time for action. I wanted a new place to live for my family and myself. We just felt unsettled in our current home. I completely visualized the place that I wanted to live, wrote down my intention, and placed it in the flame of the red pillar candle.

I left the candle burning, and went about my daily tasks around the house. Against my better judgment, I briefly wondered if I’d applied enough intention in my request. Immediately, as I doubted myself, I heard a loud “pop!” I went back into the living room and saw a large piece of glass smoldering on the floor. The top of the pillar candle had broken off and fell on the floor. I immediately knew that I had to respect my own power and the power of fire. Once I did this and released my doubt, I was not surprised when a friend called in a few days to let me know that he was putting a house up for rent. The house was perfect for us.

How will the elements affect you? It’s time to explore.

Until next time,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring "Resident Witch In Charge"

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