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Dear Friends,

There is a lot of talk about energy in Paganism, Wicca and other forms of Witchcraft. And its not a ambiguous term. The energy we talk about in this path is real energy. Everything has energy to it…your body, plants, even manmade items. The Old Religion has known this for centuries and it is exciting to me to see the scientists involved in quantum physics make these same discoveries. Basically, science is finally confirming what we’ve always known…that at the core all things are the same. There is nothing different in the molecules that make up my body from the molecules that make up the computer that I am typing on right now.

Learning to work with energy is perhaps the biggest area that a witch needs to master. Without being able to handle energy correctly, our magickal intentions simply won’t work. Think of yourself like a lightening rod. You attract energy from above to you, and then conduct it out to your purpose.

Beginning to work with energy starts with understanding what it feels like. We’ve been programmed to believe that only electronic things have energy. In fact, I sometimes think that all the high powered electronics in our lives have overshadowed our personal energy fields so that they are much more difficult to feel. I suggest that you take some time to feel your own personal energy and understand where it comes from.

Try this simple exercise. Find a comfortable (and quiet!) place to sit. Begin by taking a series of deep breaths and try to cleanse your mind of the days troubles. Its important to be focused on your purpose here and not your sink load of dirty dishes or the report due tomorrow at work. Once you’ve calmed your mind, raise your arms in front of you with elbows bent. Make sure that your arms are comfortable and you are not straining to maintain their position.

Begin at the bottom of your tailbone, and feel the energy moving up the length of your spine from the floor where you are grounded. It sometimes helps to visualize the energy as golden or white light moving over your body. Feel the energy extend up the length of your back and then across your upper back and down each arm. At this point, your palms should begin to tingle a bit. Do you feel the energy between the palms of your hands? It should feel as if you are holding a ball.

Visualize a ball of golden or white light between your hands. Try compacting it into a smaller space and feel the outward pressure on your palms. Feed the “ball” more energy and feel it grow in your hands. Expand the width between your palms and allow the energy to grow more exponentially.

At this point, there are few things that you can do depending on your preference. Depending on the mood I am in, sometimes I just ground the energy back into the earth and thank the God and Goddess for their forces. It’s a simple way of reminding myself that I am part of the earth and can draw from it what I need.

Your energy ball can also be used for other purposes. Growing this ball with intention is one of the best and most effective ways to create a “fetch” to bring you something that you need. Roll your ball over into one hand, and the point at your ball with the finger of the other hand. At this point, picture clearly in your mind what it is that you need in your life. Imagine your intention flowing from your pointed finger into the ball of energy. You are charging the ball with your intention and instructing it on what it needs to do.

Once you have charged your ball, release it to bring you what you need. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes it’s surprising what this little exercise can bring. I’ve had a long lost friend call me two days after my ball went out to find her. I’ve also had checks arrive just when I needed them. Although this exercise is not a full-blown ritual, it is a great way to be reminded of the power that you can manifest.

Until next time, keep that energy flowing!

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring "Resident Witch In Charge"

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