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Dear Friends,

I bless my creditors. Honestly, I do! I know it may sound absurd, but let me explain myself. Every time I pay a bill I but a little energy into my checks to bless those who I am sending it too. While I’m not a big fan of corporations, I understand that there are people who are working for them who need a little good in their life.

I also know that by blessing the money that I send out I am practicing the law of prosperity. Once I understood this concept, I have never been without money when I needed it. Time and time again, I amaze my husband by having the ability to manifest the money that we need when we need it. He believes in the power of prosperity, yet is still startled to see it in action.

Technically, blessing your outgoing money is a form of money magick (and who isn’t interested in money magick?). However, I really feel that it is a higher form of money magick. I’m not simply asking for money. I’m blessing everything that goes out, knowing that I will be taken care of it need be. By understanding (and using) the law of prosperity, you can spread blessings and increase your own good fortune. You simply attach magickal energy to the money you send out.

The key to the law of prosperity is to bless, rather than curse, the money that you pay to others. Is bill paying time a happy time for you? I doubt it. Many people look forward to paying bills as much as they seek out extra dental cleanings each year!! That’s because, at the core, we resent having to pay bills. I used to believe that my money was my money and I should get to spend it how I wanted to, and not on bills. It hurt me to see so much of my funds depleted after paying the bills. I hated my creditors, and hated having to give up what was mine. Does this sound like you?

Then, I learned about the law of prosperity and experienced a shift in my thinking and my understanding. Money is not a physical tangible object. This is especially true in today’s age of ATM cards and automatic payments. Money is just a representation of energy, and it flows through your life like energy flows through a current.

If you are thinking of money as a belonging that you own, it is very hard to release it. You will want to possess it and keep it as long as you can. However, when you view money as a current that passes through your life you can give freely and without resentment. Consider it to be part of the divine circulation of life. When you see it this way, you know that you will always have more money coming your way.

Recognize that money is energy and bless it as it exits your life. To create this highest form of money magick in your life, transform paying your bills into a monthly ritual. When I practiced this I began to see my mortgage payment as a blessing on my house. I view paying taxes and blessing and supporting those around me. I’ve even been known to kiss a bill or two, to transform the energy of the bills from positive to negative.

If you give freely of your money, it will be returned to you three time three. Rather than performing money spells for cash to enter your life, think of the money that you spend as a blessing to others and trust that it will be returned to you.

Many money blessings coming your way,
Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. Hope says

    This was awsome, I will try this at bill time. I always give to the Shriners, and firefighters here because I have personaly seen the great work they have done, and when I do my mood always gets higher and I can really feel a difference all around me. Just wanted to let you know.
    Brightess Blessings,

    October 27th, 2006 | #
  2. Norma says

    Dear Rose thank you for pointing this out, to me on
    the money spell. I always just send out the, bills and
    hate doing it. And like you said my money is mine and I should not have to spend it on bills all the time.
    well I just read the statement on (give and ye shall
    receive) and I did not think of doing it that way. I just
    send them out and thats it. Well you opened my eyes
    to it. Now I’am going to bless my money from now on
    and as you said, think of it as energy that flows through your life, and i am going to bless it for the
    people that I send it to.
    .:roll: I did not think of doing this until I
    read this. It had not entered my mind to try doing it
    to see how it would turn out. Well now I will know
    different. I now know that it will be a lot better from
    now on. :lol: Thank you Thank you for writing this
    on give and ye shall receive. I know now it will change
    the way I look at money. I will make it s ritual of sending it out into the world. And I will not look at it
    as a mundane part of just sending it out. I will look at it as a blessing for people in there time of need.
    And know that it will come back, to me when I’m in need of it. I will be glad to send it out over and over
    again to all the people as a gift and it will feel very
    different for me. And to feel the goodness all around me. and to know that I all so made a change in my life. :razz::wink::lol::mrgreen: Blessings to you Rose
    and may the Goddess keep you safe as you juorney
    on your path. Take care

    November 4th, 2006 | #
  3. Zeus says

    Brilliantly said, my dear one.

    November 5th, 2006 | #

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