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In my lifetime, I have done thousands of rituals and spells. I have been in touch with Magick energy for a long time…but I was never able to control it until that moment in my Grandmother’s attic.

You will hear a lot of different theories on how Magick works. And it doesn’t matter what type of “Magick” is being discussed.

You’ve heard of ESP, psychics, Shaman healers, Witches, etc…

The truth is, we all draw on the same hidden energies in the universe. From psychics, tarot readers, healers, and Wiccans. But if there is one thing I have learned – more important than all of the “theory”, it is this…

You must believe in what you are doing. You must not only believe in your intentions, but you must believe that what you desire will come to pass.

Because if you have even an inkling of doubt when you sit down in front of that altar to do a spell – the outcome of anything you are trying to do will not be what you want.

And, from the moment I saw the vision in the meditation in my Grandma’s attic – and from the moment she looked into my eyes and uttered those 4 words…I finally truly believed wholeheartedly in the hidden powers of our universe. I finally had confirmation in my own mind, that what I suspected all along was true.

Magick energy exists, and we all have the ability to control it.

Above everything else you have ever heard about how Magick works – belief is the fuel that powers every single spell…every single psychic reading…

And every single thing you do.

I could ramble on about this need for belief in your Magick – and your dreams – all night long. It is that important.

And there are very specific ways I am going to boost your belief levels in my next blog posts – so that there will be no doubt in your mind that you CAN do Magick. That you can make the life you have always wanted, with the help of Magick.

For now, my eyes are growing heavy – and it is time to rest my head.

Until next week – keep on believing…


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Dear Friends,

I can’t begin to describe the sadness I felt when he crossed over from this world into the next.  It was heartbreaking.  But something very interesting happened too, and it “proves” something to me.

Before I get to that, I want to tell you something I’ve noticed about animals (I promise this is related to my story coming up).   You see, I love animals – I have had cats, dogs, birds, lizards, snakes, rabbits – and at one point, all at the same time!

I almost went into business selling tickets for the “Rose Ariadne Zoo”!  ;)

It’s a really funny thing , but animals seem to just “know” certain things.  I’ll take one of my dogs, for instance… any time I am sad, she seems to know (sometimes even before I do).

She is an affectionate dog, she loves hugs and kisses – but when I am sad, or down, she is especially caring.  One time, I was sitting at the table – and I was having a very hard day (certain things in life had gotten me very down…).

For no apparent reason, my dog Sadi, came and put her head in my lap, and looked up at me with her big brown eyes.  I could “feel” her trying to calm me, and let me know everything is all right…

And even the rest of my animals.  The way they act changes dramatically when I get frustrated, or even a bit angry at life.  And their actions also change when I am happy (which is most of the time… I am good at saying positive – thanks to Magick).

I’ve Always Noticed The Way Animals Can Sense Emotions, Sometimes Even Before I Feel Them –
Like They “Know” What’s Coming

When I was away on my wonderful trip 2 weeks ago, I got some news that at first shocked me – and then made me cry.

You see, my dog Chauncy, passed away.  He crossed over…

I Was Crushed

I loved Chauncy, like I do all of my animals… but he was very special to me.  You see, he was abused as a puppy – and I took it upon myself to save him from a life of fear when he was still very young.

I got him from the Dog Pound because his owner (after beating him for the first few months of his life) – left him for dead on the side of a busy highway.

That’s when the Dog Pound picked him up, and at that time, there was a 7 day period where – if the dog wasn’t claimed by a caring soul, the animal would be put to sleep… forever.

As fate would have it, we were somehow “meant” to be together, and I knew it right when I walked through the doors that day over 10 years ago.

Yes, Chauncy was very skiddish because of all of the beatings he had been given.  He was emotionally damaged… but I gave him a kind and loving home for the rest of his days… and he was an absolute sweetheart…

He was extremely affectionate, and he had a calming effect on everyone around him.  He wasn’t rambunctious, or excitable, but he was very cautious, very calm, and very loving…

And I Wasn’t There When He “Died”…

It was my mom and dad who were caring for my animals when I was away… and they did what needed to be done.  Chauncy had developed hip problems, blindness, and he couldn’t hear.  Worst of all, because of how emotionally damaged he was, he was constantly scared in his later years.  (I’d be too if I couldn’t see, or hear, and had to face darkness 24 hours a day).

Chauncy was suffering.  And my parents took him to be put to rest.  They stayed with him after the shot was administered and spoke softly into his ear – petting him – as he drifted off to sleep…

“Goodbye Chauncy, I Love You, And Our
Paths Will Cross Again”

Of course, the next days were filled with tears… and when I returned, I feel like I had to deal with his loss again.  We’d been through a lot together.

But a funny thing was happening with my other dog, Sadi.

She is very much the opposite of Chauncy… “high energy” is the only way to describe her – and very impulsive!

But that all changed the “moment” my parents walked in the door.  She immediately dropped her head, and her tail went between her legs.

And she wouldn’t leave the front door… not for anything.  She “knew” something was wrong. 

When my dad took her out for a walk, instead of her “excited self” charging up the sidewalk… she went right to the car, she was not interested in taking a walk at all.

She knew her friend was gone, and she wanted to find him.

This behavior has gone on for two weeks… and it didn’t take her any time to “realize” Chauncy was gone.  She knew the moment my parents opened the door.  She (like all animals) is in tune with Magick energy.  She can sense it, and feel it, just like you and I.

And animals have an advantage.

They have no “voices” in their heads telling them Magick doesn’t exist… that it’s not “real” because you can’t see it.

Magick energy is all they know – and long before dogs were kept as pets, they used it for survival.  Animals in the wild still use it for survival.

And it wasn’t just Sadi… but ALL of my animals have been acting strange.  Not only is Sadi not her ravenous self (she’s lost a lot of weight because she refuses to eat), but the rabbits and birds are acting strange too.

It’s Just More Proof That Every Living Thing Is “Connected” To Magick Energy, A Force Bigger Than All Of Us

So, I’ve done a “crossing over” ritual for Chauncy, and everything is slowly returning to normal around here.

I just felt I needed to share my experiences with you, and if you’ve ever felt “loss” in your life, I am sure you know exactly what I am saying.

Life is a fragile, but very beautiful thing.

And we all go full circle…

Today, embrace the Magick of our beautiful Earth, and if you love (and have room for) an animal, please visit your local Dog Pound and save a life…

I was going to share another Witchcraft interview with you this issue, but Ash has been a little under the weather, and hasn’t had a chance to finish editing the Interview clip…and….

I think Chauncy deserves a newsletter completely dedicated to him…

Goodbye my Dear friend…

Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

P.S.  I’ll have a very special interview ready for you next week (and I know Ash will have it all ready for you) – it’s about how to use Magick to bring Peace and Happiness into your life (and the lives of others)

P.P.S.  As always, another issue of the Friday Evening Rant will be posted to the blog this Friday…don’t miss it….

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I had no idea that I was about to have an “unexpected” meditation. She was going to talk me through it. A guided meditation. By the way, if you are interested in guided meditations there is one on DVD 2 of the Home Academy.

I still remember the feeling of her hands pressed gently against my forehead on that summer afternoon…

Her hands were old and weathered, and I could feel her rough caulouses on my skin – but I also remember feeling a great warmth.>

Not the warmth you would normally feel from somebody’s hands on your head, but a deeper, richer warmth. A comforting warmth.

And in that moment, sitting there in her old musty smelling attic – my eyes grew heavy, and though I strained to keep them open, I could feel them shut…

Suddenly, I found myself lying in a green meadown – the sun beating gently down on my face, warming my soul. The wind whipped the grasses around my face, so that they tickled my nose. The sweet smells of lavender, the sounds of birds passing overhead.

It was all so REAL.

I was laying on my back, and as I looked down at my feet, I saw a shimmering doorway of bluish light slowly rise up from the ground.

I could feel it’s comforting warmth from where I lay, and I was drawn to it.

Not only because of it’s comforting “feel”, but because of the mystery of what would be on the other side of it.

An irresistable urge grew inside of me, and I felt myself rise up off of the ground until I stood.

One step at a time I made my way to the doorway of light. Slow steps at first, but as I got closer, my desire to make my entrance into this door grew…and for some reason, I felt I would know the “truth” if I went through that door.

I didn’t know (at that time) what “truth” I would find, but I could just feel that beyond this door would show me things that I was finally ready for.

Things that I needed to see.

My right foot went through first, and the comforting warmth of a thousand suns surrounded it. Then up my calf and to my thigh, until I was fully engulfed by this doorways enlightening embrace…and then…

My eyes snapped open, and there I was in the attic!

My grandmothers hands were still on my forehead, and I could feel the warmth coming from her hands, throughout my whole body.

And I will never forget what she said to me then in her raspy, yet caring voice…

“You know. You believe.”

And with a knowing smile, and a sparkle in her eyes, she removed her hands and slowly turned and walked away.

We never spoke of that afternoon, but as the years went by, I never forgot. In fact, it seems like it was just yesterday…every smell and feeling from that day is fresh in my memory – as if it only happened a few minutes ago.

And after all of this time, I finally realize what happened. And I will share my insights with you next week, for now I must go…

Nw, go out into the world and enjoy the day. Live.

Light and Love,


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Dear Friends,

It truly was a wonderful trip, and now I am back – with some exciting things in store for you all…

Here is what is coming up :

  • A sad story (but “uplifting” in away, in fact, it proves than animals have a connection to Magick)
  • Another interview clip (and newsletter issue) of me discussing using Magick to bring peace and happiness… it is important to remember that you should not just use Magick to help yourself, but you should focus on the greater good too!
  • A heartwarming story from one of my subscribers who used Magick to create one of the best miracles of all…
  • The “Ask Rose” website where you can all ask questions until your hearts desire… and I will answer -  and the answers will “Magickally” appear on the website for all to see.  Over time, this website will hold a wealth of information, and best of all, it’s FREE.

For now, let me jump into the next 3 questions, and the “Q&A With Rose Ariadne #3”…


The first question is from Caroll….

“Rose –

Thank you for sending me your newsletter, I truly enjoy it.

I am a beginner and it helps me to get a better understanding of what to do or not do.

I do have a question about the love spells.

You said in your last newsletter that you must cast the spell and let it go. I understand that. When, where and how will happen in its proper time.

But I heard that visualizing it as if it has been done helps the spell.
Like it is for a specific person you may be interested in visualizing the two of you together like on a date or something. Or if it is a money or health you visualize yourself with money or being in better health etc.

 Or does that hinder the spells?

 Thank you for your time,


Hello Caroll!

That is a GREAT question, and one that deserves a good response… and I believe that the answer already lies within your wonderful question.

You are so very correct.  Visualization is one of the most important things whenever you cast ANY spell.  And it works best when done DURING the spell… the more intense your visualization of what you  desire, the more Magick energy will charge the spell – and be released into the cosmos.

But be careful.

Continuing your visualizations after the spell is very close to “dwelling” on the results, and can hinder your spells.  You aren’t “letting the spell go” if you are thinking about it and visualizing the results.  Don’t.  Visualize your desires as much as you can during the spell, but let it go and fade from your mind AFTER you are done…

Love And Light Caroll…



This next question is from “Myra”…

“Dear Rose,


I do believe in witch craft but… I feel I am to young to start.

 I am only in junior high and I want to know if I should stop…

I know I have a connection to Magick, and I’m not sure what to do.

My mother had gotten hurt and was bleeding i had done a spell and she stopped bleeding instantly….that was my first spell.

Also, I have practiced my  physic abilities and after a few days I could see some peoples auras. My friend had a dark red area and I’m sensing some problems that he is not telling anyone. What does having a dark red aura mean? I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Blessings to you and your loved ones,


Merry Meet Myra!

This is an extremely difficult issue for me to deal with, but I will do my best!

You see, when one is as young as you, there are a lot of things to consider.  Your parents are your guardians, and it is important for you to follow their rules (in most cases).  If they support you in your beliefs in Witchcraft and Magick, by all means, read, read, read… and practice.  It sounds like you have a very easy and natural connection to Magick energy, and it would be a shame for you to not develop it further at some point in your life.

On the other hand…

If you parents are against you in your beliefs (and many parents can be intolerant in this area… it’s too bad, but it’s a fact of life) it is important for you not to rebel too much and create a lot of problems.

But you should never stop believing what you choose to believe in… and if that means “practicing” in private from time to time, then so be it.

I have to admit, it is tough for me to handle this question, and I feel as though I am “dancing around it” a bit.  But it’s true… at your young age it is important to listen to your parents for the most part.  And if you want to pursue Magick, even against their will, that is your choice to make… but please be careful.  Approach Magick with care, and make sure your “heart” is in a happy place when you practice.  Never (especially at your age) do Magick if you are angry or want to strike out.

Just some things to keep in mind my child.

As for auras, they can say a lot about people… and they show themselves in so many different ways.  In fact, at first “look” it appears as though some people have no aura at all… of course everybody does have an aura, and sometimes you need to open yourself up to it a little more to see it.  Hmmm… I sense a full newsletter issue on this topic in the future!

Anyway, you are right Myra.  If your friends aura is a deep red, it does indicate that there is some turmoil, anger, uncertainty, etc. in him/her.  Everyone has a “base” aura, but they can change with moods.  You should maybe try to gently ask a few questions and see if he/she is willing to open up and talk… sometimes that’s all it takes.




The final question in this issue is from Pamela…

“Dear Rose,
Can you do a love spell for me, and a money one?
I am not as good at it as you are.  I do not have the money to pay you obviously yet but I will.
My name is Pamela Jean M.,  and my husband is Joseph Michael M.  I live in Oregon.  This last year has been the worst ever imaginable.  I can not even go into it anymore because it has been devastating. 

Instead of a love spell something like an attraction sexually to the opposite sex would work good to help me get my self esteem back.
I thank you and bless you for this.  He thinks after seventeen years he does not have to offer me intimacy anymore out of a obsession to control me.  I want this to stop.  I have asked everyone including God to help me.  If you can I well repay you in kind.
Pamela M.”

Dear Pamela,

First and foremost, I am so sorry you find yourself in this situation.  Take some solace in the fact that thousands of people find themselves in similar situations, as painful as it is…

I am also sorry that I don’t believe in casting spells “for” others.  The reason is, you can do far more powerful Magick for yourself than ANYONE can ever do for you (no matter how experienced they are).

You see, Pamela, you have a personal connection to your problem.  A very emotional connection… and this is the source from where your power will come.

(A little “tangent”… you know those spell casting services that charge $29 or $79 for a spell to be cast remotely?  I believe it is hogwash, for the most part.  The reason is, these “people” who are supposedly casting spells for you, have no idea who you are – and more importantly, they have no emotional connection to you, or your desire.)

And about your thoughts regarding a spell to increase your sex appeal (and your confidence)… I am not exactly sure that is the right thing to do.

Your lack of confidence could be a part of the problem, but I think an even deeper root is a loss of passion, and the “base” connection you had with your husband early on in your relationship.

You need to focus on rebuilding that connection, and your self confidence.  For rebuilding the connection with your husband – I have to point to a very powerful (and long) ritual in my Home Academy.  It is the single best ritual I have ever seen for rekindling the passion, love, and care in a long relationship.  There is no way I could possibly lay this ritual out for you (it is too big) which is why it is on the Ultimate Love Spell Mastery bonus DVD in the course.

If you are interested, Pamela, here is where to get more information:

Even more importantly, is to focus on your confidence first and foremost.  And for that, I have something quick that can really help…

It’s a “self love” bath, and it is absolutely wonderful!

Pick a time when you have at least 45 minutes to yourself…

Decorate your bathtub with live plants all around it… along with some of your favorite candles, and some calming, soothing music.

Collect fresh blossoms and add them to the nice, warm bath water.

As you bath in the water of blossoms, feel the energy from the “living things” all around you fill your heart with belief in yourself… and Love for yourself.

Then, gaze at the candles, and feel the soothing warmth of their glow fill your soul with comfort, and confidence in everything you do… in the person you are.

As you relax, think about all of the positive things you have done in your life… the positive qualities that are within you.  Push away everything negative that pops into your mind, especially the depressed state of mind you’ve been in…

Only positive, wonderful thoughts should fill your heart, and your bath.  It is your bastion of confidence, and let it fill you to the brim!

I promise, you will feel much better…



That’s all I have time for in this issue… next up, the Friday Evening Witchcraft Rant…

Rose Ariadne

Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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Ok where was I before I got interupted by hungry cats and tired children? Oh yes – the dreams… After drifting off to sleep, not only would I dream the things I hoped for (and told my Grandmother about), but I’d have other dreams that you wouldn’t believe.

 Talk about a fantasy land.

The dreams I’d have were like Harry Potter, Alice and Wonderland, and Lord of the Rings all rolled up into one! I still don’t know how she did it. How she’d hear what I wanted to dream, and make it so. Maybe it was only my subconsious “wanting” the dream so bad, I’d have it… but I like to think it was something she did. I can still feel here warm touch on my head when she was “giving” me the dream I was hoping for…

It is so comforting, especially now that I am older, to know that there is a hidden energy in this world that has the power to create miracles to those who unlock it’s secrets. The funny thing is, 99% of the people out there absolutely refuse to acknowledge it! Anyway, back to my story… When I was a little older she brought me into her attic. I still remember the secret look she gave me a she motioned for me to join her. I figured out later that it was my “coming of age” with her, and the connection she already knew I had to Magick energy.

And what happened next is something I will never forget for as long as I live… Ok, ok, so I am going to keep you in suspense.

But I promise, the wait will be well worth it next week! It is hard to get a good block of time in my schedule to write much more than this in one sitting…be safe until I talk to you next week.

BB, Rose

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