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Dear Friends,

My coven and I recently reached what I like to call the “ritual blahs”. After three rituals in a row where no one (including myself) seemed to be excited about out meeting, I decided to shake things up. As the coven entered my home, I pulled each one aside and handed them a script and a costume and then instructed them to change. Instead of simply honoring Demeter that night, we were going to act out her story.My coven members were all excited and I could feel the group being re-energized as we performed the little play. We still did some standard ritual things, like casting a circle. But the focus of our night was on Demeter’s story and we honored her by acting it out. For those who hadn’t been too familiar with Demeter, it helped clarify who we were honoring and why. And for those of us who knew her well, the play helped breathe new life into this old legend and connect us with the spirit of the Goddess.

Not your standard ritual in the least, yet it was effective and fun. And we’ve incorporated the practice of playacting into our ritual schedule since then.

Having a non-standard ritual is a great way to break up the monotony that can develop when a coven focuses on one type of ritual for too long. Ritual is not just a time to honor the deities; it is a time for celebration, fellowship and excitement! Are your rituals getting bland? Are you stuck in the rote monotony of the standard ritual? I encourage you to break out of the mold and experiment with your rituals.

If you’ve never tried a play before, introduce one to your coven. The legends of the Gods and Goddesses were taught in this manner for centuries. Get out a good mythology book and pick a deity that you want to honor with a play. Assign roles to everyone. Don’t worry if you work in a single gender coven, the ancient Greek actors played both genders in their plays. Have fun with your play, gather costumes and props. Relax into your character and laugh with your coven members. If we wanted a deity that required solemn honor, we would all be Catholic, right? The God and Goddess enjoy our mirth and happiness.

Another simple way to get out of a ritual rut is to hold your coven in a different location. This tip works for solitaries as well. Over time, our sacred space begins to be friendly, and sometimes too friendly. We get comfortable and start to ignore the special qualities it has. Moving ritual to a different location for just one night can shake things up and bit and energize the group. Try doing ritual at someone else’s house, or make arrangements to hold a circle in the forest or out on a beach. Being in a different environment will awaken everyone’s senses and will even make your standard ritual place exciting upon return.

Sometimes the best ritual change comes from silence. Using a guided meditation in place of the ritual chants is a good way to build energy and breathe new life into your coven. The leader of the coven, or another trusted member, can lead the group through a meditation. We’ve done guided mediations through the elements, we’ve visited different parts of the world and we’ve met on the astral together. No one missed the normal chants and poems on those nights, and we all left circle feeling refreshed and very connected.

While there is a standard way to do rituals, this doesn’t mean that you can’t stir the pot, so to speak, once in a while. The key to having a successful coven is to spice things up from time to time to keep the group interested and ready to experience magick together.

I hope you’ve been inspired to turn your standard ritual into something fresh, fun and exciting!
Brightest Blessing,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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