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Dear Friends,

Fire is purification, power, light and destruction. But it can also be a powerful tool used in simple petition spells. I frequently use fire to carry my desire to the God and Goddess, and the method has never failed me.In my coven, we perform a fire petition spell every full moon. We believe that when the Goddess is at her fullest, in her mother stage, she is most giving and most receptive to our requests. The fire petition method is used for something that you are truly lacking and need to have in your life. It should be used with the utmost respect for the process, and for magick as well.

Before you set up your sacred space or prepare your altar, you’ll need to write down your petition. I recommend using no more than a two inch square of parchment, as this seems to burn quickly, yet leave enough room to write. I’ve found that using a pencil helps bind the petition to the paper. I’m not sure why, but it has seemed to work better that way for our circle. I suspect it is because a pencil is made of more natural elements than a pen. If you don’t have parchment, you can use a brown paper bag in a pinch. However, most occult shops sell parchment in packages for very reasonable rates. It is a good thing to have in your magickal arsenal.

Another reason for keeping the piece of parchment paper small, other than the quick burning properties, is so that you can clarify your petition down to its purest essence. Your request should be no more than four to five words. Before the ritual think about what you really need this month. What does your body, soul or mind cry out for? State that as succinctly as possible.

When I’ve tried to write petitions out in a longer form, I tend to ramble and lose sight of what I want granted to me. In my experience, these longer petitions do not really work as well. When your request is short and succinct, you’ll have a better time sending it to the God and Goddess. Remember; don’t try to fit in everything you need into this one petition. You can do this on a monthly basis, so remember to just include what you need at the moment.

To prepare your altar, gather your normal Full Moon ritual items and also a cauldron. Make sure the cauldron is set on something heatproof, like a trivet or silicon potholder. Also have some water nearby to dowse the flame when you need to. I use grain alcohol to power my fire, only a shot is needed. Pour the alcohol into your cauldron. I use my smaller cauldron for personal use (which is about two inches tall and three inches wide. For coven rituals, I’ve found that by four inch by six-inch cauldron works fine. Make sure to have a long handled lighter or match so you avoid any accidental burns when you light the flame.

After casting the circle, calling the corners and inviting the deities, light the alcohol in the cauldron. Then step forward and place your petition into the fire. There is no need to say your request out loud, but as you back up know that it will be answered. Once you’ve placed your petition in (or everyone is done if you are in a coven), begin the following chant:
Fire, fire, burning higher, making music like a choir
Bring to me my heart’s desire.
Repeat this 3 to 9 times depending on your preference. Close the circle as you normally would.
Fire is a powerful aid in your petitions’try it out the next Full Moon. Just make sure to do it safely!
Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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  1. KATHLEEN says

    :smile: I don’t know how you do it! If something is bothering me all week, when I get to your blog, there is the solution! This has happened 3 weeks in a row! Thank you so much Rose, you are truly wonderful.

    May 19th, 2007 | #

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