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How many cultures over the centuries have looked up to the sky and wondered about the Moon? This heavenly body used to be worshipped for the powerful force that it was. In some ways, we are still respectful of the Moon. It was our first step into space travel as humans. And we pagans keep alive the traditions of worshipping the Moon.The Moon, more so that any other planetary body; affects us here on earth with its phases and phenomenon. The Ancients recognized this power and acted accordingly. The Sun and the Moon were the two primary forms of light, apart from fire. Now that we have electric light, we often don’t feel the pull of the Moon, unless we focus on it. However, with a little knowledge and understanding of how the Moon phases effect us we can learn how to best deal with them.

We feel the emotional ebb and flow of the lunar cycle without even realizing it. We may not attribute the emotions around the full moon to the lunar cause. But the moon has a tremendous effect on us. And when we learn to honor the Lunar Cycles, we can better manage our physical and emotional states.

The Moon affects the tides and it follows that it should affect us as well. After all, aren’t our bodies made of 90% water? It would be impossible to deny that the Moon has power over us.

The effect the Moon has on us is well documented. In medicine, it is noticed that when the moon is full people tend to bleed more. Those in the mental health professions notice that the Moon has an effect over our state of mind and mood. As the Moon reaches its full state, we are more fired with energy and experience heightened emotions. At the time of the Dark Moon, people may also feel an emotional pull toward indecision.

During the New Moon, the moon is at the beginning of its cycle. It forms a line with the sun. This is the time for new beginnings. The body’s self-healing powers are at their strongest during this time, making the new moon an ideal time for a monthly fast. This prepares your body for a fresh new start. Some people trim their hair on a new moon to encourage quick and healthy growth. The New Moon is also called the Dark Moon. During these two to three days, we experience the darkest nights of the month.

The Waxing Moon marks the time when the earth breathes out and is most fertile. If you are a gardener, or planning on planting any magickal herbs, now is the best time to grow things that will sprout above ground. Lawns will also grow well during this time. Mowing during the Waxing Moon is recommended if you want to have a thick and lush lawn. Repotting and relocated plants is best during this time.

Our bodies are very receptive during the Waxing Moon. Just like the earth, our bodies are full of growth potential. This is a good time for rejuvenation, restoration and growth. You can incorporate rejuvenation spells, healing rituals and strengthening exercises into your practice. You will also want to schedule some time to rest and relax. Physical stress can be more profound on your body at this time, so it’s important to respect your limits.

Magick during the Waxing Moon focuses on things outside of your body. You should use the moon’s power for creative work, and for affecting the outside world. Outward magick and magick that requires growth is also good during this time.

In the next portion, we’ll go over the other moon phases and how they affect us. Until then, get a calendar that lets you know when the Moon is doing what so you can start to align your body, mind and your magick.
Love And Light,

Rose Ariadne, Your Warm And Caring “Resident Witch In Charge”

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    lygia i just typed a note to you all. but didnt typ it all very well you see iam just learning how to typ ha ha . so here is what iam :lol:trying to say , do unto otheres as you would do to your self.dont wast time hateing it slows you down. hurts your soul reson for liveing in peace & wellbeing .love your self,

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